Erasing moments of life where I made mistakes.. and soon found the page gets darker, the marks remain all over.. spoiling the page itself..

Life is given to us to make mistakes.. so when we are born, the first crawl or the first fall.. we get up and learn to walk.. we skid and again learn to run..

We keep running till we get tired and find that there are ways to run marathon..

Soon we begin enjoying others run.. other making mistakes.. and we tend to be engrossed in their mistakes and seek reasons for it..

Just keep pushing selves erasing bitter moments of life.. retain good ones.. keep watching them, inspiring them…

A magical eraser is one.. where in you just erase and find a new message

”WISH YOU HAPPY NEW YEAR dear.. everthing will move well..

(A story

A small little kid struggled almost every day till one day she meets an angel.. and questions

“”Why I struggle so much”

Angel “god is trying to gear you to take up high responsibilities”

Kid ‘what is that?’

Angel ‘a task to help all erase their bad moments of life”

Kid ”how?”

Angel ”you need to spread smile, love and warmth to all.. and keep smiling”

Kid ”why.. but am struggling now.. how will I smile”

Angel ”just widen your lips.. and say cheers”

Kid ”cheers…” and bursts laughing

Angel ”so simple right.. just say cheers always whenever in trouble and trouble will run away soon”

Kid ”how?”

Angel ‘attempt dear..”

1 week later

Kid ”cheers uncle.. you keep giving me alms but I would just take it and ..”

Uncle Sam ”dear.. no one around you”

Kid nods No..

Kid ”my parents expired way back.. my grandma takes care of me”

Uncle Sam reaches her house..

in small slum

Sam ”mom.. can I adopt her.”

Grandma ‘is happy and overjoyed

Kid is smiled but worried

Angel returns

Angel ”dear.. someone is always there as guardian for us.. it is destined.. just wait for it.. you have found one.. do become guardian to someone else too.. one day”



touching responses

touching responses are ones where you feel the response is great but your eyes also have tears for whatsoever reasons.

Lisa had published a journal and during the award ceremony her professor just hugged and kissed her

Lisa was shocked, surprised and even had an annoyance on her face..

After the event

Lisa ”this was unwarranted.. why this response?’

Professor ”to ensure you remembered this event always”

Lisa ”this is not right.. I didn’t like it’

Professor ”just wanted to make you realize that in story writing, journals.. we seek interesting articles.. your journal was on Touching Experiences and had tons of romance and hatred dramá’s penned in it.. all fiction.. just because an episode happened for real.. you reacted’

Lisa is silent

Professor ”fiction is conceived by us.. reality is what is felt life long.. imagine the way we exaggerate emotions just to make a point conveyed to reader’

Lisa hugs Professor ”Sir… why in public you had to exhibit love”

Professor ”touching experiences are always spontaneous”


Start Saving

Samuel ‘start saving for future’

His wife Rose ‘but nothing gets saved. You keep saying this and finally end up spending in your drinks’

Samuel ‘Rose… I am worried how will I drink in future.. hence asking you to save for future’

Rose ‘an idiotic thought to save..’

Rose ‘start saving your moments with me.. as I am divorcing you soon’

Samuel ‘why you say so’

Rose ‘as you prefer drinks to me’

Samuel ‘how to save moments.. I do not know’

Rose ‘PINTEREST.. INSTAGRAM… whatsoever’

Samuel ‘are you leaving for sure?’

Rose has left for the office wondering what mess she got into when she married Samuel for his looks little realizing he is an alcoholic ‘



Am a failure

Am a failure

I failed the first time

I failed the second

I failed the nth time

Only to get a recognition

of being perfect in my

failure to grasp content

I began getting small success

I began getting bigger ones

Only to get an acknowledgment

of being perfect in my

patience to endure failures

I got into blogging

to narrate my failures

and success as fiction of life

believable, unbelievable

to realize life is

full of stories..

narrated, un-narrated

rated , un-rated

liked, disliked

living those moments

as an actor brings

inside us a perfection

to act if not be real




Moments of day

“Moments of day can become Memento one day

The day can become an event too one day”

Joy a happy go lucky fresher, jobless keeps dreaming of having his country declare a national holiday when he is up in the sky..

Joy wishes to become a politician as that is an easy route to have his mission successful..

At county level politics he meets Rob a tough politician and who is a community lover..

Rob ‘a strange stupid notion you nurture.. why so?’

Joy ‘as that would be a history.. my contribution to the world’

Rob ‘many of us get caught in the game of ups and downs, struggles and successes and we do contribute.. but may be someone above presents as they have accomplished…’

Joy ‘office politics I learnt.. home politics.. I experienced and now I wish to be part of country politics… think of me as political startup entrepreneur’

Rob begins smiling

Joy ‘can we begin having a sharing day in my name..  JOY SHARE DAY’

Rob pauses

Rob ‘unfortunately my name is Rob.. it would have become ROB SHARE DAY’

Joy bursts out laughing

After few days on Joy’s birthday 1st of April. Rob announces Joy Share day

“Anyone who wishes to share moments of life, experiences, product, innovation.. whatsoever can present in County Hall and a book would be published all at only 10$”

Joy and Rob share this idea to the county people and it is publicized neatly..

