Christmas love

Nancy is in love with Geff and wishes to surprise him on Christmas.

She just realized she is pregnant and as Geff is her boss and manager, and they do understand that Nancy will rear the kid and Geff will only support her.. so it seems a perfect arrangement till…

Geff ‘Nancy.. my wife has got a whiff of our affair.. I think we will need to break’

Nancy ‘common.. I never tried to snatch you from her.. so’

Geff ‘I too am getting a bit stifled..  somewhere in our startup.. all are aware of our relation.. including investors so it becomes a big problem’

Nancy ‘pain, endurance, compassion all for a cause..  our love dear’

Geff ‘extremely sorry..’

Nancy is left high and dry.. and has tears in her eyes

1 year later

Margret ‘Geff… a baby boy.. I adopted.. ‘

Geff ‘common.. why at this age’

Margret ‘love sometimes tends to fear and have more surprises for you this year’

Geff ‘what is it?’

Margret ‘Adopting the boy’s mom too’

Geff ‘common.. hope you are in senses’

Margret ‘am in full senses.. she will visit us on Christmas day’

on 25th

Geff opens the door and finds Nancy

Geff is shocked

Margret greats Nancy

Margret ‘Geff… always remember compassion is all about accepting even strangers with love.. forgiving a sin has given me sort of salvation.. and as long as we human realize our boundaries.. I think all will go well.. am not saying you guys committed sin.. but why a kid should suffer..  when you run startup.. atleast learn the basic of not to disown the mentor and the baby in one go.. you removed your most trustworthy technical resource and literally..’

Nancy ‘I wanted to surprise him.. but’

Geff has drop of tears in his eyes

Margret ‘Merry Christmas guys.. stop brooding and if relations get expanded.. for whatsoever reasons.. welcome them’


Morning Ideas

Getting up..  (how nice if someone gave a morning bath)

Brushing tooth (how nice if there was an electronic toothbrush cleaning each and every non reachable part of teeth and making it shining white)

Office time (Why cannot I have a clone and be at home for change and program the clone to do some routine tasks like logging into Skype, pressing mute button and dozing off listening to the noise and be intelligent enough to say ‘ok good.. what next’

Noon time (is it possible for a lunch tablet to gulp which can melt and give a punch as if you ate a chicken liver if you are non-veg or did you feel the taste of fried rice if you are veg.. a whole sum meal in tablet format

Evening time.. (scheduled whatsup message to all my girl friends with an intelligent system to ask ‘would you wish to be with me in late evening for a cool dinner? random message’

Night time ‘if anyone snores near me.. gives a punch to other person and ensure I sleep peacefully’

Dear Sam ”don’t think too much.. startups are all about crazy ideas and here in PASSION FRAMEWORK you have gone nuts.. sleep now’





Business Card

Business Card

Placed on a holder

Remaining untouched

Scanned and stored it

OCR completed

Waiting for use

1 year later

Oh I did meet him

Let me connect on Linked In

No response

Hello we met in that conference

No response

Hello.. did you not recognize me?

No response

In this jet set day

we cannot remember a friend

who was dear to you yesterday

how can anyone remember

a business card

Scan a face dear and put it

2 years later

I did remember him

his face pops in card

No.. not interested to meet him

Found a cool guy having similar

business. keeps sending hi and

take care messages

so cool.. genuine..

personal touch at times is

so important in business

business of business card

exists but business of

personal touch more in vogue



Morris wants to start a global business. He is an Indian Citizen because his father Hari married Julie and Hari had great desire for Morris to be born in Indian Country.

Morris did his schooling in India and he conceives an idea to give global visa’s to Asian Citizens

Morris sets up an office in Saudi Arabia where he provides resources job opportunities.

Morris ‘do you know if a resource works continuously for 6 years. it is much easy for visa issues from middle east rather then other countries’

His fiance Saira smiles and says ‘hence you married a Dubai citizen’

Morris smiles and hugs Saira

Morris ‘Darling.. this business is bound to flourish.. we have become experts in immigration’

Saira ‘how you plan to do it?’

Morris ‘have built over 100 friends through Linked In – locals and am setting satellite office all over’ hence it is easy’


Sarah and George are a happily married couple and love discussing on varied topic. This weekend both of them get into conversation of responsibility

Sarah ‘Responsibility is most important aspect in human relation. At times we behave irresponsibly. Sharing photographs which are private to public and so on’

George ‘Are you hinting towards me for sharing our wedding anniversary intimate hug photos shared with my friends’

Sarah ‘At times at work, we forget to switch off lights, keep the projector on.. and so on’

George ‘yes.. i know that is also behaving irresponsible’

Sarah ‘Why do lovers when they break from each other, begin sharing each other’s dirty linen in public.

George hugs Sarah and seeks forgiveness ‘I agree, we had a turbulent marriage 4 years back till we arrived at a conclusion.. to save relation.. converse.. keep the communication on.. if you wish to sustain relation’

Sarah ‘and love is a responsibility too.. love demands love and respect and we need to respect that’

George gets a call from his office…

Sarah ‘What happened?’

George ‘My founder Williams need me to work with him on a plan to night’

Sarah ‘God bless you.. work too needs to b carried with responsibility’

Office Nap Woes

If I were to rest on your lap you would get shocked.. but if I were to rest on a garden desk in scorch heat.. the by passers would be shocked and I were to rest on a office desk, boss would be shocked.. hence now there is very little choice left for a normal office goer to decide where to take a nap and has no option but to rely on the loos of the office for same

John baba is confused he feels sleepy after continuous work


Honey bees hovering all over.. Samuel would ensure he takes care of honey production and his life was doing quite well in Argentina. Slowly he expanded his base to China..

One day he observed a bee hovering over a flower.. The flower was changing its direction too clearly getting annoyed with the bee…

Samuel took his zoom camera and began shooting it.. and he showed the clip to his girl friend Shona

Shona ‘It is amazing. As human we resist love and here the bee forces self on a flower almost every day’

Samuel ‘It is strange.. Never thought of this angle.. Why would this bird twiddle, resist and move away from bee’

Shona ‘It is the force of wind.. The flower was enjoying the breeze and embraced in love with the wind. So obviously she swayed away from the bee’

Samuel ‘Does a forceful intervention of love given by an absolute stranger tempt a human to resist a day-to-day love’

Shona begins laughing

Shona ‘Love is nectar oozing out of 2 souls who get connected in some way or the other. The only difference between a bee and us is that we don’t try to accumulate love so do not understand the value of received love. We let is loose or give it away to someone else.. Any love is tempting and only the accepted boundaries need to be defined.. It is like a flower tied up to the plant and can sway as much as the wind forces come in but the plant holds and supports the flower so the flower is still balanced.

Samuel ‘Yes whether is it plant or a bee hive or a nest or whatsoever, it is built through proper grooming as the birds value the nest.. Same way humans too need to value and respect the nest whether it is their home or incubator or accelerator or school or office and be like the bee trying to store the nectar for better future’

Samuel hugs Shona

Samuel ‘Shona.. Honey is a nice name… It makes any woman feel smooth, silky and sensuous’

Shona’s eye widens..

Shona ‘Love is poetic.. Honey is a symbol of love expression.. Am packing my bag for China trip.. Need to meet the bee manufacturers.. Also working on an online portal for your review.. Let us get back to work’

Samuel ‘Not today Honey.. oops Shona.. let us just relax today and only think of HONEY’