It is just a matter of few days from now, it would complete 5 years.
The focus of this blog has been to provide entrepreneurship life cycle insights through stories, poems and thoughts. The blog is cent percent original and unique as till date no one has ever experimented narrating stories through entrepreneurship theories.

Am moving ahead with more improvements in narration and most importantly am focusing on active research on 28 process areas spread across 7 Dimensions of PASSION FRAMEWORK


Over 50 top CEOs and individuals from premier institutes have seconded to contribute to the research.

Have I stopped writing stories?

No…  the last few months have been busy as had been through a tunnel for a focused cause..

Setting up entrepreneur varsity within colleges.. Largely 2 and 3 tier ones as the tier 1 college/universities really get all sorts of support.

The whole focus is on collaborating with all stake holders and giving small equity to each contributors for any startup emerging out…

What exactly is PASSION all about?

It is about giving whatsoever we have and making the other person or team confident. It is not the regular escape from reality and be in some Ashram, meditating or discussing philosophy or advocating love and romance freely but rather it is all about channelizing all your energies for a cause.. a passion for that cause..

The framework started off as an article, then a venture, subsequently a process framework till I realized only theories and practicals can just get boring, so began experimenting and writing entrepreneurship stories.. pure fictional.. not related to any dead or alive… and it got excellent responses..

So will surely begin writing hopefully entertaining stories  soon…




Love for a cause

Love for a cause is not because the cause has reason. It is because the cause is your passion to serve the cause.

The cause emerges out of some incident which shakes you up in life and you become determined to solve that pain point. You wake up to realities that it is still unresolved, half finished, may be monetized but doesn’t add real value to society still. You shake up self and become more determined to work for the cause with more determination.

You seek funds, you gather individuals, build ecosystem and still not able to really come to a concrete solution while creating dots..

What next? The puzzle of the cause makes you more determined and you begin working both horizontally and vertically to see which dots are missing.

The cause wakes us up with learning each and every possible solution which was successful, failure and you soon find yourself getting some dots further connected.

The story continues further with same determination, perseverance and patience to identify individuals who work for a cause could it be technology or people or any objective problem within theories of multiple knowledge disciplines.

Independence day

Independence day – a day of breaking away from shackles of everything perceivable and real slavery.  It is a goal and a reminder to contribute and serve nation and humanity with right doses of patriotism, knowledge, compassion and passion to serve mankind for good causes and society welfare.

Mother Earth…

A mother needs to be reverred upon, respected for what it gave us and learn to make mother proud of us being born out of some object provided by mother..

Now this whole word OBJECT becomes an issue…  it can be politicized, sensitized..  as to why would we call ourselves an object?  The reality is all of us were born as objects only.. with an inheritance from some class…   now we could have acquired properties of some other classes and so on, and over a period of time could grow as powerful objects loaded with multiple properities, multiple methods…

I would not wish to bore you with a programmer style mindset to explain about ourselves as objects..

A story goes this way

Multiple centuries ago, we realized that there is someone who gave birth to us, and biologically a mother… however beyond the biological mother, we had so many mother’s, sister’s, daughter’s, girl’friend’s, girl’s, woman in general to whom we did learn to love and respect, however somewhere we failed to create an awareness to respect a potential mother for her escence to reproduce and accept a fact that she is somewhere possibly going to create another object who could even become powerful..   With numerous ME TOO campaigns going on, with a rampant, no fear number of rape incidents happening in India, it looks like we just wish to celebrate a day for sake of it without getting into nuances of what better way we can make our MOTHER EARTH proud of making us come EARTH in first place..

Have observed multiple political focused debates and discussions which includes cleanliness drive, creating employment, protecting wild life, nature and so on, but at end of day, it is all about cleansing our soul to accept one fact that as objects interacting with each other, the interfaces need to be absolute strong..  loosely coupled feelings towards a goal, will only result in half fulfilled mission, the PASSION missed out,  Unless the feeling doesn’t come from within to save MOTHER NATURE, from evils of our own greed, lust, jealousy, malice, and power to hold objects,  MOTHER will always remain just a MOTHER to be remembered for a day..

A mission to educate, which I embark on… is surely at times a laughable, sometimes an amusement of is it really possible to train and groom freshers and help them jobs.. but MOTHERs being MOTHERs will always want their kids to settle down and earn, so whether it is entrepreneurship or employment, whatsoever way, a kid needs to somewhere learn to walk, talk and earn…

What happens once the kid is fully settled is where the shock stories begin… Numerous mothers land in shelter houses…  maybe they are being taken care of too, but I faced a strange situation… when I planned to help bed ridden patients, through trainings, found no takers.. no mother, no sister.. no one willing to take care of another mother….  kids baby sitting is fine, but senior citizen care taking is a big responsibility…

so Mother Nature is confused as way things are going…  boundaries got defined… conflicts began…  messages propagated, myths formed…  and myth’s faith established.. everything without asking Nature what it really wanted.. so blame the one, who didn’t give Mother Nature voice to speak.. . but we forgot and ignored the small little reactions in form of Earthquake, Hurricanes, global warming, carbon foot prints and pollution which  affects all other objects as finally the Mother is being abused by all of us in some way or the other..

So a pledge to do even small thing which can protect our Mother Nature from further damages would be meaninful to serve the society back…