a bag of life

all empty in beginning

add an item here

add an item there..

full and overloaded in no time..

remove an item here

remove an item there

trim and sleek in time

a bag of life

choose an item here

choose an item there

all cannot fit in one bag

need to discard few

need to accept few

do have some space left

the space needed to

let items breathe fully.

a bag of life


depends on us

what we treasure

what we discard


someday somewhere

someday somewhere

the dream will realize

from nowhere

if today was a day of failure

tomorrow will be a day of success

sun shining all the way..

so what if there is no demo day

someday somewhere

the dream will realize

without a demo day

someday somewhere

you will stop chasing investors

and begin believing in self

to do it all on your own

and emerge successful

Love never sees reasons

Love never sees reasons

oh heart.. why so it melts

oh mind.. why so it tingles

Love never sees reasons

the jingles of heart

the mingles of mind

Love never sees reasons

eyes blinded

words flowery

love never sees reasons

penning story

penning moments

Love becomes a pinterest

engulfing us to love

love and explore more love

to be shared with our beloved