someday somewhere

someday somewhere

the dream will realize

from nowhere

if today was a day of failure

tomorrow will be a day of success

sun shining all the way..

so what if there is no demo day

someday somewhere

the dream will realize

without a demo day

someday somewhere

you will stop chasing investors

and begin believing in self

to do it all on your own

and emerge successful

Love never sees reasons

Love never sees reasons

oh heart.. why so it melts

oh mind.. why so it tingles

Love never sees reasons

the jingles of heart

the mingles of mind

Love never sees reasons

eyes blinded

words flowery

love never sees reasons

penning story

penning moments

Love becomes a pinterest

engulfing us to love

love and explore more love

to be shared with our beloved



Catching up

Catching up with my studies

Sometimes hard.. sometimes easy

I study all the way..

I study all the way..

I sleep early as I could

Time comes morning..

I am lost out of wit

I am lost out of wit

and there am at home

loosing out an exam

Failing all the way

Catching up on my fear

overcome I can

overcome I can

if I decide to win

if I decide to win

catching up on my studies

making myself win


Love forgives all but self

Love forgives all but self

Humans as such may fall in love with many things at same time but as the heart has to choose and leave some.. feelings of sorrow begin.. we do not wish to forgive self for not choosing the best if we realize what we chose was not the best.

Feeling Love

Smiling Love

Love rains feelings

Feelings flood Heart

Enjoy being with beloved who care for you in rainy days..



Entrepreneur Life Style

Lean style of living
Roadside food at times
Enough of CCD.. Tapri’s fine

Lean Style of Usage
Do not overspend
Running behind Investors
a big no no
Running behind Customers
a big yes yes
Love can wait for a while
Whatsapp there to connect always

Just live with 100 bucks
for a day and night
build something around
and rush to market
user experience galore

brickbats and criticism
never be angry
never be emotional
work towards betterment
Life can be good
even without malls
and multiplexes
Enjoy the Nature
being focused
Get used to ups and downs
Startup is all about
Lean Life Style
all the way
till you reach your goals…