Blog writing

I have paused a bit, to think a bit, to see how am getting responses for my 50 words max thoughts in whatsapp,  I found that I slowly began getting 100 views almost every day..


what I write :


Innovation freedom is only possible in Entrepreneurship…

Relations cannot be defined by words, but the flow of communication between 2 Actors. Hence it is relative.

Time discipline reflects key to various aspects of personality..

I guess, I will again into story telling, which is where I fit in, a fiction writer, no connections with dead or alive, no biographies, but some aspects of life captured through writing



Startup 24/7

Joy ‘we need to work 24/7 to be up and running’

Mona ”common… 3 shifts.. it is too tiring.. never seen this largely in developed countries’

James ”chill pill..  we too overlap your timings’

Mona ”in this skype.. not sure why are debating this.. but virtual project management is always a challenge’

Joy ”do you know.. the biggest challenge a startup faces is SERIES A fund.. subsequent fund is not coming in easily’

James ”we need to identify entrepreneur traits.. are they employee in garb of entrepreneurs or are they just into this ecosystem because they are not getting jobs”

Mona ‘cool.. should we initiate a startup to put such scores.. it is very simple.. if you like independence and also flexible to work as team,  love to take decisions, strategize.. then you need to experiment entrepreneurship..  in case you are scared, not confident to face audience, feel dejected, rejected, insecure and like to balance life then please do not experiment being entrepreneur..  it is not your cup of tea.. do not then crib by that X person grew so well or became a brand or whatsoever”

James ”yes.. I agree.. Startup 24/7 is a philosophy.. not a pressure or a mandate.. it is thinking about what you love.. and be passionate to pursue that love.. it could be research on any field..  if  this ecosystem is not right for you.. then get into MNCs”

Joy ”common.. they literally make you work 24/7 and boldly announce 24/7 work”

Mona ”all assume and want a cushy job.. but that is possible only in government / academics”

Robert pops in ”Hey.. hi.. suddenly you put academics.. was watching this skype fun”

Robert ”you are mistaken.. there it is syllabus preparation, these days mandatory research papers, getting students is biggest KRA.. so seriously I too am thinking to be part of startup”

Mona ”cool.. welcome to this 24/7 circus of passion.. you just cannot think of being relaxed if you wish to build a large foundation or company..  if you wish to relax.. please relax .. this is not your cup of tea”

Robert ”common dude.. I am voluntarily coming into this circus.. I am experimenting with a research on identifying individuals who just cannot take any pressure”

Mona ‘wow”

Robert ”it is a pattern analysis.. deep learning..  check on statistics of how much restless you become just by slightest pressure of work or family or kids or anything”

Mona ”then”

Robert ”if you run away and try to meditate always.. you will be found in religious places for ever.. but rather then running away.. we need to guide them to work confidently.”

Mona ”then.. how it is linked to entrepreneurship?”

Robert ”these folks should never get into leader role.. they are followers..  they should reconcile and not be overtly ambitious.. then it would lead to complex personality disorders later on”

Mona ”wow.. you need to prove this”

Robert ”ya….  it is a hypothesis.. “I am a prospective entrepreneur” itself is an hypothesis.

Mona ”anyways welcome to PASSION again”


Do you have a choice?

Pary says ‘never to stand behind a donkey and ahead of boss as you will get kicked any time’

Rob points his fingers down and nods head with consent

Samuel ‘hey then you too become a boss or a donkey?’

Pary thinks and nods yes

Pary ‘either we should be good donkies and work hard without any questions or be boss and work like monkey with inquisitive mind and ask many questions. mid way path will damage us’

Samuel ‘yes hence am becoming an entrepreneur to get mix of both donkey and monkey personality folks to work with me’


Blogger’s Thought

Should I add a pause here?

Should I delete this line?

Should I write briefly?

Should I focus on content?

Will this paragraph be liked?

Will Nancy like this?

Will Joe my die hard follower send me a like?

Will I get more followers?

(Why am I not getting it right today???)

Hey if some one spends more then 30 minutes writing a blog? Is that person getting paid?

All my friends who love blogging, keep blogging and all who hate blogging, begin hogging right away..

(Sarah an avid blogger is going nuts today as she just doesn’t know what to write so she writes

‘I don’t commit a sin in real. I do it in a blog.

I am shy in real.. I am extrovert in a blog

Virtual life enhances my personality

to speak my mind out’

Successful vs Non Successful Personality Traits


Confidence oozing out

A brash of arrogance

A thirst for more

In demand always

Noticeable Communicator


Moving backward always

Unsure as always

A pain in eyes

In frustration always

Noticeable Cribber

Why do unsuccessful people crib?

Because Life never gives them what they wished..  There are instances where highly talented individuals never get their god father or mother and keep waiting for a turn around but no one to hear out.. Even in work shops or seminars the good communicators get attention and the weak ones are struggling to catch attention

Importance of Communication plays a vital role in personality traits hence you and me need to keep improving our blogging capabilities all the more..   Should I say it for self? I am sure all here.. as our community wants us to be expressive, communicative and we need to act.. Action plays an important role.. It is critical element of PASSION FRAMEWORK..  It includes Social Responsibility, Delivery and Support.

If we fail to act… All ideas will only be story.. and may be narrated in Pitch Sessions but of no use, if it cannot be implemented..

Successful personalities can translate idea to execution.. That is where their success lies.