Gift to someone

Gift to someone

Not by money

Not by articles

Not by ornaments

Not by real estate

But by insurance policy

Gift someone the same

For not today

But for future

(Have observed many parents in US living with no insurance policy..  no risk cover.. they have come as guests to meet their kids and.. no cover.. why so.. not sure.. but unless we do not change our own mind set to care for people genuinely, all these mother’s day, father’s day, valentine day, brother’s day, father’s day everything gets meaningless as the intention has to be genuine care and love.. it needs to be through helping that individual get secured eventually.

Entrepreneurs in quest of building companies at times neglect their families. so please do take care of your family well.


Sabse bada dollar?

Once upon a time, there was this movie Sabse Bada Rupaiyyah (Money comes at top) and an entertaining story…

but how is Dollar relevant today?

Joy ”Pound is better.. more amount we get in India”

Samuel “Do you know dollar.. many CA”s actually collect dollars as hobbies in hope one day dollar will reach 100 rupee and they make a great killing”

Mark dear friend of Samuel ”I am most of time glued to monitor to check where rupee depriciates and I transfer money.. even cent savings is important”

Harry “Me too not investing these days as rupee seems to appreciate.. good lucks.. let us wait for $ to rise”

Munna “What is big deal… what rises will fall down.. what falls will rise.. or will not rise again”

James “Human values if it falls below.. then”

Munna ”will rise again..  when no money exists, love exists.. and when money exists, love doesn’t”

Elisa “common economics professors.. this is our annual meet and you are talking about Sabse bada Dollar…   Munna… you are teaching us Hindi in your own style.. coming all way from Delhi Economics department.. gold medalist.. unbelievable”

Munna sips a wine and looks upward…

“currency is so important in our life that we forget the currents in it and just succumb to it..  anyone can leave anything for it.. and when it leaves you… we remember all who were left by us because of it””



Twist of Fate

Jenny ‘am fedup trying to fend for self.. want to take job soon’

Mary ‘am fedup of routine.. want to do something different’

Jenny gets a call

Mary ‘why you look tensed?’

Jenny ‘I just got a call that my startup has a potential buyer.. 1M$.. and I need to work as employee in it for 2 years.. ‘

Mary ‘cool.. I too have an offer to cofound a company’

Jenny ‘it is great.. we both have got something different’

2 weeks later

Jenny ‘Mary.. how come you are my workplace’

Mary ‘even for me it is a surprise..  Gary tookover this company.. and he has asked me to cofound it’

Jenny ‘oh I see. so am an employee to you now’

Mary ‘weird as it looks.. yes..’

Jenny ‘did I make a mistake by selling company too soon’

Gary smiles

Gary ‘chill pill… you have got your own money.. and now work too so just get going’



Investor fears

Rafi is a top notch investor and now fears that he will loose his money in the startups which he has invested all his ways..

Spark his close friend who is also an investor chuckles

‘why you fear Rafi.. you made loads of money and only 10% of it is moved back to angel funds’

Rafi ‘I fear because the angel groups have gone into habit of having over 10 plus investors investing in one venture which does project a large deal size.. ‘

Spark ‘everyone wishes to be follow on investor hence’


Confused Monkey

A monkey saw too many people around it.. clicking photo and so on..

A dollar note fell on him..  Suddenly he found the family worried trying to reach out to dollar

Monkey realized there is some miracle in that note.. So next time.. he saw a pocket in one person’s shirt.. with dollar popping out..

Monkey picked that dollar and ran off.. again he found worried face..

slowly and surely monkey began collecting as many notes as possible..

At night monkey was fiercely guarding the notes.. till he found a person paying dollar for food..

Monkey ‘in jungle we are not taught to pay for food.. what the heck it is’

Monkey went to the shop and pranced..

the shop keeper scared.. ran off.

Monkey picked up all packets which he could and ran away

Soon it became a habit

Now Monkey has food and money too…

One night monkey saw a person praying to god and even giving 1$ alm to poor person

Monkey ran to that person

The person began hitting stones at Monkey

Monkey angrily began throwing food packets at the beggar

Beggar suddenly started praying to monkey

Monkey is confused… it has notes, it has food and now some one is praying too

Monkey goes back to tree and wonders ‘why these creatures so always worried?’


Money boy…

Money boy

chasing you all the way

hoping always you are there besides me..

Am not your boy friend

Nor your girl friend

so why am chasing you

All can be bought by money

but.. peace and happiness

Why am I chasing you

Why all are chasing you…

Money boy…

An echo comes ‘am clueless too.. why so much hype around me.. they hoard me.. they make me move from one pocket to other.. one bank to other.. am just a piece of note..

value you created out of me..

why cannot you create a value for your own self then poor me.. a non emotional object

Week Targets

Week Targets would be

  1. Did you sleep well?
  2. Did you eat food in time?
  3. Did you change your dress every day?
  4. Did you think of at least 1 idea which would help society?
  5. Did you save money this week?
  6. Did you relax and be with your family?
  7. Did you care and love your near dear one?
  8. Did you take care of self?
  9. Did you work with full focus and concentration?
  10. Did you build relation with at least 1 individual?