Investor fears

Rafi is a top notch investor and now fears that he will loose his money in the startups which he has invested all his ways..

Spark his close friend who is also an investor chuckles

‘why you fear Rafi.. you made loads of money and only 10% of it is moved back to angel funds’

Rafi ‘I fear because the angel groups have gone into habit of having over 10 plus investors investing in one venture which does project a large deal size.. ‘

Spark ‘everyone wishes to be follow on investor hence’


Confused Monkey

A monkey saw too many people around it.. clicking photo and so on..

A dollar note fell on him..  Suddenly he found the family worried trying to reach out to dollar

Monkey realized there is some miracle in that note.. So next time.. he saw a pocket in one person’s shirt.. with dollar popping out..

Monkey picked that dollar and ran off.. again he found worried face..

slowly and surely monkey began collecting as many notes as possible..

At night monkey was fiercely guarding the notes.. till he found a person paying dollar for food..

Monkey ‘in jungle we are not taught to pay for food.. what the heck it is’

Monkey went to the shop and pranced..

the shop keeper scared.. ran off.

Monkey picked up all packets which he could and ran away

Soon it became a habit

Now Monkey has food and money too…

One night monkey saw a person praying to god and even giving 1$ alm to poor person

Monkey ran to that person

The person began hitting stones at Monkey

Monkey angrily began throwing food packets at the beggar

Beggar suddenly started praying to monkey

Monkey is confused… it has notes, it has food and now some one is praying too

Monkey goes back to tree and wonders ‘why these creatures so always worried?’


Money boy…

Money boy

chasing you all the way

hoping always you are there besides me..

Am not your boy friend

Nor your girl friend

so why am chasing you

All can be bought by money

but.. peace and happiness

Why am I chasing you

Why all are chasing you…

Money boy…

An echo comes ‘am clueless too.. why so much hype around me.. they hoard me.. they make me move from one pocket to other.. one bank to other.. am just a piece of note..

value you created out of me..

why cannot you create a value for your own self then poor me.. a non emotional object

Week Targets

Week Targets would be

  1. Did you sleep well?
  2. Did you eat food in time?
  3. Did you change your dress every day?
  4. Did you think of at least 1 idea which would help society?
  5. Did you save money this week?
  6. Did you relax and be with your family?
  7. Did you care and love your near dear one?
  8. Did you take care of self?
  9. Did you work with full focus and concentration?
  10. Did you build relation with at least 1 individual?

Sense of Responsibility

Employer ‘I give you salary every month, so what is harm in you abiding by the employee agreement”

Employee ‘I do my work zealously and you too earn from my contribution and make money, so what is harm in clean exit.. Why cannot I join your competitor’

Employer ‘No.. you will face consequence’

Employee ‘Anyways have made a decision.. so you can do what you wish’

2 months later Employee gets a notice from ex company..

Employee gets into WHATSAPP with Employer and chats

Employee ‘ It is funny.. I have not joined their competitor too…but still will send a reply’

Employee writes

‘I have become an entrepreneur.. non compete.. am in food business now.. so this notice is no longer applicable’

Employer writes

‘Why could you not inform me earlier, I spent US$5000 on a legal team and even more.. I could have invested in your venture’

Employee writes ‘I need you guidance to make stringent rules on my prospective employees.. you are so good at it’

Employer writes ‘Now you can understand how much challenging it is for me to be an entrepreneur’

Employee writes “Are all entrepreneurs so insecure?”

Employer writes “Even Investors are as they have a sense of responsibilities towards money”

Employee writes “Should I join you back if you pay me 60% rise”

Employer gets emotional

Employer “you are like my family.. join dear…”

Employee holds a party with his team members

Employee ‘I kept asking them for rise.. they never gave.. so finally I got what I wanted”

Employer overhears this

Employer ‘Do you have sense of responsibility?”

Employee ‘Sir..  all of us work for a profit only.. any entrepreneur who says he is not working for profit.. no investor will make you stand near them..   it is a mean world.. what else could I do.. relax Sir..  I am giving you an order of US$10M.. so do not ask me from where I got…”

Employer ”Competitor’s client?’

