Faltered Role Model

Som ”in our life many a time we choose role models and then…”

Mike ‘do not taunt me… agreed I imitated him.. just relied on lavish life style,.. did whatsoever he was doing and went bankrupt’

Som ‘ Look at nations.. in quest of imitation.. unemployment issue is overlooked..”

Mike ”relax.. we are going to get a big boom in employment soon”

Som ”let us stop this topic… I wanted to inform you of Jenny”

Mike has pains in his eyes..

Mike ”she..imitated her mother and broke from me”

Som ”can you stop it.. .do you know what happened to her”

Mike ”not sure.. last she was with me 5 years back”

Som ”she donated her last amount of fund to a village in India”

Mike ”so what… she has this habit of donating right from time I met her.. she distributed my wealth too”

Som ”she plans to work on a concept ”ALTERED ROLE MODEL”

Mike ”what is that…’

Som ”We should not blindly follow history and believe in it.. just at times, look at positive aspects of ecosystem and enjoy…   each person in this world has been destined to have a particular life style by default.. then the alteration process begins.. multiple teacher, friends, family relatives.. and so on .. each influence us.. so her concept is all about influencers in a person”s life and mapping them for you as gift.. the positive vs.. negative energy… did you like the concept?”

Mike ”Why she left me?”

Som ”because you had gone arrogant with your wealth.. you and those yatch parties with ladies”

Mike smiles…

Mike ”seriously..  life teaches us .. that when an anchor is at home.. never leave that anchor.. .can I meet her?”

Som ”who stopped you from meeting”

1 week latter

Mike in a Delhi 5 star hotel. calls up Jenny

Jenny ”hey… how are you doing..”

Mike ”altered model… plan to imitate you”

Jenny ”you ought to be kidding”

Mike ‘human relation of couple is such that if they gel well, understand well.. imitation process begins by default… Jenny I love you still.. can we give our relation and our faltered model of relationship another chance?:

Jenny ”let us go for a date today… evening Delhi Hatt’

In evening…

Mike ”so many state food and so yummy it looks.. wonder if stomach will get upset”

Jenny ”Mike.. so much of vibrancy here… sometimes.. I feel for all the imitations.. why cannot 2 countries.. 2 states.. all brain storm and make win-win employment situation”

Mike ”not again.. how come you also talking about same issue”

Jenny ”PASSION.. it compels me to think of a problem which all face in life… a low phase..

Mike ”Jenny can we check our future with this tarrot reader

a few minutes latter

The tarrot reader ”dear ones.. both of you are destined to be united together and be in India for long term”

Mike ”do not kid”

Tarrot reader sheepishly ”Sir.. you will be united together.. but we need bright entrepreneurs from USA to set up their offices in India.. be with us..”

Mike ”what is your background?”

Reader ”I was jobless for many years.. and then found here.. good number of god men succeed ..so ”

Mike looks at Jenny ”please launch altered role model concept soon’

Reader ”what is that…’

Mike ‘dear tarrot reader.. we will be in India for long time”


Horror Startups

Spooky Startups

  1. An entrepreneur struggled and struggled for many years and finally failed and lost life by committing suicide.. and after many years.. the grocery owner became a billionaire through his ecommerce portal.
  2. A lady was wishing to do a fashion business and accidently bumped into an ace model.. the model agreed to brand that business and everything was successful for the lady till she realized the model had expired 10 years back in a road accident.
  3. An army guy was trying to build a artificial leg unit for men who lost legs in wars and one day he met a dashing man ready to invest money on the venture..  reasons told ‘in previous life as a warrior he had cut legs of many soldiers and to redeem had taken birth  and may be he earned money for purpose..


Moral of story

Each person who comes to earth has a purpose..

present, past or future..

sometimes it could be a horrible past leading to good present

or good deeds leading to good future

so do not get shaken up if you have lost..

you will again get a chance to redeem self.. sooner or later


startup bucket

comes incubator

bunch of startups in a bucket

the last which goes in

the first it comes out

is it the LIFO model?

the first which goes in

the first which comes out

is it the FIFO model?

All say ‘No’ to the management consultant’s lecture on INVENTORY

The consultant responds

‘Dear Incubator do not go overboard with inventory of startups

Just in time inventory too exists :)’


Smart Startups

Smart Startups are the ones who abide by following rules

1) Keep focusing on their goals and do not rush push to seek investments.

2) Keep identifying right senior talents and negotiate / convince them to be with the startup in thick and thin and offer a generous equity or even compensation or if nothing else have a human empathy to build relation with them.

3) There will be a need to continuously collaborate, build relation with other startups and see where your venture product or service fits in that eco system.

4) Build small community and collaborate and bring more individuals to believe in what you are doing.

5) Keep building customers.. and more customers or fans and more fan following.. or followers and more followers..

6) Avoid getting into controversies and stick to their focus.. so no loose comments on twitter, facebook or any social media site..

7) Get the cheapest, greatest small module training from reputed institute and build relation there..   if that too is unaffordable..  identify quick learners and include them in your team..

8) Having a human binding with your employees or contractors or consultants is most important and at the end of it, are they going to earn good remuneration from your startup?  If the answer is No and if you feel you are the most conservative successful entity who does not wish to spend on employees then you are not there… you can never be able to build a foundation company.. you may wish to sell your startup to someone else..? but it is of no use as finally again you are in that cycle of entrepreneur to investor journey and you will not be the right fit to create large employment opportunities.. so vision focus most important.

9) If your aim is to just sell your startup eventually.. identify all potential acquirers and understand where all they have limitations and strategize fully on that model only..  finally be clear of what you wish to do..

