Why did I stop growing?

Samuel was worried that he has not been growing in company for quite some time..

One day the HR calls him

HR  ”so.. dear.. last day for you”

Samuel ”i knew it was coming.. so ”

HR ”all the best”

2 days later Samuel is sitting near the sea shore, seeing the waves of see hitting the stones

Samuel has drops of tears ánd murmurs ‘serious fail entity I am”

there he is suddenly pushed by a kid

The kid burst out laughing at Samuel

Kid ”Uncle.. dont be so grumpy ok.. you have cute face, good eyes.. so handsome.. why you are crying”

Samuel ”with whom you came?”

Kid ”mom.. and she also keeps cribbing at home”

Samuel ”why dont you cry?”

Kid ”Mom said if I cry.. she will crib more.. and I dont want her to keep cribbing.. so no tears for me”

Samuel ”I want to ask you a question?”

Kid ”yes?”

Samuel ”do you feel you are growing every day”

Kid who is aged 9..  laughs and retorts ”every day same subjects but new topic..  new questions.. new answers.. so it is fun and at times I do not know the answer and teacher asks me to google and explore answers”

Samuel smiles.. he has got the answer

Samuel offers kid an icecream

Kid ”Mom..says do not take anything from strangers.. ”

Samuel ”do you feel you have grown?”

Kid ”i have not reached your height.. nor my mom”s so.. ”

Samuel returns back home..

Samuel ”is the challenges I failed to take, got complacent.. didnt experiment or felt I should need a help? I myself can grow as everything is within me.. google too exists.. so what i failed.. let me again get to school and learn more. Maybe I should seek opportunity where I will learn a lot”



I love pizza’s

Tom is a fat bubbly young boy who thrives on pizza’s. His mother is a diet planner and the story goes this way…

Sarah ‘Tom.. please do not eat so much.. I request you… my clients are laughing at me.. and wonder how she can train us if she cannot manage her son’

Tom ‘Dad loved yummy pizza’s and have gone on dad..’

Sarah ‘he is no more dear.. he suffered a heart attack and then chose to become diet planner to look after you’

Tom ‘mummy… i love the garlic flavored pizza so much .. why don’t you start some programs for painfully thin boys and girls and I will teach them how to become fat’

Sarah  ám feedup dear… drink glass of milk and sleep.. I am having meeting with celebrity James’

Tom ‘James.. he is so handsome.. why he needs diet plan’

Sarah ‘celebrities need to be trim and slim.. ‘

Tom ‘Mom.. do you really feel i look miserable… my 80 Kg looks bad on me’

Sarah ‘of course.. join gym.. do not make pizza as your only goal in life’

Tom ‘I love its smell…’

Sarah ‘I can open a pizza restaurant for you.. but promise you will eat only 2 pizza per day”

Tom ‘sure Mom.. will also gym’

1 year later

Tom is looking good trim and fit and munching morning pizza’

Sarah smiles at him

Tom ‘Mom.. you have been so nice to me..  i could have been depressed.. which led me to eat food at all odd hours.. but thanks ‘

Sarah hugs Tom and has drop of tear in her eyes

Sarah ‘Tom… eating too much is always bad.. just to ensure you remove your habit.. I took a loan and started this restaurant.. now make this a success’

Tom ‘Mom… yes… shop keepers seldom love their own products.. so i will only sell Pizza and make Pizza’s but not eat them full.. only taste it’

Sarah begins laughing




























































Drop out

Rani dropped out of her higher studies as she could not cope with pressure.

One day she meets Jenny on net and begins chatting

Rani ‘which class you are in?’

Jenny ‘school drop out.. could not afford fees’

Rani ‘me too.. but pressures.. my head would reel when maths numbers would keep coming here and there’

Jenny begins giggling

Rani ‘why is it that parents pressurize kids to study a subject.. never understood.. so many awareness training programs but… they do not mind paying donations too assuming kid will fulfil dream..  if father wished to be an engineer, and didn’t why is he forcing his son or daughter to be one..

Jenny ‘and goodness the doctor syndrome.. ?? 🙂 every one wants some family member to be doctor.. here my mom wants me to be actress .. am at texas how the hell will go to LA.. will I need to solicit?’

Rani ‘what is that?’

Jenny ‘forget it..  seriously speaking if I had the way.. I would have just been painting for my life.. all along.. but no money for paints too’

Rani ‘hey will teach you paint brush.. and you can make paintings.. I know some website development.. we can begin selling some stuff there’

Jenny ‘cool man… sorry.. gender issue.. cool girl’

Rani ‘you are funny’

Jenny ‘you too…’

3 months later, they develop a site.. which is able to sell paintings.. and awaiting investors

Jenny’s parents are tired of her..

Jenny’s mom

‘Í have led a life of a nomad.. why you too wish to be.. you look so beautiful.. become a model’

Jenny ‘just shut up ok… I am not here to listen to your advices.. I want to be an artist.. so will be’

4 months latter

they get invested by an ART Company.. Rani has managed to get seed funded..

Jenny ‘ok.. visiting India.. take care mom and dad.. ‘

The moment she lands.. there are folks gazing at her..

