Entrepreneur – theory of dream

Once upon a time, there was an individual who dreamt to be big. See self in all posters of the country.  The easiest route was to become an actor. Chose to become one.

Soon endless camera captures, interviews.. the individual was a celebrity.

One day he meets Jackson the leading Entrepreneur Expert in one of the events.

Jackson ”cool James.. a celebrity indeed”

James ”I am an entrepreneur”

Jackson burst out laughing

Jackson ”Common James.. do not confuse your achievement to becoming an entrepreneur… how many of your movies did you experiment with? did it succeed?’

Jack ”no.. all failed”

Jackson ”experimentation focuses are startup culture. Till you evolve a business model.. so it is a myth when someone says he or she is entrepreneur after successfully running a business for ages.. they were an entrepreneur in initial stages.. so you are no longer an entrepreneur till you decide to do something new”

Jack ”my next dream is to act in a hindi movie”

Jackson ”great… pursue it like an entrepreneur”

Jack ”should all entrepreneurs think of becoming famous and successful or known as big business men”

Jackson ”absolutely all should think.. but focus on craft and art, do not focus on your exterior goals.. hawn the skills which will pay you better.. no point in you learning chemistry if you are not going to use it.. learn acting.. hope you are getting what I mean to say”

Jack hugs Jackson and whispers ”Dance like there is no tomorrow.. are you any relative of Michael Jackson”

Jackson ”common.. all mistake me.. see the brand he created.. However I cannot change my name.. so am lost in his identity.. but if you see my linkedin ID, I too have 2000 followers”

Jack ”what is dream theory?”

Jackson “believe you will do it.. but do not go overboard assuming you will just get there.. you have to work hard or easier way, spend money to get there soon.. but purpose should exist, or just 1 minute fame and you loose million bucks.. do not overspend on promoting self if you really didn”t have a good product or service quality in you or your brand”

What you wish to do?

“What you wish to do.. will happen only if you convince others that it is the only way to go forward to solve the pain point.

What you wish not to do.. will happen only if you convince others that it is the not the way to go forward.”

Sam as a Mentor/Coach feels most of the startup entrepreneurs get bogged down by mentor / advisors /investor pressures and deviate from the original plan of action and also end up loosing interest..

His fiancé Julie is fed up of his passion for teaching entrepreneurs

One day she decides to split from him.

Sam ‘I feel the only way to go forward is for you to understand me..’

Julie ‘you cannot convince me this way… you need to spend time with me’

Sam ‘I do spend 2 hours everyday’

Julie ‘no startups, no entrepreneurs.. no discussions about investors’

Sam ‘it is got into my system.. how I rewind it?’

Julie ‘world will not change because of your mentoring, I will change.. I may leave you.. nd you will be left with few entrepreneurs.. but what you will miss out is me.. so learn to have life balance’

Sam hugs Julie

Sam ‘seriously sometimes we go overboard with work and loose our personal life’



Killer Money

Mani is an ace entrepreneur who is believed to be a man with golden touch. Excellent exits.. Life is going well till one day…

Mani rings his door bell..

No one opens up…

Mani again tries to ring the bell.. and even call his wife Jenny.. but no response..

Mani gets restless… He decides to open the door with a help and he is shocked…

His wife Jenny is talking to herself… and has gone a bit disorganized… She continuously keeps telling ‘Killer Mani.. Killer Mani’

He calls up psychologist Greg.. for help after going through google search..

Greg comes to his home..

Greg ‘Mani.. how it all happened so suddenly’

Mani ‘Not sure.. Everything was perfectly well till yesterday’

Greg gives an injection to Jenny and she falls asleep

Greg ‘Mani.. do you pay attention at home?’

Mani ‘Yes.. of course I love my wife’

Greg ‘Do you have kids?’

Mani ‘Not sure.. doctor mentioned me and my wife to undergo tests but we have not had time to go. It is 8th year of marriage life’

Greg ‘Did she undergo test?’

Mani ‘May be not sure’

Greg ‘I got the problem’

Mani ‘What is it?’

Greg remains silent..

Next morning

Greg returns to Mani’s home..

Greg ‘Jenny how are you feeling?’

Jenny ‘Alright.. but am feeling low’

Greg ‘Can we interact?’

Jenny ‘Not in mood’

Night time again Mani rushes and calls Greg

Mani ‘She is again in same mode.. Killer Mani’

Greg visits Mani’s house

Greg ‘Jenny.. am killing Mani as he has killed you’

Jenny ‘yes.. every time.. exit, acquisitions, take over , mergers.. mani.. more mani.. more mani.. so much self occupied with himself’

Greg ‘Is it Mani or Money?’

Jenny begins laughing to self..

Jenny ‘No difference..  Money made Mani.. Mani made Money.. but Jenny got killed’

Greg looks at Mani..

Greg ‘Mani.. she needs love and attention.. please be with her.. no harm to take sabbatical.. motivate her.. and be with her..  what is the use of all money if family gets neglected’

Mani ‘I understand…’

2 days latter

Mani and Jenny are in Airport.. waiting to board Switzerland flight..

Mani just goes for Loo and on return.. he finds Jenny missing..

He panics as the boarding is announced..

He frantically tries to call Jenny…

and finds phone ringing close by..

On reaching to the phone.. he finds a letter

“Jenny is gone.. gone for ever.. Killer Money.. thanks for all materials.. but i wished to have babies.. wished to be a normal mother.. i tested self too and found to be perfectly normal.. so.. I just played a drama to test you.. to see how you react.. I knew doctor medicines would not have killed me.. so tolerated those disorder medicines.. I found your email having some meeting also in Switzerland for some acquisitions.. keep acquiring.. am gone.

Next time if you go overboard.. stop by.. your new girl friend may just misuse you..’

Have already walked out of your life forever.. please do not try to search me.. or even think of me’