It is just a matter of few days from now, it would complete 5 years.
The focus of this blog has been to provide entrepreneurship life cycle insights through stories, poems and thoughts. The blog is cent percent original and unique as till date no one has ever experimented narrating stories through entrepreneurship theories.

Am moving ahead with more improvements in narration and most importantly am focusing on active research on 28 process areas spread across 7 Dimensions of PASSION FRAMEWORK


Over 50 top CEOs and individuals from premier institutes have seconded to contribute to the research.

Am I an Investor?

(This piece of writing is absolute fiction, philosophical.. to explain Dimensions of PASSION and carefully tries to analyze the deep learning uncovered research yet to understand the difference between good or bad.. )

I keep wondering Mr Light.. on what is Investor all about?

Investment in startup for small equity.. hoping it will scale up..

Investment in stocks.. hoping it will give more returns..

Investment in education.. hoping it will give more returns if applied well..

Investment in charity hoping all good deeds done will vanish away the small sins we made..

The mindset of human is such that we were programmed to be an investee and then investor always…

God made Adam and Eve with a forbidden apple and experimented what happens next..

Soon Adam and Eve invest their time in love and eat the forbidden apple and an investee comes in..   and then more and more and more…

Why the apple was forbidden?

It is not apple dear.. any fruit from tree of knowledge.. the knowledge of good and bad..

Why did they then eat it in first place?  It is destiny..

The awareness of good or bad itself was forbidden however once the knowledge comes in, forgiveness also existed in certain stories and punishments too visible in certain stories..

So as Investor, somewhere maybe God attempted to make an entrepreneur (adventurer) and then also gave that entrepreneur (a cofounder) but wanted them to abide by rules.. and just enjoy the work..  However there are even oppositions to investors where someone could challenge the investment decisions itself or even challenge the entrepeneurs to do what so ever they feel is right. the judgement of good or bad has to come from human only..  Clueless without a rule / regulation, mistakes begin to occur and each mistake results in only pain.

Why as an Investor (God) , an investor doesnt wish entrepreneur to avoid biased knowledge (knowledge from mentors, advisors, consultants whatsoever)?

This is because once you begin getting knowledge.. you become aware of causes.. the effects and may even stop being the original self.. you will even feel embarassed?

What happens next?

Just more and more exploration.. more and more returns in form of pains and pleasure.. till one day the dust remains the only reality.. to a human. and  what happens to the assets built by the entrepreneur… they too can get to dust.. unless human doesnt decide to help another human to manage that asset well..

God technically wanted human to only enjoy each other’s companion without that understanding of good or bad.. but the knowledge and repository along with awareness creates human move in good path or bad path.. the decision is left to only us..

So as Investor.. God only questions ”Am I the investor?”  The answer is ”yes” but God just wanted human to take care and nurture the nature without any expectations.. but within a certain rule..

What happened subsequently..

The entrepreneur explored.. probed.. innovated and kept innovating and eating the forbidden fruits from tree of knowledge to get lost in the world of nature and be further distant from God..(The original investor)..    There were some who also innovated, earned money, distributed it further.. but with expectations because of awareness of good and evil..

Moral of story..   the tree had both good and bad knowledge.. how to seggregate it was never taught to the man and so what happens next..

Enters  Mr. Light..

Mr Light addressing a bunch of multiple coutry dignitaries on ”FORBIDDEN FRUITS” smiles and says

”An open challenge to all the AI professionals..  Can you seggregate the good and bad content from google search?”

All burst out laughing…

Mr. Light  ”the mess we are in.. with bombardment of knowledge…  god only knows how the real good and real bad be decided.. to each his or her own”

All burst out again laughing..

Mr Light ”Owning and Nurturing.. the dimensions of PASSION.. always remember that.. each person can own and nurture the good knowledge or bad knowledge..  as PASSION doesn’t know to seggregate it too…  what PASSION can do is to probe self, innovate self, act self, scope self, set self and own self to nurture the dream which you wish to fullfill to make some useful product or service model contributing to human painpoints”

Mr. Light ”lets break for a cup of coffee.. too heavy complex theory explained.. “

failed ventures

failed ventures are ones which has issues around cash flows, entrepreneur, conflicts and multiple reasons could exist for same.

