Summer startup

Joy a street wise smart resource decides to dip water in tissue papers and neatly packs them in scented wrappers and sells it in busy streets of NY and even experiments this in some part of LA using his friends..

To his surprise no one purchases it..

He is morose and sad… He keeps all the wrappers in his fridge and next day decides to put that at the reception desk of the company where he works.. He requests the owner to keep it..

One old lady comes and picks it up.. wipes her face and throws it in can and soon all follow

It is a ritual…

One week later, he puts a donation box (US$1 to 5 accepted) for charity. The summer startup is to micro finance some homeless victims to self sustain self.

He gets huge donations now.. the model is clicking..

He brands his tissue paper as ‘FBW’  ‘Fresh before Work’ and it rocks..

Simple pain point.. any part of world.. you go.. you will sweat the moment you come out of your AC car.. and at times even in office corridors etc..

What you do but wait for cheap alternatives to cool your face and body with….

FBW (Friends Be With Us)







Elegant Love (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

Ronald ‘I hate this style of love. You bite me. you hit me and then declare you are madly in love with me’

Rosy ‘It is passionate love.. Here unless you don’t feel my hurt.. how will you ever know’

Ronald ‘Rosy.. I have always found you too aggressive in love. It is like you don’t have patience.. to hear other side of story and before even some one realizes you have left that person. You have broken from 4 affairs and am your fifth stable one’

Rosy ‘Ronald .. do you wish to continue or break too..’

Ronald smiles and hugs Rosy ‘Am getting adjusted after my first elegant love with my first love Piu

Rosy ‘who is Piu?’

Ronald ‘She was a sweet Vietnam girl who loved to believe if ever anyone loves anyone do it elegantly’

Rosy ‘like’

Ronald holds Rosy in arms and looks at her eyes..

Rosy ‘Ronald please don’t look at me this way’

Ronald ‘Rosy ..she didn’t wish to disturb me in my studies so would just spend quality 30 minutes with me’

Rosy ‘how?’

Ronald ‘She would just massage my head, relax my shoulders, gently kiss me on lips and give me warm

food which would be tastefully done by her.. ‘

Rose ‘I don’t know to cook too’

Ronald ‘She would then ensure  that I have a 5 minute dance with her.. where she would tightly hug me

while dancing and …’

Ronald ‘One day.. she just left a letter and went away’

Rose ‘where?’

Ronald ‘In Vietnam.. she feels there is lot of below the poverty line people who can be helped. She has

initiated micro finance unit’

Rose ‘wow.. bold lady.. why she left you?’

Ronald is silent

Rose ‘why she left you?’

Ronald ‘i got infatuated by you and one day when you forcefully hugged and kissed me in the restaurant

she saw us both.. and then..  she decided to focus on social work as she wanted to come out of

possessiveness  feeling’

Rose ‘strange.. elegant lover but possessive too’

Ronald ‘Not sure.. where i faltered till date’

Rose ‘Do you love me or not?’

Ronald ‘not sure.. hope we work on our relation and make it better’

Rose ‘Am opposite of her.. very demanding’

Ronald ‘i know.. but promise don’t keep biting me like a dog’

Rose bursts out laughing

Rose ‘sure.. will try.. will try to be less intense’

Ronald ‘Rose.. in our life when love resurfaces again.. we never realize.. so if we ever loose love, we

should keep trying.. ‘

Rose ‘you got my spirit now.. after multiple broken affairs still I am hopelessly romantic’


in earlier days of India, LALA concept prevailed..

Who is LALA…

Seth was a successful money lender who would pay around 1000 bucks at an interest of 4 to 7% interest rate per month. In lieu  of which either gold would need to be mortgaged or some vehicle or anything…

Philips had come from US to India in 1970’s for studying the micro finance trends in India.. He realized LALA culture prevailed all over India..  He asks his friend Rohit if he can borrow loan just for heck of it..

Looking at Philips.. LALA smiles..

LALA ‘how much you need?’

