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Mr Manuel jumped from the skyscraper and remained unhurt. Reasons there were live saving brakes which if he pressed would slow down his speed when landing. Any takers for this product..  1M$ deal..

Joy got into a circus ring with Lion and the Lion decided to eat him up, but as the Lion reached Joy, he found a mirror which showed another lion. It paused.. and Joy guided the lion through the mirror images and tamed it.. 2M$ any taker.. A mirror solution to tame animals.

Linda and Margret were walking on road and they found a big advertisement ‘we sell gardens not roses or lilies, all for only US$10000 per annum.  they rushed to that location and found a huge queue. Designer gardens for sale… Any takers. 3M$ investment

Soumya and Rafi were about to get married when there were huge conflict type situations and lo and behold a modern day robin hood came and said ‘he can support run away marriages and has huge team.  Risks are many but if couples really want to get married, an investment of US$1 only before marriage and US$200 annual fee after marriage. The money will help kids who starve on road

Roy is planning to how a planet auditorium where an individual can escape into the world of Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury.. a 100M$ proposition.. Any taker

Who said dreams cannot be thought of, big visions cannot be conceived.

Who said innovations never happen in developing countries and we need to rely on other countries ?

Innovations happen every moment in your mind, my mind, everyone’s mind. Be bold enough to jot down, spread the message and may be some day some national leader will acknowledge you for your crazy idea

and where does Innovation come from?

Probing.. please keep probing your mind, heart, soul, body and prick it, torture it and you will get your pain points.


ACTING, SCOPING, SETTING comes latter on

and once someone invests in your ideas.. you OWN AND NURTURE it.


Beautiful today Not tomorrow?

Sam ‘You look beautiful today.. Are you sure you will look beautiful tomorrow?’

Aish raises her eyebrow and looks at Sam and yells ‘why you feel I will turn ugly tomorrow?’

Sam ‘I didn’t say so.. every day mirror conveys your story.. I have a camera which captures your photo every day on mirror’

Aish ‘Why?’

Sam ‘Am your secretary.. you rates will go low if you don’t take care of your skin everyday’

Aish ‘Is it so? Am i getting wrinkles?’

Sam ‘Seems so.. hence the cream manufacturers wanting you to endorse on brand’

Aish ‘What if i cannot stop those wrinkles seen through make up?’

Sam ‘your smile dear.. it is ageless.. I can only count on your smile then onward hence I love being your secretary..’

Aish ‘So sweet of you…  Hence I don’t mind seeing you even as you keep getting older’

Love Mirror

love is not what you see in eyes but what you experience in heart. feelings are not what which you experience in heart but what your soul feels inside.. so dear all.. let your soul decide what is best for you and not your heart.. so next time when you fall in love, remember to ask soul..

so if you love any item or project or organization and wish to hang on with it.. or even a start up, check with your soul.

🙂 in case you are already in love, would you wish to use Love Mirror?

Chill pill,  your heart wants that love dear.. it may oppose the soul.. but no problems.. someone will win eventually..  heart or soul..

and what about mind?

Love is always mind less and is dependent on heart only.

Coy Look

Ceyne stood in front of mirror and wondered if she indeed can look coy in front of her boy friend…

Ceyne in front of mirror makes faces..

“Why am not blushing… if i think of my boy friend’..

Now she thinks of a celebrity hero…

“Still no blushes’…

Ceyne now tries to be shy in front of mirror.. but doesn’t work out..

Till then a voice is heard… ‘you look so beautiful and graceful

Ceyne suddenly feels a gush of warmth rushing her..

Ceyne is blushing..

She turns around to check who it is…

Nothing seen but the voice of an individual in youtube…

She begins giggling and decides to prepare for work..

She murmurs ‘For minute I thought had found my love

She is going to work and wonders why sometimes people drag onto relation without bringing back the zeal of love in life..


“Keep glowing always

Hope for best

Do the best

All around people begin glowing

The confidence of boss will reflect on their subordinates.

Confidence of relation reflects glow in members of family around”

Never loose your confidence ever and if you do just go to nearest mirror

“Am watching face.. What confidence I used to have 1 year back. Today am not doing well.. So my face crest fallen.. One minute let me put cream, powder in my face.. Hey now I look a bit fair and glowing.  One minute I will change and wear my favorite gown and goggles..

A few minutes latter

‘Am looking beautiful.. I think I should take my photo.. I click my mobile.. It is splendid.. I will email to all my friends and put in facebook, whatsup  and.. now I will go and have hot coffee’

Susan goes to coffee shop..

The owner ‘You are looking great.. Anything special’

Susan ‘Am cracking a big deal’

Owner ‘Wow.. for what?’