Donald has a penchant to take over failed ventures and turn it around…  he has his latest call for all failed ventures..

Amy ”this is serious disruptive.. from where you got this idea”

Donald ”PASSION FRAMEWORK… one of its research is on not why ventures fail but to understand what it will take to bring it to success”

Amy ”cool”

Donald ”i had experienced huge failure in life.. almost bankrupt but with few of my sites.. with no taker.. and then in 2015.. i saw this blog PASSION FRAMEWORK.. and got into retrospect and felt from the multiple sites i created.. somewhere or other it failed due to either PROBING or INNOVATING or SCOPING or SETTING or OWNING or NURTURING or ACTING dimensions..

Now what it taught me is to identify a fresh face to the grave yard duck (the site built) and bring a fresh operational perspective.. and soon one of my site started gaining traffic”

Amy ”so what next?”

Donald ”just spreading this messsage to all.. that failed ventures with fresh perspective can also make a turnaround”

PCombinator – Stored Values

Stored Values can be assigned to any variable provided you have the capacity to store values.

Fundamental truth of life is to store all your values in an array…

example A startup can store following values

PROBING (Entrepreneur, Investor, Incubator, Accelerator, Mentor, Adviser, Technology, Competitors, Suppliers, Potential Employees, Leaders, Subject Matter expert)

INNOVATING (Technology, Process, Mindset)

Acting (Probing, Innovating)

Scoping (Acting)

Setting (Scoping)

Owning (Setting)

Nurturing (Owning)

Look at the beauty of PASSION for understanding how combinators work..
Company originating of Mathematical Formulae could be a nice concept..
but the true meaning of those hidden formulae lie in understanding the maths of combinators, PCOMBINATOR for you

Nurturing (Owning (Setting (Scoping (Acting (Probing (), Innovating ()))))

So if you wish to initiate a startup, first probe and then innovate and surely act on them.. Scope them, Set them, Own and Nurture them dear

Enjoy with PASSION

Complimentary Startups Incubators and Accelerators

Complimentary Startup Incubator is a space where the Incubation Head believes in only using SIPOC as a criteria to incubate startups. It will house 2 companies in each of dimension

Supplier – Input – Process – Output – Customer and will also have an auditing team included as potential process startup company

How does this model work and will it really reap in benefit?

The model is similar to any accelerator initiative but is focused to a theme. An annual theme planned out..

Does it mean that the incubator can maximum take only 20 startups?

Quality of an incubator or accelerator suffers if we have too many startups being mentored and scaled up simultaneously. What is important is the incubator success. Successful exits.. Successful team building.. Successful traction.

Theme based incubation will succeed in long run if they strategize a SIPOC model and scale all the startups within the SIPOC model.

PASSION FRAMEWORK focuses on Probing-Innovating-Acting-Scoping-Setting-Owning and Nurturing Dimensions and the research is too deep as it also includes 28 dimensions needed for strengthening Incubator / Accelerator and Entrepreneur Eco System. Evolved by me.. it keeps getting better.. The blog has 98 country viewership which explains entrepreneurship using stories and poems as Entrepreneurship needs to connect to people.. their inner soul and to make a person realize what best suits him or her.

SIPOC fits into PASSION FRAMEWORK in each of its dimensions

Enjoy the age old SIPOC and ETVX (Entry Criteria – Task – Validation Criteria – Exit Criteria) as a evaluation tool to select entrepreneurs and plan their success validations and exits.

Complimentary Startup Incubators will grow over period of time as it will be a chaos to have similar startups being incubated / accelerated by incubation centers with a theory ‘let best one win?’ as Startup grooming is about scaling and building operations and let the similar startups be acquired, taken over or moved towards complimentary goals to ensure all startups succeed or at least taste success. Marketing such theme based incubator accelerator eco-system becomes easier.