Employee “Please let us not discuss now.. there is a saying.. everything is fair in love and war and even business”



Startup Dowry

Startup Dowry invites all senior prospective father-in-laws and mother-in-laws, brothers and sisters who wish to settle their sons or daughters to become an investor with an equity of 26% on any venture initiated by husband or wife.. and both will be joint founders..

Sami ‘hey this is madness.. do you think our tradition will disrupt this way’

Mama ‘dear.. we have heard of folks skyrocketing and asking fanciful funds for a good groom match.. why to pay them through property purchase or gold or anything.. let them have a startup.. we become investors.. legally the groom gets funded.. and in term sheet put a clause ‘will loose venture if groom moves our of bride’s life in first 7 years.. and groom has to scale up the venture in 1 year time.. and more funds (dowry) will be provided.

Sami’s sister Sridevi is zapped..

Sridevi ‘why will a groom take so much pressure?’

Mama ‘1M$ investment is not small amount dear’

Sridevi ‘do you think such things will work out’

Mama ‘so many pressurize so many even in these days…  why not this venture’

Sridevi ‘lol.. grooms would ask money for property, gold etc.. and these days for startups’

Sri’s friend Lisa who is hearing this fun pitches in

Lisa ‘does such system still prevail??  here we never do such things’

Sri ‘we are tuned to think too much from security perspective.. hence all that money for security..  hence…’

Lisa ‘god bless STARTUP DOWRY.. I guess it will have huge number of NGO against such concepts..’

Sri ‘Mama.. hope you are in senses’

Mama is snoring loudly…

Sri ‘Mama is strange.. drunk a bit.. but worried always.. about me.. no wonder such crazy thoughts flash in mind’



Glamour of Money

All that glitters is not gold

Any currency is attractive.. But Oxam is a crazy guy who has only one passion.. Money..

Notes of any form.. hoarding and hoarding it in one remote island bank till one day he is caught in a scam..

What was his source of money?

He would just invite all from different countries to invest in that island country and park the money but.. then of what use is the money hoarded somewhere if it cannot get contributed back to the country of those investors..

Rebelo has Oxam arrested and he is questioned in an open Media..

Journalist ‘why did you do it?’

Oxam ‘Demand existed.. a pain point..’

Journalist 2 ‘but is it not illegal’

Oxam ‘Disruptive.. yes’

Journalist 3 ‘what would have happened had it been converted to a VC fund’

Oxam ‘Not sure.. I will not know.. The investors would wish to plough that money back to some other countries’

Journalist 4 ‘why you allowed?’

Oxam ‘what else can a country do.. full of nothing.. harsh environment.. un-educated folks.. how to survive them?’

Journalist 5 ‘why others got carried away and how come so many invested in your country?’

Oxam ‘Ask them…  I never knew who will do what  with so much money.. Assume some has 1billion$…  what will that person do… even if he distributes 1/2 billion.. still he is for life and for his 100 ancestor generation made enough money.. so rather then having it given to government and may be not trusting the government individuals.. he parks it some where else… and may be legally as paid tax too’

Journalist 6 ‘it could be black money too’

Oxam ‘what is black and what is white.. poor man do not understand.. what is taxable is taxable.. and what is not.. is black.. and it is black to someone and white to someone.. and how this lure for money came?’

Journalist ‘how?’

Oxam ‘we forgot barter.. we do not wish to do anything without currency..not also love’

All are silent

Oxam ‘so many free sites.. so many free social media applications.. everything free… check on monetizing it.. never will it happen.. but still billion $ valuation right’

All are silent

Oxam ‘suddenly if someone gets too rich.. that individual feels parking somewhere else is too safe..  It is the country sentiments which favor that individual to park somewhere else.. reasons corruption exists.. sometimes in a village, 2 acre land needed for a village school permission and in cities, 5000 sq ft suffices.. this itself will drag the village students one generation back.. who cares…  glamour of money is coupled with glamour of power and politics.. so not sure…am i going to be penalized?’

All are silent

Oxam ‘I did what I felt was right then.. I could have got terribly wrong.. but if I helped my country with a currency flow.. what next’

Suddenly a gun shot.. and Oxam is gone…

Glamour of money can destroy the inner soul..  and inner soul is happy only through good deed.