Newton a great funny guy whose name was coined after great scientist Newton never knew till date, why he was named Newton..

His mother Freida mentioned to him

‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’

Newton wondered why

Freida ‘your father Joy always had failed experiments in life.. hence feel you can one day come up with a new formulae’

Newton ‘am a funny guy.. and not also a scientist.. how will it come..  will i need to wait for apples to fall over me?’

Freida ‘see.. i have only one hope.. one day you contribute a new formula to man kind’

Newton ‘not possible MoM.. . too many formulae floating everywhere..’

Newton leaves home to take some solace near his favorite water spot..

Newton looks at sky and sees clusters of star.. at night time they look too beautiful..

again he pauses… and sees stars cluttering further and some distant stars shining too

Newton wonders ‘is proximity a parameter for successful relation? what happens in virtual world..  why two people can just chat continuously and may bind so well.. that they feel close to each other… is proximity having correlation to time..’

Newtons’ best friend Georgia steps besides him..

Georgia is a mathematics professor.. who feels Newton has good sharp thought process. so should do well’

Georgia ‘you.. murmuring proximity and all that’ and plants a kiss on Newton’s lips

Newton ‘is proximity being physical next to each other.. or is it mental wavelength?’

Georgia ‘time is always playing crucial role in all formulae till date..’

Newton ‘proximity introduces flux.. it introduces increases something…  big brand attracts big customers.. big pull and so on.. hey isn’t the real Newton the original scientist talking about mass and distance..

Either increase mass or reduce distance…


It mean… staying closer to customer can also generate business.. staying in heart of people can also generate love… so what can be a simple formulae

Growth =  Relation/  (Distance between you and your prospect))^2

It means if the distance is less, your relation is going to grow more stronger..


If distance is too large.. growth will be less..

so virtual world is all about reducing distance..

Georgia ‘but what about your mom etc.. the one’s in physical world… they will get distant away from you’

Newton ‘ok let us scrap this formulae.. am still to think further like Newton Sir.. i actually prefer being normal human and only know how to reach in someone’s heart.. i guess am in yours and mom’s heart.. hope someone will evolve some formula someday’

At home

Mom ‘Georgia told me you are evolving a formulae… please.. focus on that.. i know am in your heart.. my relation great with you… but think something new… think something’

Newton puts hand over his head and looks upward

‘Father.. why you trying to make me a scientist.. when am just normal human’

Mom ‘it is his strong desire.. he went up.. his prayers will make you create a formulae one day’





Bob hits out at Romel for spelling out ‘Intolerance’ in a public dias.

Romel ‘Dear Bob, I agree you are the most ideal individual who is an example of tolerance. I am just talking about my startup INTOLERANCE’

Bob ‘common here the whole world is talking of Intolerance and the pains seen everywhere for numerous number of conflicts and you talk of a startup INTOLERANCE’

Romel ‘Sir.. Intolerance startup will be a causal analysis solution expert company with a dash of Infographics’

Bob ‘whatsoever…. can you help us understand what are the cause and effects of this INTOLERANCE trend?’

Romel ‘anything which hurts sentiments of human leads to intolerance if the sentiments are hurt in excess. example if you will keep hitting a silent animal, the animal will react. It is Newton’s law sir..  and then the impact follows Einstein’s theory of Relativity. The sentiment waves move with splash of light .. and’

Bob ‘dear.. are you are preacher, teacher, politician or what?’

Romel ‘PASSION FRAMEWORK .. an amalgamation of science, fiction, technology and entertainment.. enjoy the essence of it.. don’t think too much. Life is all about forgetting and forgiving and all is well then’


Probing Mood

Sir Newton never knew that his theories would be taught in each and every school and colleges all over the world..

Misha loved to probe into various theories and check its relevance in today’s world..

an object either remains at rest or continues to move at a constant velocity, unless acted upon by an external force

She wondered how many time she pushed her husband Jose for work but never it happened.. Does this theory really work?

Force = Mass x Acceleration

She literally pushed her husband Jose out of house and was happy that she is proving Sir Newton on both of his theories.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction

Jose comes furiously back to house and pushes Misha out of the house

Misha is sitting in garden and smiles at fate..  An ace in Physics and Chemistry, her life got into mess the day she landed into a self arranged marriage with Jose.  Jose used to work well in a logistic company till that company got closed and he was jobless. She had volunteered to not work.. and today all the theories proved right..

Lethargy gone for ever, she decides to start a venture ‘Probing Tools’ which uses various scientific theories and maps them to a person’s day to day life and predicts when a soul, body and heart may begin experiencing another scientific theory..

She feels her life is being pulled in a direction of science and Force Equilibrium is understood more clearly..

She feels that her new attraction to her junior scientist Rob is because her heart is pushing her to think of him.

She is just about to sleep when a message pops up

‘I love you Misha’

She checks Rob’s name..

Her heart glows and she returns back with a sms ‘I love you John, was just waiting for your reaction’

She once again thanks Sir Newton…



















Velocity makes the Difference

Albert  ‘All fall in love but velocity makes the difference’

John ‘Albert – did you father give this name on basis of the great scientist’

Albert ‘Yes John and I experienced an incident similar to what Sir Einstein mentioned’

Albert ‘There used to be a girl who was intelligent, loveable and desirable and one day..’

John ‘What happened?’

Albert ‘I lost her to my friend Rob’

John ‘Why?’

Albert ‘He came in a dashing attire with red roses and proposed her right in front of me.. I was standing and he was sitting on one leg, declaring he is in love with her.. It was a speed and yes.. he came so close to her, so that too mattered. Here I was like a fool maintaining a 2 feet distance communicating with her as friend and he just may be half a feet..  That day I just reached home looked at Sir Einstein’s photo and realized that if theory is told, it needs to be practiced too, It needs to be implemented too. Only having a name Albert doesn’t make sense’

Till then a very beautiful girl comes near John.. Before John could realize, Albert kisses her cheeks and proposes her to be his friend and spank comes a slap on his face…

John ‘Hey what did you do?’

Lisa ‘I slapped him.. He is stupid’

John ‘Hey he is my best friend’

Albert looks shocked ‘Again I forgot Newton’s law of motion, for every action there is an equal opposite reaction and she practiced this theory well.. ‘

Both Lisa and John burst out laughing..

Lisa ‘Don’t take science so seriously and your name too.. Be normal and all will be fine’

A few days latter, Albert meets a professor Diya

Diya ‘Albert.. I have a soft corner for you..and holds his hand.. Will you accept me’

Albert feels flashes of light all around him, he feels the velocity of love is piercing his heart..

Albert shivers…

Diya ‘What happened?’

Albert “Love Shivers.. I was in state of motion as I was yesterday, you shook me.. Law of Inertia’

Diya bursts into laughter..

Diya ‘Albert you are crazy loveable person.. Funny.. ‘