Philips ‘Around 10000 bucks’

LALA ‘Who is guarantor..’

Rohit ‘I will be the one’

Philips is amalzed.. He signs some document, Rohit too and Philip and Rohit have 10000.. They have a nice dinner and then visit Mumbai.. Soon expensive spending leads them with only 5000 bucks..

Philips ‘I have to ask my parents send me around 3000 Dollars…

Rohit ‘Hope they do.. else we will need to pay 600 bucks early next month.. As it is LALA cut 600 already’

Philips ‘I never realized.. This is surely classic case of falling in debt track

Rohit ‘Do you know if we default payment, they charge 6% of even that 600.. It is cumulative interest’

Philip decides to start a road side tea shop in Mumbai.. It is unauthorized.. He takes a slum boy for that as subordinate

Soon enough Phillip and Rohit make 200 bucks every day…

After a month Phillip ‘I realize that any type of finance is good provided we know how we repay.. I realized that in Mumbai folks love tea and i see it all over India, so tea shop was chosen and may be because am fair, folks come to drinkl’

Phillip ‘Luckily Panvel near Mumbai so we can do up down trip daily in locals’

Phillip ‘We should start more outlets’

Rohit ‘Am amazed by you.. We Indian lack innovation thought process, we are good executors. We are also shy to do road side business but you taught me a lot’

Philip ‘Thank your father who became my father’s friend in US’

20 years latter

Phillip has initiated a credit card business and it is doing extremely well.. Need less to say Rohit is the technology brain behind it  Model – almost same like LALA but a bit evolved.. limits as per salary slab or IT returns.


Nancy had just returned from India and was reeling with laughter..

Her fiancé Joy asked “what is the issue.?”.

Nancy ‘There is TAPORI business out there’

Joy ‘What is it?’

Nancy moves her hands up and clasp it

Joy ‘Oh Snake fangs?’

Nancy ‘Snake dance”

Joy begins laughing

Nancy then moves her hand a bit front, moves her leg backward and dances…;

Joy ‘Amazing’

Nancy ‘I want to introduce Hindi Film Dance classes in US’

Joy begins laughing

Nancy ‘Imagine Tom Cruise dancing Tapori Style’

Joy is reeling with laughter

Nancy ‘Hindi Films are amazing.. Go and Watch it..  It is pure entertainment’

Joy ‘Don’t they copy themes from Hollywood?’

Nancy ‘Assume a mother and son are talking to each other in Hollywood movie.. In emotional scene son will just hold mother’s hand and may be drops of tear around but in Hindi film, they may just hug each other and don’t you feel hugging shows more bonding’

Joy ‘Who influenced you so much..?’

Nancy shakes her hand and says ‘The small boy who served me tea while I was in village for a social work project’

Nancy ‘He would dance Tapori and talk Tapori’

Joy ‘Like?’

Nancy ‘Apun English Vinglis dhanda nahin janta, business kya hain  ek rupaiyah idhar do, do rupaiyah udhar se lo, 10 rupaiyya dhande se aawey aur do rupaiyah…  who ek wale ko do,  paanch ruppaiyah  who do wale ko do, teen rupaiya munafa… samjha kya bheedu?’

Joy puts his hand in head

Nancy  ‘Ok I will explain in english’

Nancy ‘I don’t know English Business. It is simple. Give me  1$ loan, take 2 $ loan from someone else,  make 10$ revenue. Pay back 2$  to person from whom you borrowed 1$, Pay back 5$ to person from whom you took 2$ and still you make 3$ profit. Understand dear’

Joy ‘What is Bheedu?’

Nancy ‘Friend’

Joy ‘Smart kid.. talks debt equity in simple way – running business through loan’

Joy ‘Hey let us initiate micro finance business out there.. Huge potential. You can go and manage that in India. I will also join’

Nancy ‘I picked up hindi only this sentence. Mugged it up’

Joy begins laughing

Joy opens up his collar and says ‘Did you get it BHE….EDU?’

Nancy bursts out laughing