Jenny ‘this is madness.. why they do so…’

Rani ‘you look so beautiful.. here it is like you can become a model’

Jenny ‘common not again..’

Rani ‘I have my father who is a film producer.. will you act?’

Jenny ‘what.. are you crazy.. and seriously I never knew you belonged to a rich family’

Rani ‘sorry dear.. you are going to stay with me so..’

4 months latter Jenny has signed a film contract

Rani ‘this is a strange world dear.. when money exists.. everything exists… when money doesn’t.. all get frustrated’

Jenny ‘what about my main goal of painting’

Rani ‘only work in 1 movie per year and focus on painting for rest of time’

Jenny ‘this is not a bad idea at all’

1 month later

Jenny writes an email to her mom

‘courtesy your endless prayers to god.. I became an actress.. most invited to India.. please come there and spend time’

Rani ‘you seem unhappy somewhere’

Jenny ‘really not sure.. I am clueless.. I am a dropout finally..so can beggars be choosers’

Rani ‘hey.. why you feel dejected’

Jenny ‘wanted to study a lot dear.. and I have money today.. but still….’



Beloved MOM

Beloved Mom Nancy, wish you a happy mother’s day.. I know you are far away from me and may be I will not be able to convey to you small little secrets..

“I loved you more then dad, but didn’t ever understand why you stopped him ever from doing business’

“I didn’t like your interference with my girl friend’s thought process but so many times you proved you were right that i got confused whether I was wrong or I was right till one day you just hugged my girl friend and whispered a secret’

“She told me after many years that my mom had whispered “Men are kids, so pamper them silly but don’t spoil them by making them feel that they own you.. don’t allow him to take you for granted.. you need to have your own identity’

“I smiled at my foolishness to doubt you.. and wondered why you remained strict and dotting on me?”

“I hated when you left me and as you lay there in grave, i wondered whether it was me who needed to cry or was it you who was supposed to laugh as you handed over a legacy in form of your education business.. a network marketing tool which you established so well.. How many of us try to cash on our parent’s contacts.. i too never realized till I opened my face book again and found just before you left for abode, you had informed all to invite me in your group”

“Modern day mom.. you loved twitter, face book, linked in and taught me to socialize and network.. and now you smile and wait for me to put some mud over you.. some flowers.. wreath and then you are gone up”

“Who says mother are sweet and sour.. i say all women do have maternal instinct and all kids have sweet and sour relation with mom but finally the chord.. that chord which united us before i was cut off from you by the doctor to come and evolve in this world independently where you didn’t wish your husband to start some business as you were scared i would not get good education and same mom didn’t mind being an entrepreneur and wanting her son to be one..”

“Times and have changed Mom.. hope god blesses you with loads of peace and happiness”

“Time to say bye” “Happy Mother’s day MOM.. I love you a lot”

Fred has drop of tears in his eyes and leaves from the graveyard,

Chill Pill Parents

Tom is a 7 year kid who has got addicted to Whatsup

His mother Louisa tried hard to remove his addiction

Tom ‘Chill Pill Mom.. I always see see you using this’

Mom ‘I have to be connected for office purpose’

Tom ‘Mom.. why I don’t see dad in your list’

Mom ‘Am with you and him every day’

Dad Henry comes from work

Henry ‘block James from your whatsup’

Mom ‘What did he do?’

Henry ‘He told me to stop interacting with his wife on whatsup’

Mom ‘Oh I see. Possessive hunk’

Henry ‘Don’t you find me hunk too?’

Mom ‘Grass is green always on other side’

Henry ‘stop irritating me’

Tom is watching all this and then catches hold of Mom’s pant and Dad’s pant and says ‘Chill Pill Parents.. you can always have new friends. I am new to whatsup, can you suggest some names for me to be friends with?’

Henry looks at Louisa and says ‘In your start up ensure you bring in some artificial intelligence to applications and ensure kids don’t your site till 18 years as you are focused on some dating site development’

Tom ‘Mom what is it? i too want to get to that.. please show me.. please show me..’

Louisa ‘i have to rush to kitchen’

Wall Photo

“Hello Pop and Mom; how are you doing today”  Leo is looking at his parents photo hung in wall.

Leo ‘Don’t you miss me? Here it is fine, I suddenly remembered you when I saw my little thumb stuck in between doors’

Leo ‘Remembered child hood.. Mom rushing to me sucking my thumb.. dad telling lo lo lo lo’

Leo ‘Why did you leave me so suddenly, all in flash of few minutes.. at 16 orphan’

Leo ‘OK.. have nice day, am going for a pitch so seeking your blessings.. Am starting a venture ‘REMEMBERENCE’ and it is basically a condolence giving site..

Leo begins laughing..

Leo ‘Do you know free sites available.. so you may wonder what is the business model’

Leo comes closer to photo and whispers ‘business model is story writing through experiences shared by grieving members and converting it to a small book for memoirs.. All at only US$10 and I anticipate at least 50 who are grieved when someone departs so plan to earn at least US$1000 per day

Leo ‘Ok POP and MOM.. I know you find me crazy. but why not.. if folks want albums of marriage, why not…?’

Leo leaves to the Entrepreneurship Summit Pitch day organized by an Accelerator.