Story of Hurdles

Hurdle1  ‘I will be a pandamic’

Hurdle2 ‘I will spread false rumors and hate messages’

Hurdle3 ‘I will just do nothing and remain silent’

Hurdle1 and Hurdle2 look at each other

Hurdle1 ‘this will not help me.. social distancing will eliminate my spread’

Hurdle2 ‘this will not help me.. as then there will not be spread’

Hurdle4 ‘this suits me.. am the politician who love Hurdle3’

Hurdle1 and Hurdle2 ‘dear Sir.. please do not become Hurdle to us.  ‘

Hurdle4 ‘on 1 condition’

Hurdle1 ”what?’

Hurdle4 ‘do not become hurdle to me’

Hurdle1 ‘sure..’

Hurdle4 ‘am invoking clampdown.  all are free to go anywhere’

Hurdle2 ‘what about me?’

Hurdle4 ‘my multi 1000 Digital Marketing folks will do your task’

All hurdles cuddle together



Prime Talks

Prime1 ‘Politics is all about divide and rule’

Prime2 ‘It is all about doing things in a way which attracts attention’

Prime3 ‘It is all about serving masses but ensuring rich people become richer to fund for elections’

Prime4 ‘It is all about ensuring some sect believe you really care for them’

Prime5 ‘It is all about how much the country feels secured and all about patriotic feelings’

Prime6 ‘It is all about women empowerment and ensuring women vote banks come in’

Prime7 ‘no.. more the free bee’s provided.. more the attraction’

Prime8 ‘immigrant stoppages.. everyone gets so enamored’

Prime9 is about to say something.. till then

A small child rushes to Prime1

The meeting was in Prime1’s home.. a get together

Child ‘Daddy.. then why do all of you talk against each other at times in news /media’

All burst out laughing

Prime1 ‘Child.. it is politics’

Child ‘similar to you and mom who keep fighting but potray as happy family’

Prime1 ‘Hey.. please go out and play.. do not be a spoil sport’

After child goes way

Prime1 ‘Ideology mismatch.. my wife never understood politics’

Leadership and Dominance

Leadership and Dominance

Many leaders need to also have a domineering skills but by way of knowledge and experience which is shared by them to the masses. Most of the popular leaders demonstrated their oratory skills and with a well crafted speech, towered over others. May be a typical one liner or a typical noise making subject. Leaders have this skills to create a buzz.

Does all leadership culminate to a successful endeavor. The answer needs to be a yes or it could be no. Many experiments may fail, many decisions perceived as failures but unfortunately the sample is decided on basis of population and if from the samples, above 70% are happy with the leader, everything seems fine.. What happens if 70% are unhappy with the leader but still need to tolerate the leader? Complacent ‘am not paid to think of it’ comes in. Many stop giving advices. Creativity and innovation stops and mediocre work begins. Again a leader tries to create a big buzz with mediocre work and again gets applauded too. All seems to go well, but the truth is different. Many leave the leader, Resources feel betrayed with the leader. All praises & no truth becomes the generic approach. Few who voice may get punished too, but eventually leadership is not about curbing, but positive actions.

Asking the dead

Asking the Dead

We have seen many a time, any individual or lead compares a situation or blames a situation because of particular dead entity. We really didn’t have much of documentary evidence of good or bad deeds of the departed.

The present plays a more crucial role. History exists to learn from mistakes and not repeat it again else history also forewarns that history will repeat again and again.

There are multiple theories of Lord Reborn or we compare a human or bunch of human to God. Again those are some traits which reflect similar circumstances making us believe that history repeats itself.

Chronolically all can review repeat incidents every decade during same period. It is not about astrology or numerology alone, but the unknown reasons of history repeating itself.

Correcting a particular aspect is a revolution and each revolution brings an unrest and subsequently acceptance followed by normalcy and regret and again an attempt to change or improve it further.

Trust vote

A group of MLA’s rush push to the picnic spot…

MLA Jenny ‘hey there you folks are.. and over there our ministry is going for toss’

MLA Jose ‘we will not give him any vote.. He just doesn’t allow us to eat properly’

MLA Nosey ‘this is seriously bad.. He has to poke in all matters.. else how will he manage’

Jose ‘Nosey.. we know you are his spokesman.. now let us enjoy’

Nosey ‘not fair..’

Jose ‘you want to join us?’

Nosey ‘will call him too here’

Jose ‘whom’

Nosey ‘our minister Brat’

Jose ‘Hey we are going to give votes to Nabo’

Nosey ‘this is seriously bad’

After few hours Brat joins the picnic

Brat ‘relax all.. am voluntarily retiring for few years’

All look taken aback

Nabo ‘enjoy guys.. I am your new minister’

2 hours back

Brat ‘Nabo… for 5, just asking US$10Million.. a fair deal’

Nabo ‘you are a crook’

Brat ‘you want power.. I want money power’

100 day plan

100 Day Plan

Organization CEO’s or Entrepreneurs or Founders typically partner with department or employees to create 30-60-90 days plan or 100 days plan and align selves to organization goals, strategies and measures

Sir Franklin D. Roosevelt coined the term “first 100 days” during a July 24, 1933, radio address.