Entrance ticket only US$1 and kids free

Soon Joy and Rob observe 1000 turn for event..

After a year.. message has reached to so many counties and nearly 100 have simultaneous events.. Joy has evolved a franchise model.. 20% paid back to the county from where it began..

Joy is happy..

Rob ‘what next’

Joy ‘will put all this in Wikipedia and then.. wish it can enter into school books’

Rob ‘you are crazy… before you die.. you wish to be in school books’

Joy ‘ok tell me something which I can do .. to get as a chapter in school book’

Rob ‘go and spread this in say a terror centric country’

Next day Joy is gone..

Joy reaches a country which has guns everywhere freely available.. He meets one of the referral county head given by Rob

Rob ‘am worried for you.. what is all this crap’

Joy ‘determined to be in school books of US’

Rob ‘this is madness’

Joy is guided to a county (village) which is notorious of robbery

Joy ‘wow ROB SHARE DAY at work’

Joy is lazily swimming in a pond when he finds he is surrounded by dacoits

Joy ‘what you wish from me?’

Dacoits ‘everything is ours… including you.. we have a bit of cannibalism streaks in us.. and bursts laughing’

Joy gets scared but determined asks one of the member a question

“WOH WOH WOH..  good English.. where you learnt from’

Dacoit ‘just studied till 5th’

Joy ‘do you wish your birthday to become an event in your country’

Dacoit ‘ýes.. am the leader.. why not.. it is after 1 week’

Joy ‘ok..announce NO ROB SHARE DAY’

Dacoit ‘my name is BRANDY’


Dacoit ‘interesting.. what will happen then’

Joy ‘all people free to go everywhere, anywhere.. voluntarily put around 10 bucks per person and they can express themselves.. they may even put your hoardings and tarnish your face.. but no probs.. you will be visible’

Dacoit ‘I love it.. NO BRANDY ROB DAY’

Dacoit announces this in few villages where they rob..

On that day.. it is a festive occasion.. all are moving freely..

Brandy ‘it is amazing.. how much fear they had for me.. but I guess let them enjoy once in a while..’

Brandy finds nearly 1000000 collected from around 6 villages

Brandy ‘cool man.. no tension.. revenue of 1 year in 1 day’

Joy ‘make it a franchise model and ask other dacoits to announce it.. ‘

Brandy is amazed

Joy visits the education minister office

Joy ‘can my name chapter be in your school text.. have removed dacoits terror from the county.. disruptive

Education Minister Louisa ponders

Louisa ‘ok write 5 pages.. no promises but will try’

Joy returns back to US

After a year.. he gets a letter ‘your chapter is approved..’

Joy jumps with joy

Joy ‘mindset change needed.. anyone can become a leader if determined’

Rob hugs Joy

Rob ‘Joy we plan to have you lead the county in forthcoming elections… are you open for it’

Rob ‘common.. wish to be president of this nation.. so anything for all this.. hope I create more histories. and more number of event business.’










“Life is such that we need sweetener always..
Had sweets been non existent or fruits non existent…
what would have happened?””

Pat came a reply

‘we never like bitter food though it is good for health.. why do human wish sweetness so much and ignore bitter food but also love salty items’

Pat came another reply

‘bitterness balances the system.. hence between sweet and salty days and nights, we will also find some bitter moments.. nothing much.. understand it is good for your health and wealth as each of those moments will be followed by a need to have sweet and salty moments to pep your life’

Joe never knew why he talked to stars and pondered self in ways of life.. He had a manufacturing unit for sweeteners but victim of child abuse in his early days, victim of being cheated by his girl friend and also disowned by his wife..

Joe gulps few of his manufactured sweetener powder and smiles at sky

Joe ‘do we really need to stop living because of trauma or bad moments in our life.. Absolutely no.. you still are breathing.. you still have hands and legs and heart and mind and above all beautiful eyes and soul to again begin afresh’

Joe gets a call from his best friend Anne

Anne ‘Joe.. missing you too much… wish to again reunite with you’

Joe ‘wow. I almost forgot you too existed in my life.. so moral of story.. in case you forgot some close friend in your life.. call that friend immediately”

Pause your Life once in a While

Pause your life once in a while

Live your life way you wish once in a while.

Why be in rat race, if we are not a rat

Why be in cat fights, if we are not a cat

Why be in street fights, if we are not a goon

Why be in politics, if we are not a politician

Pause your life once in a while

The fresh breeze of air

The soft brown mud waits for you

Enjoy those walks and stop worrying about life

once in a while

Enjoy those moments once in while

busy birds as we are, life is not a train

which necessarily moves to one destination,

our soul and speed of thought moves

faster then what we really do

so pause a life once in a while

and then move in life the way you wish

Life doesn’t create fuss

we create fuss with our own lives.