Sarah loves talking.. she keeps jabbing away all the time with her friends..  At county level.. .. she is just happy spending time with her friends. Her father has a big farm house and mom a house wife..  marriage age..  and by chance happened to meet Paul in one of the marriage functions and since then ensures she calls him every day. For strange reasons best known to her.. she doesn’t wish to use whatsapp

Paul ‘Sarah.. don’t you feel you can use whatsapp and chat with me.. or even facebook messenger”

Sarah bursts out laughing

Sarah ”I guess we have stopped treasuring face-to-face conversation.. the intimate phone talks without seeing each other… yes video conferencing exists.. but still am slow in typing.. I cannot type fast.. but I can talk fast’

Paul begins laughing

Sarah ‘my mom made sweets and I remembered you and gave it the monkey who comes in our farm.. of course he didn’t see me…else would trouble’

Paul ‘so you remember a monkey in me?’

Sarah ”please tell me how can I start a TALK CLUB.. all keep jabbering away till their mouth aches and then.. they get good sleep”

Paul ”here we talk of no noise solutions and you are mentioning TALK CLUB’

Sarah ”In Asian countries they have this SHAYARI (Prose narration) clubs.. so why not in US”

Paul ”they are witty humor I  guess..”

Sarah ”Please.. I do not mind coming to NY for same.. let us start TALK CLUB”

Paul ”so again becoming bold… live in wow”

Sarah ”mad or what.. you are marrying me there and taking you of there’

Paul ”spring time ok”

1 year later

Sarah ”Invite Charles.. he is a witty prose narrator and put some music too.  our fee of just US$5 seems working…   we need to have more shows.. ”

Paul ”let us scale up this further.’

Sarah ”my mom is now feeding goats”

Paul ”what?”

Sarah ”I have tamed you so much.. domesticated.. so from monkey to being goat.. you have come a long waý”

Paul ”Sarah.. common.. now am a goat?”

Sarah ”yes.. a loveable goat”


Confused Monkey

A monkey saw too many people around it.. clicking photo and so on..

A dollar note fell on him..  Suddenly he found the family worried trying to reach out to dollar

Monkey realized there is some miracle in that note.. So next time.. he saw a pocket in one person’s shirt.. with dollar popping out..

Monkey picked that dollar and ran off.. again he found worried face..

slowly and surely monkey began collecting as many notes as possible..

At night monkey was fiercely guarding the notes.. till he found a person paying dollar for food..

Monkey ‘in jungle we are not taught to pay for food.. what the heck it is’

Monkey went to the shop and pranced..

the shop keeper scared.. ran off.

Monkey picked up all packets which he could and ran away

Soon it became a habit

Now Monkey has food and money too…

One night monkey saw a person praying to god and even giving 1$ alm to poor person

Monkey ran to that person

The person began hitting stones at Monkey

Monkey angrily began throwing food packets at the beggar

Beggar suddenly started praying to monkey

Monkey is confused… it has notes, it has food and now some one is praying too

Monkey goes back to tree and wonders ‘why these creatures so always worried?’


Monkey Love Story

Falling in love is easy.

Staying in love difficult

Separating from Love most difficult

So a monkey who loved a girl, decided to become only a true friend as love remained same.. No questions of separation and no heat breaks as the monkey would be part and parcel of that girl in each wake of life…

So whenever she formed a new relation, the monkey greeted them with smile and warmth.

One day the monkey turned human.. and his heart began to beat for the girl…

The girl was in 2 minds.. how she expresses this new twist to her existing beloved..

She pleaded with monkey to only be friends…

The monkey had tears in his eyes and chose to again become a monkey.

The girl was very happy as she had the monkey again in her life

The monkey wondered.. does love really lead to heart breaks.. and he realized it indeed does.. so again he smiles and began laughing and hugged the girl with ease..

She too responded with a big kiss on his lips and her boy friend was smiling and clapping and even clicked a photo..

The monkey winked at the camera and the boy friend again clicked the camera..

the monkey wished to say ‘boy.. I am in her heart.. you are just physically with her’


Monkey Secret

Monkey ‘do you know why I imitate?’

elephant extends its trunk up

Monkey tries to put its leg up and falls down

Monkey again gets up and jumps over to tree and dangles its legs..

elephant pushes the tree

monkey jumps over other tree and begins pushing the branches

mangoes fall down

elephant and monkey both begin eating mangoes

Monkey ‘I imitate because it always gives fruits if I imitate it rightly and in case I fail because of imitation, I hurt less.. but you are innovative.. you showed me the way.. hence I need to salute you..  I only imitate but you innovate.. you told me a secret…  that as am not as big as you, I have no other choice but to imitate and learn from you and also taught me I should not imitate directly but adapt to my local circumstance to be successful’



Do you have a choice?

Pary says ‘never to stand behind a donkey and ahead of boss as you will get kicked any time’

Rob points his fingers down and nods head with consent

Samuel ‘hey then you too become a boss or a donkey?’

Pary thinks and nods yes

Pary ‘either we should be good donkies and work hard without any questions or be boss and work like monkey with inquisitive mind and ask many questions. mid way path will damage us’

Samuel ‘yes hence am becoming an entrepreneur to get mix of both donkey and monkey personality folks to work with me’


Jungle Love

if love wished any solace it was you.. if heart wished any pamper it was you. if feeling wished any emotions, it was you so why you got lost in the corporate jungle and decided to leave nature.  A monkey here waits for his beloved monkey to return back from city back to jungle full of love and nature. home is where happiness exists. return back..

Cash Stripped

Is anyone cash stripped?

If the answer is yes.. don’t worry.. I have found many who are cash stripped lazing away in garden and enjoying the warmth of sun awaiting a miracle.

A big monkey came in that garden and all run helter skelter only towards the door..

A miracle dash board appears


2 days latter

The lazy garden hopper is found selling berries..

A cash stripped person comes to him and says “I have no penny’

The hopper says ‘I too didn’t but some monkey taught me not to laze around.. So Am working’

John wonders how does cash stripped person make first bucks…

Pat comes a response in mind ‘dream and conceive something.. everything else will be fine’