Susan ‘Confectionary business.. Have got huge order for shrewberry biscuits’

Owner ‘I am also your client.. Everyday send me 50 large packets’

Susan smiles

She walk back to home

She looks at mirror

“Only confidence, pleasant dressing and not being morose can work wonders. Thanks to that blog which penned this and I followed it.. PASSION FRAMEWORK..  I suggest you too to check out on few other write ups too. You will love them for its simplicity’

Giggling Mirror

Misha had a glass ware company and her business was not doing well. One day as she is walking towards a road side fair organized in Manila, she says a big queue towards Laughing Mirror

Misha ‘Hey why so much queue for this”

The person standing ahead of her ‘To laugh at self’

As she enters and see’s her self in mirror, she remembers old days when used to visit such fairs with her family..

Misha continuous laughing her way out and then at night time..

Her father Peter is having food

Misha ‘Plan to begin selling distorted mirrors too’

Peter ‘It is not good omen to keep such mirrors in houses. Who will purchase them?’

Misha ‘When people can stand in queue and watch such mirrors so.. don’t see any issue’

Misha conceives a box type structure with 4 mirrors around…

She only sees HNI (High Networth Individuals) as her first clients..

Soon she finds a taker in Jim an Industrialists who takes a 6 feet box from her.. 

One month latter,

Jim ‘Hey my board members all want to purchase it.. I had taken that box to one of the board meetings and we were having great fun’

Misha then begins reaching out to middle class segment and penetrates into that market..

and also donates such mirrors in slums and parks..

It is a huge success.. Giggling Mirrors slowly reach Halls of many families.

Peter ‘Never imagined this could succeed’

Misha ‘To sell a unique thought, catch hold of HNI, then move towards common man. Just look at how televisions, fridge, even mobiles moved into market’.

Peter ‘No wonder folks make products for HNI initially. All big companies’

Misha begins giggling..

Misha ‘Dear Dad, after many years when you are almost retired, you know the business. Think Big and Plan Big and Implement it Strategically’

Reflective Perception

It all happened in an era when Adam and Eve existed.. Adam a name less entity…and Eve a nameless entity…

Both felt they were beautiful as they believed that they were beautiful. Didn’t have the power to express.. Ignorance as bliss, Adam and Eve never knew in first place that they were male and female.. Happy to see creatures all around.. They would prance in nature all the way…

One day Adam looked at water and saw his big long beard and felt what is that creature looking at me from the water. Furiously started throwing stones. He rushed to call Eve and same way she too panicked at that mushy hair all over and felt a beast is out to hit her..

They never knew that it reflected the dark side of their own self.. Struggling they rushed to the tree and started eating whatsoever leaves and bushes available… Soon they found a tree with full of apples…

Adam remembered that he should ensure Eve and he never eat fruits as it was always informed to them that never eat fruit of labors. Never expect from nature anything but rather contribute to the nature..  Just a few months back Adam had seen clean water, a few years back as innocent face.. Eve too looked so innocent and today they look like beasts.. What triggered this change.. Each group and cult have a different perception towards universe..

Adam looked at Eve and asked “Why don’t we ever fight? What binds us?”

Eve “A illusion in form of an evil dark form created this beautiful tree full of fruits. Never knew what we were getting into. I am sure many many centuries latter, the tree will still exist with all materialistic objects and like us many more may keep eating those fruits”

Adam “Everything which you consume as a joyful fruit is a sin.”

Adam “I could see my form changed in the reflexes of water. I could see you too. What I failed to understand is why I get those vibrations in me when am near you..  it could have been even without eating those fruits..  Isn’t there a purpose for this”

Eve “Hope our descendants remain as united as us. The deformation happened as we started exploring more and more unknown circumstances. The unknown always taught us to be fearless but be obedient to the rules of universe. We over looked that and look how we have become”..

Adam “Isn’t it strange that many centuries latter, we will find such trees planted all over and a clamor of objects would induce greed and lead to a fight..”

Adam suddenly sees a huge light emerging  “After every dawn there is a light”

Eve “Many preachers, Many good souls would come and hopefully something good will happen”

Adam “I only hope unity is taught”..

Adam and Eve come closer and look at the water.. They see a big form of themselves.. Fully united.. A single form…

Hey don’t we look beautiful..

Eve ‘It is an irony. Only me or you can see the form separately and not together as if I hug you, you see the water else I see it”

Adam’s face falls..

Adam “Alas god made us realize that if someone is happy, someone will be sad. It is part of life”

Eve “Let us be determined and contribute to this universe as we know for sure god has asked us to be fearless but obey law of nature”

Adam “Hope our descendants never make mirrors or photo inventions as that alone will create more distortion to our true self and we will stop being original”

This part of story is pure fiction with no remote context, connection to any known documented work or research by any sect, community..

It is a reflective perception of how we can stay united  even between chaos or strange circumstances.