10) Does incubator / accelerator deserve small equity for guiding you.. absolutely yes as finally they have built a strong network of entire startup eco system..

11) How much minimum money you need? depends entire on the startup? It should not be a case of a business plan by an employee being given to a CEO for budget approval and startup will perform only if business plan gets sanctioned..

so please do not chase investors and let investors chase you..

PASSION FRAMEWORK the one which have built and evolved is a 2 decade journey of ups and downs in an entrepreneur journey and name it.. everything is experienced…  and so do not get bogged down by ‘No replies from investor’s”or ”Polite smiles” or “Harsh criticism ” or “Even copy / imitations of your product” as finally if you have decided to become an entrepreneur.. it is your special charm.. there is something in you which compels you do so.. so you are bound to win…  if you have patience and perseverance.

Social Service Model for Entrepreneurship Eco System

Sarah is an economically backward lady.. One day she is reading PASSION FRAMEWORK and decides to probe the author…

Sarah ‘How can you make me an Entrepreneur?’

Author ‘Sarah… collect a group of individuals like you.. and we will begin small scale business units’

Sarah ‘Done.. what next.. where investments will come from?’

Author ‘you work as care taker with a family right?’

Sarah ‘yes’

Author ‘get all such families in this group.. they become angels’

Sarah ‘who will provide space?’

Author ‘space is available in plenty.. .relax’

Sarah ‘next?’

Author ‘the family where you work, their bread earners work in corporates’

Sarah ‘yes.. he is CEO of big firm’

Author ‘they become your angel investor’

Author ‘hope all understand this social eco system model well’

Sarah ‘thanks.. I do keep a close tab on this blog’

Author ‘bring in more followers, publicize this blog better’

Absurd Branding

Joe has a bracelet shop and brands the articles as BRACEMACHO

He has a competitor in Anne and she too has accessories shop and brands her articles as GRACEFEM

Both of them have no competition as Joe attracts Male Crowd and Anne attracts Female.. till one month back..

Anne notices lots of female crowd in BraceMacho shop.

Anne ‘surely he has now begun keeping women accessories..’

Once the crowd settles, she calls Joe

Anne ‘Boy.. competing with me now?’

Joe begins laughing

Joe ‘common they are collecting bracemacho bracelets for themselves.. I guess’

Joe similarly finds huge number of guys in Anne’s shop

Joe rushes to see what is happening

Joe ‘Anne.. you cannot do this.. from where you purchasing male bracelets.. ‘

Anne ‘none of your business..’

Joe ‘I too will begin keeping women accessories’

Anne ‘sure you can.. am going to have super model Ninja brand GRACEFEM’

Joe ‘Male Model?’

Anne ‘yes…he rocks’

Next Morning

Anne see’s a beautiful girl’ poster holding BRACEMACHO bracelets’

Anne ‘oh I see.. copy cat’

Few days later

GRACEFEM pamphlets being distributed aggressively..

Joe ‘I will teach her a lesson… ‘

Anne is watching TV and she see’s an advertisements

Graceful Women .. don’t look any further Macho Braces available at Discount..  Pamphlets can be discarded.. My Love to all of you right in your heart.. rush to 202 China Town.. ‘

Anne ‘oh ..so he spending on channels to market his product’

Wait.. I will just show what Anne is capable of..

1 week later

Joe see’s a huge crowd at Anne’s shop

He rushes to see Anne fainted and she has clasped the model poster in her hand..

“She was trying to shred the whole poster but the door hit her badly.. and.. she has to be rushed to hospital’

Joe rushes and takes her to hospital..

Joe ‘Anne.. nothing will happen to you.. please.. let us make a new brand GRACEBRACE.. please.. wake up.. I am fatally attracted to you.. for my sake’

Anne opens her eyes..

Anne ‘you could have told me in beginning itself.. so much we wasted in building respective brand’

Joe ‘they were absurd brands.. let us have one.. only.. I love you Anne.. can we begin together’

Anne ‘let me recover first.. now I will own two shops’

Joe ‘one brand but.. ‘

Anne burst out laughing

Joe ‘one brand.. and two branded gifts.. our future kids.. boy and girl’


Red Attire

Miss Louisa was a beautiful looking girl who organizes a party for her friends with a condition ‘All need to wear red attire’

Mary looks beautiful in her red midi and Sarah looks ravishing in her red gown..

Susan loves gorgeous in her red perky top and Louisa is absolutely elegant in her red traditional Indian Sari

All look surprised..

Louisa introduces her boy friend Ravi

Ravi ‘hey folks.. the reasons she has asked to all Red Attire is because… my mom used to love red sari’s and she always had a dream to launch a boutique = designer dresses and so Louisa plans to launch that with my support.. i need all of you to come up with strategies for ‘SMART DRESSING IN us$50 only which will include dress, hair accessories, ear rings, nail polish, a tasteful perfume to suit the mood’

All look at Ravi in silence..

Louisa ‘Do you know the importance of Red.. It is deep. It is PASSION.  All lovers need to be passionate and look smart when they romance or date together.. So we are coming up with ‘Matching Pairs’

Susan ‘cheers.. now… my boy friend has blown over 50 kisses on Whatsup and gushes.. I indeed look beautiful in red’

Sarah ‘Hey my cartoonist friend Zafar has created an animation of a bull running behind a girl in red gown.. It is so funny.. look at it’

Mary ‘Am getting a modeling assignment as I just flashed this photo in Face book and have got over 500 likes’

Ravi ‘cheers now.. and let us enjoy the party’