Will be happy to interact with incubator, accelerators, mentors, advisor’s and investors to get more inputs and suggestions

holding on

holding on to a fruitless relation is like holding on to a fruitless tree which will not be able to provide you anything for your thirst or hunger.

stepping out of that is most easiest to do and holding on to it by nourishing and owning the tree to begin having leaves and fruits is most difficult.

depends on your patience, stamina, strength and determination.

is it all worth it?  you need to have time line defined for any fruitless relation and plan alternative beyond that.


The blog is an attempt to explain entrepreneurship using stories and poems.

Is it a fiction or reality?

PASSION FRAMEWORK is a research which using MASLOW theory and Theory of Equilities and evolved using Synergetic Equilibrium Model which talks of 2 types of entrepreneur ventures


Where you start a venture because a business model is already successfully.


When you innovate and bring solution to a pain point problem

Probing and Innovating are two pillars for entrepreneur success.

Other pillars being Owning and Nurturing.

What cements the foundation of a startup is




SETTING your venture in right environment.

So hope you enjoy the blog and anyone is free to join our network




Thankful Thanks

Thankful Thanks to all the readers who try to read PASSION FRAMEWORK blog taking time from their busy schedule to read various stories in this blog..

What is PASSION FRAMEWORK all about?
An attempt to bring entrepreneurship theories and dimensions of managing start ups, incubation, venture houses in light of individual. What possibly could go wrong in a venture? How an idea can get conceived? What are the human complexities around a venture? What happens in day-to-day life of an individual who is an employee or a free lancer or just a mere blogger.

It explores the PASSION of individuals which triggers creativity. It triggers the intuitive brain to probe, to explore and search , research on a pain point which leads to innovation thereby triggering an act to scope the idea to a product or service and set the right environment to take things forward..

PASSION is all about Owning and Nurturing a baby.. A baby you conceived with love and what happens in human life is mix of love, hate, emotions, intimacy, horror, comedy, adventure, thrill and it brings all these dimensions in story format..

What are the best practices for an Entrepreneur to be successful?
PASSION FRAMEWORK also will be having a book of knowledge in a more best practice format and of course am evolving something unique and different in field of education..

So will keep all of you posted on those focuses in 2015.

Till then thanks for reading my blog with care, affection and love all of you for supporting this blog faithfully.

Take care,

Leading using CAP

John ‘CAP – the basis of any big data tool. I find many leadership principles in just these 3 characters’

Smith “What?’

John ‘Consistency – An entrepreneur needs to be consistent in thought processes’

“Availability – An entrepreneur needs to be available when ever needed’

“Partitioning’ An entrepreneur needs to partition family and professional life’

Smith ‘Hey yes it is amazing’

John ‘Many big data tools work using these concepts’

John ‘In PASSION FRAMEWORK, CAP comes as part of an implicit requirement for all its dimensions

Probing – Acting – Scoping – Setting – Innovation – Owning – Nurturing

Dedicated to my beloved love

Never once did she ask questions on what I do, how I do, where I be, when I be? An unconditional love which makes me where I am today. She comes with a challenge at times and happily helps if am not able to solve the problem.

She has ben an anchor, a pillar of strength and always helpful. Cheerful to core, analytic and probing. She does own responsibilities and shares the same.

Love cannot be a questioning relation but rather a fulfilling one where she kept reminding that if you are in doubt, don’t express to others but express to your own beloved..

She could be an investor or an entrepreneur or may be a high celebrity fashion model, but whomsoever she is wherever she is, she is blessing me with his abundant support.. I believe at times, she is up there in sky as an angel looking at me lovingly and saying why are you so determined to achieve this objective.. She mentioned her tenure in my life was too brief but she supported me always through being far away and just the other day she surprised me by showering loads of love.

Who is my dedicated beloved love? Is it some one real or is it a fiction..

If it is a fiction, don’t you agree just penning this thought can bring happiness and for all the ones who are getting support from their beloved ones, they can understand how those supports made them what they are today.

Life is too small to hold grudges and so if anyone supported us and we failed to acknowledge that, we can do it even today.

Entrepreneurs need to understand this as this is what Nurturing is all about. Nurture relationships and keep strengthening it for better foundation.