hindi retrospective note (Meri kya galti)

yeh busy day kya hota hain? life mein bus 24 ghanta hi hain.. manlo 3 ghante soye, 21 ghanta kaam kiye.. tired hogaye par usmein meri kya galti hain.. mera message toh yehi time pe milega na.. scheduler ke duniya mein, har minute busy hota hain processor.. 24/7 ki aadat joh humare company ne diye aur hum yeh sochkar ghada mazduri karte hain, ki bus peeth pe shabasi milega aur kuch increments. par woh nahin mila, aap tired hogaye toh meri kya galti. friends ko khona chahte ho toh theek hain, par friends hi toh hain joh tumhe hussi aur khushi desakte hain. yeh space wace ka chakkar mein aadmi bus akela hi ho jata hain aur mayat mein bus 2-4 reh jaate hain aur motappa hain toh aur 2-4. yeh kya jindagi ji rahe ho, whatsapp, facebook ki emotion icons mein uljhe ho.. khubsurat ho, real ho toh bus real mein bhi mila karo. good morning bolun ya good night, bus ek icon bhej hi do jab bhi time mile.. yeh toh malum pade, ki aap jinda bhi ho..




Curiosity to understand what follows next..

Curiousity to understand the unknown facts of life

if we probe into our soul for even 5 minutes we will realize soul wants us to be at peace.

Soul gets curious as to why it is torchored by so many affections, so many distractions, so many conflicts in mind and then add to it the technology driven friends, followers and so on…

Soul is curious as to why this rush push towards materialism when all it needs is peace


Unseen Happiness

A school teacher is very happy that his student has got nominated the best outstanding entrepreneur of the year..

Teacher ‘what a good student he was.. always on time, punctual, methodical.. i always saw the spark in him’

All the new teachers also are in full praise..

2nd teacher ‘can he now place our kids in his startup’

Teacher ‘great idea.. will prepare list of all our kid’s name.. who are jobless and explore if it is possible.. as he is from rural side.. he will appreciate our pain points’

2 months later

Teacher ‘not sure.. I didn’t get any response.. hope he knows that we are happy about him”

Other teachers ”you made a mistake of expecting something from your student.. ‘

Teacher smiles ”I agree… we should know that our students are supposed to do better then us in life and we should not try to even compete or expect anything from them’

Principal comes in..

Principal ‘did you ever find even one successful startup entrepreneur contributing to the school or college in which that person studied? may be handful… but then they need to realize that unseen happiness is in their school compound.. college compound and many other joints where they used to struggle, discuss, strive to better themselves”


Relation of 2 ants

Ant 1 ‘why are we always together’

Ant 2 ‘because we need to be together’

Ant 1 ‘why?’

Ant 2 ‘god decided to make us be together always’

Ant 1 ”i will disappear one day’

a few days latter

Ant 2 searches and finds Ant 1 is dead

Ant 2 ‘what an end.. just had it been with me always, I could have saved it’

Philosophy  ‘be united cofounders. do not get into conflict else the startup may just crash’


Coming out of Loop

Human Life is a gift by unknown to us to make best use of it for contribution to nature. Life leads us to known and unknown encounters leading to experiences which creates a strong desire to experience it more. This leads to us being caught in that vicious circle of same experience being gained continuously. Though we say we are innovative; disruptive but deep within we do not wish to come out of that pleasurable / repulsive repetitive experience (good /bad) . So even self realization to come out of that loop is a sure plus point; it is only a new beginning from now on. Make best utilization of the time and get going.

Suspense of Life – 2

Why it greets someone so suddenly.

A sudden determined mood and it impacts millions of people.. Any form of control brings an unrest

Suddenly find sparrows missing almost negligble in my town.. What could be the reason? I started looking at sky.. birds too disappearing.. is it because of polution? some chemical which is getting in air…  and then when we correlate it to the number of dengue cases, chicken guine cases… insects disappeared suddenly..? Someone quoted the world would perish in 50 years..  there is a scientific ecosystem built and control comes somewhere..

but if humans begin to control existence of other human..  there will be an unrest.. so whatsoever decision we take, let us not try to harm someone else’s life because of that and if an individual really end up taking decision and that someone else is impacted too, bofh of individuals are caught on an unknown suspense of life (good or bad..) decision has been made.. so consequences are bound to exist.

Whoever decides to control anything needs to understand consequences of those controls and if it is acceptable.. god bless all the humans caught in those consequences as well as god bless the controller.   so we need to accomodate insects too for our ecosystem to flourish and if you are accomodating insects, then you need a sparrow too to balance the ecosystem.

What may look good earlier may look bad today.. what may look bad today may look better tomorrow… so why to toss self from past to present to future, rather enjoy the present on as it is basis as if we are given a body, soul, heart, mind and mouth.. someone will take care of us and feed us too..  just to balance the ecosystem


Whatsoever someone does which will impact many negatively can be avoided or should be avoided if possible.




Confused Monkey

A monkey saw too many people around it.. clicking photo and so on..

A dollar note fell on him..  Suddenly he found the family worried trying to reach out to dollar

Monkey realized there is some miracle in that note.. So next time.. he saw a pocket in one person’s shirt.. with dollar popping out..

Monkey picked that dollar and ran off.. again he found worried face..

slowly and surely monkey began collecting as many notes as possible..

At night monkey was fiercely guarding the notes.. till he found a person paying dollar for food..

Monkey ‘in jungle we are not taught to pay for food.. what the heck it is’

Monkey went to the shop and pranced..

the shop keeper scared.. ran off.

Monkey picked up all packets which he could and ran away

Soon it became a habit

Now Monkey has food and money too…

One night monkey saw a person praying to god and even giving 1$ alm to poor person

Monkey ran to that person

The person began hitting stones at Monkey

Monkey angrily began throwing food packets at the beggar

Beggar suddenly started praying to monkey

Monkey is confused… it has notes, it has food and now some one is praying too

Monkey goes back to tree and wonders ‘why these creatures so always worried?’