Business Card

Business Card

Placed on a holder

Remaining untouched

Scanned and stored it

OCR completed

Waiting for use

1 year later

Oh I did meet him

Let me connect on Linked In

No response

Hello we met in that conference

No response

Hello.. did you not recognize me?

No response

In this jet set day

we cannot remember a friend

who was dear to you yesterday

how can anyone remember

a business card

Scan a face dear and put it

2 years later

I did remember him

his face pops in card

No.. not interested to meet him

Found a cool guy having similar

business. keeps sending hi and

take care messages

so cool.. genuine..

personal touch at times is

so important in business

business of business card

exists but business of

personal touch more in vogue


When Big Fishes began Search Smaller Ones

Joe ‘this is amazing.. these days, big companies are seeking smaller ones in quest of growth. Why do they need build their own teams’

Samuel ‘See we need to remove the high cost resources.. we are trying to inform them subtly to leave their jobs and have a startup.. We will begin acquiring them too’

Joe ‘Samuel, you being CEO of a company with 1000 resources.. what you feel you wish nearly 300 to leave your company and start new ventures’

Sanuel ‘Anyone who has good ideas and are focused should start something of their own soon.. else sooner or later if billings get reduced, they may face risk of loosing job’

Joe ‘this is scary proposition’

Samuel ‘hence we keep promoting small scale companies where costs are still under control

Sustained Interest

An author needs to engage a writer till end of the writing else is deemed a failure.

Sustained interest in a book or love or romance or even a project or organization or country happening is possible by following points

1) bring in innovation at strategic juncture.

2) develop the theme so well that people get involved and emotional about the purpose

3) have short time boxed closures to an episode or incident. don’t drag on that.. (be it arguments, be it conflict or be it even a moment being depicted in story)

Boloji Influencer

“Speak up.. If you have any apprehensions, doubts.. Just speak up”  Jacob the new Project Manager addresses his team in startup…

Resource John ‘Sir.. there is absolutely no backup resources in our project..  No shadows’

Jacob ‘Startups never have shadows.. Hence there is always an acceptable risk’

Susan ‘Sir.. I plan to go on leave’

Jacob ‘I guess you no longer required in the company’

Till then one driver steps into the office

Driver Ramu ‘Boloji..  Boloji.. Jacob ke liye message’  (There is a message for Jacob’

Jacob is shocked…  ‘He reads the letter

‘Accommodate his wife in the startup..  I feel she can contribute’

Jacob turns to Driver and asks ‘What is your wife’s skillset’

Ramu  ‘  Muhe malum nahin..  Saab ka khayal rakhti hain.. unke ghar me.. ‘ (She takes care of your founder’s house’

Jacob ‘What she did?’

Ramu  ‘Java Ji.. Bolo ji’  (It is Java’

Jacob puts hand on his head ‘Susan.. stay back.. Let us work as team..  We have one more new member to this circus from tomorrow’

Ramu  ‘Chamo Ji’   Chamo is her name..

Jacob  ‘Let us welcome Chamo tomorrow’

At evening time Jacob discusses with his friend ‘Do you really feel jobs given on skillsets or influence’

His friend Ravi ‘Jacob in world we have Influencer category.. In world influential people can help anyone out so apart from skillset influencers also needed’

Ravi ‘In  India it is known as Jack.. They say  Jack hona jaruri hain kaam miljayega..  It means we need a jack to get job in an organization’

Count down begins…

Count down begins..

HR ‘What is that? Are we going to drastically cut staff?’

CEO ‘Obviously.. 1/3.. All companies moving to fixed bid’

HR ‘It will create unrest in people’

CEO ‘Just tried but it failed.. we have become white elephant. need to have lean organization’

HR ‘Do you feel all start ups will face this crisis at some point of time in life?’

CEO ‘Depends.. If VC wants to exit successfully, company should grow.. More it grows, more it has overhead and then… one day.. same mess’

HR ‘Hence serial entrepreneurs keep selling of their company. they can manage well till max 50 resources and then.. let go the venture itself’

CEO ‘Am also starting a new venture.. I just want to get rid of this elephant’

HR ‘Plan to sell it off?’

CEO ‘Any takers? you want to take it?’

HR giggles

HR ‘Am only an employee’

CEO ‘Ok what is the list now..’

HR ‘From 12000, we are going to chuck 500’

CEO ‘Cool.. Don’t forget to add 1 more’

HR ‘Who is it?’

CEO ‘You are too costly.. need to replace you with someone cheaper’

HR face fallen ‘Why Sir?’

CEO ‘Am taking you in my start up as a co founder’

HR smiles again..

CEO ‘Happiness is like switch.. Sometimes it is on, sometimes off.. Depends on who handles the swwitch’


Ravina faces a challenge in her company as there are cross functional reporting and a structure never gets created.. So she decides to make a tool to build organization structure.. Her CEO James decides to guide her..

James ‘I want only 5 to report on to me.. Rest you decide’

Ravina laughingly  ‘Am just a secretary. how can I.. Should I take help of GM Rob’

James ‘Let us not involve him. I plan to replace him soon. He is inefficient’

Ravina ‘Susan’

James “Yes.. we can.. but ensure she doesn’t know that Rob will be given pink slip.. ‘

Ravina ‘Whom will she report to?’

James ‘Plan to have a new GM identified to whom she can report’

Ravina ‘Sir.. org structure is getting complex’

James ‘Do we really need one?’

Ravina laughs ‘Depends on you’

James ‘I feel let all report on to me till problem is resolved’

Ravina returns home and hugs her boy friend Tom

Tom ‘Why you are giggling so much’

Ravina ‘Ensure you and me don’t add too much crowd under us.. Our node will fail’

Ravina ‘Tom.. do you know in my organization around 100 people report to my CEO’

Tom surprised..

Tom ‘Hence as policy in my startup, I have taken decision that it will not have more then 20 resources ever’


Susan just is recovering from a nervous breakdown. She remembers those words from her CEO

‘You are finished. I will destroy your career’..

All this for a short argument over work assignments and requesting her to work late hours..

CEO Frank is dominative, loves to control projects and ensure it completes within time…

Susan was having work pressures since last two weeks..

Susan sleeps back.. and realizes was it really needed… The nervous breakdown due to continuous stress.

She felt victimized as only she was getting full work load..

Her counselor calls Frank for a discussion

Frank ‘I know she suffered breakdown. Believe me.. It was in heat of moment.. Who am I to destroy any one’s career’

Counselor Adriena  ‘Always be cool with staff.. She feels you only load her work’

Frank ‘Because she is the best’

Adriena ‘Reward and Appreciate her’

2 days latter a big SORRY letter, with bunch of roses and a US$10000 cheque reaches Susan

Susan has smile on her face and she puts a message in her facebook timeline ‘Frank changed his heart’