Show must go on and on and on

Movie Multiplex owner Rob is worried.. Not much traffic to their multiplexes.

They shut down a few screens..

Rob ‘these days folks open multiplex as if they are opening training centers.. In each street a multiplex’

Saira ‘movies too come in dozens’

Rob ‘that multiplex screwed our business

Saira ‘how to bring that crowd back?’

Rob ‘Show must go on and on and on.. what else.. have plays arranged now’

Saira ‘play?’

Rob ‘real time play..  stories given on spot and actors need to act.. dress.. everything in flat 2 hours.. 1 hour preparation, 1 hour play..  preparation too shown live

Saira ‘this is path breaking’

Rob ‘let us not go back to a decade earlier and you know how our marriage too was not short of drama.. ‘

Saira ‘true.. show must go on and on.. many obstacles will come.. manmade, nature.. everything.. but think disruptively.. think for sure.. business will grow for sure’



Magic Purse

The purse had only 50US$..

As Claudia was walking near down town, she was soon surrounded by a bunch of hooligans..

As the street was dark.. Claudia realized she had to let go what she had..

Claudia ‘Have a Magic Purse..  If you can bring 50$ every day to this purse, you will earn US$100 every day..

All the hooligans look at each other and begin laughing..

First person ‘Crazy stuff.. Don’t fool us’

Claudia ‘You need to first be tidy to ensure the magic purse gives results’

Second person ‘Ok.. we will keep the purse and game begins tomorrow’

Next morning.. Claudia meets them in same street

Claudia ‘Pick up most used items from 1$ stores for 20$’

All of them rush and get exact 20$ worth item..

Claudia ‘Go to the farthest garden where no such items will be available for miles and just sell them at 1.5$’

3rd person ‘Where?’

Claudia ‘Will give you the directions and am also coming to watch the fun’

All reach to the garden and soon they find themselves earning 30$…

All smile..

Claudia ‘Visit nearest 1$ shop and again experiment for 20$’

soon the hooligans get involved fully..

Claudia smiles.. at their involvement..

the first person ‘Who are you?’

Claudia ‘Not sure.. I had only 50$ left with me and was worried what will happen for rest of week. Am a school drop out and not also the owner of that house. Am just a help.. realized you guys would kill me.. so decided to offer you 50 but with a risk..  that let me initiate a business with you all’

second person ‘Oh Jesus.. this is sheer miracle.. the purse is magical.. we became small business men..’

Claudia ‘Joining the gang?’

All say ‘Cheers…’

Claudia ‘Sometimes some folks also need to work hard.. no magic in this business model.. but need careful analysis of consumption pattern’

3rd person ‘who taught you this?’

Claudia ‘My owners keep talking on consumers, sales etc.. not sure what they really do.. but caught the trick’

Laughing Doll

Mona has a a laughing doll who can switch on to laughing on press of a button.  One day she returns home and presses the button and finds the doll whaling loudly.. She is surprised.. How can this happen.. What is the logic behind this..?

Mona calls up the reputed brand company service desk ‘Why is she whaling?’

Call support person ‘Who?’

Mona ‘The doll’

Support person ‘Oh .. There is this clarification email from company startup founder.. Many complained the same.. it was just to check if people use the doll or not.. So the founder programmed it this way that after 30 days it will whale loudly’

Mona ‘Crazy style of seeking consumer experience’

Support person smiles..

Support person ‘The owner has also offered a cute family doll set to all of you at 40% discount’

Mona ‘So what is your guess?’

Support Person ‘All picked it up.. Only US$50 discounted price.. shipment at home’

Mona ‘Ok order for me too’

Support Person ‘The founder wants to propagate Family Togetherness’

Ownership or Rentals

Own when we have surplus

Rent when we want growth

Own when we want Liberty

Rent when we want Security 

Life is such that one generation of family need to struggle to build an ownership asset for second generation to enjoy.

So there is a pain in creating those surpluses and to have liberty.

Entrepreneurs need to understand the essence of rentals in their ventures.

Moral of the story ‘Keep saving to build surpluses and own something of your own to get the liberty’