This approach successful if we have a good mentor, coach and proper training.

Most of the department heads need great push as typically have observed many organization heads not able to articulate their vision/mission or are shy to put forth their real requirements. Assumptions can lead to disastrous results. Example a founder just wanted to scope project at one location, department head understood that it needs to be scaled up at multiple locations and makes huge investments, policies around it and after 30days review, the founder realizes that too much money has been spent on over thinking, over engineering of problem statements.

(It is important a proper handholding takes place, specifically if this needs to be implemented by government of any country)

Being Let Down

Being Let Down
Every Leader hopes against hope that their subordinates will obey/ listen / at least respect the time keeping as after all the leader has defended the incompetent subordinates so many times in past.
There is no point in cribbing after choosing a wrong subordinate, specifically if the subordinate in question is hired by you.
Many situations, subordinates are thrust on you… Here the only way is to bring a mindset shift and ensure subordinates are disciplined.
The leader who chooses subordinates knowingly is unknowingly has some association or emotional attachment maybe because subordinate supported the leader always.
This was one of reasons why many political shifts/impacts (right or wrong) happened. History repeats itself always. This is because scientifically the time cycle repeats.
Glorious days come when the leader stays steer of any emotions and only hires through merits. Choice is by merit and not by loyalty. More the chances of success.
Any emotional tilt, heads to disaster sooner or later.

Winning Edge

Maria ‘I am just fedup of this whole rigomore of politics. Just want to exit party as I feel am not capable of handling it more.. The recent defeat’

Nancy.. an ace political advisor ‘dear.. the opposition focused on nationalism and won’

Maria ‘is caste, color, creed, religion still playing role for votes’

Nancy ‘unfortunately it does.. and then the employment of our own citizens’

Bob the opposition party lead calls up Maria

Bob ‘Maria.. agreed we both have different political view.. but please come for celebrating my victory’

Maria puts the phone down.. as she remembers her past

Maria was a good writer, a blogger, a journalist deeply in love with Bob till one day Bob decides to be spokesman of an upcoming political party. Maria feels this is not right for him.. Both have difference of opinion and she seperates from him only to find herself getting an offer from a major party to be their PR. Soon because of her strong writing, content.. she becomes party leader and though Bob keeps loving her till date, still because of ideology difference..

Maria wipes her tears and attends Bob’s winning party

Bob ‘Maria.. how much I knew you would come’

Maria ‘have put up my papers’

Bob ‘what.. just a mere defeat and you moved away’

Maria ‘I am still trying to figure out.. what I wish to do in life. ‘

Bob ‘why don’t we unite’

Maria ‘our ideologies differ’

Bob ‘winning edge dear.. may be internally we both may be having same views’

Maria ‘seriously.. why all this’

Bob ‘look at the perks available to be a politician… never we can get as common citizen’

Maria ‘Bob… is it the only reason you have become a Minister’

Bob ‘Maria… am always there for you… enjoy the party’

3 months later

Bob ‘Maria.. you never told me .. you made an app to resolve issues of people’

Maria ‘it is funded venture..’

Bob ‘I can easily acquire your venture’

Maria ‘not possible.. it is funded by the major party

Bob ‘common.. 1 million downloads and 50000 problems solved..’

Maria ‘you too solve problems’

Bob ‘you know it is so busy.. have to keep traveling overseas’

Maria ‘political intention towards people most import.. good bye’

Dr Dr

Dr Joseph ‘I am a Doctor by profession’

Dr Ram ‘I am a Doctor because of my PhD degree’

Dr Sam ‘I decided to put Dr prefix to my name only because people believed in what I said.. and a story….

3 years back..

Sam ‘this year you all are going to make grave mistake.. of electing a wrong leader and screw selves’

Addressing a set of 1000 entrepreneurs, Sam ‘we are in strange world, where we feel the immigrants will snatch our employment and then… look at Arif, he echoes the same issues in his country.. and then Jack… and also our dear old friend Muttu’.

Sam ‘we get carried away by wrong focuses and tend to elect wrong leaders’

Sam just gets shaken by Ram and in present

Dr Ram ‘and so… still didn’t understand the context’

Sam ‘after all elections from various countries, soon all my well wishers gathered and said ‘your were right Sam… you are our Doctor to rejuvinate our minds’

Dr Ram ‘how you rejuvinate their mind?’

Dr Sam ‘I inform them to just remain cool and again not make the same mistakes again’

Dr Ram ‘still how you became a Doctor?’

Dr Sam ‘I designated myself.. and found many following me more zealously..’

Dr Ram ‘This is forgery?’

Dr Sam ‘Dear Dr. I subsequently worked on a research paper ‘politics and immigration impact to it’ and got critical acclaims in those 3 years and became a qualified Doctorate

Dr Ram ‘you had almost shocked us’

Leadership Letdown Lessons

Leadership Letdown Lessons

Leadership begins with a great vision accompanied by focused mission to serve a cause. Politician can focus on employment or immigration or farmers or industry. Corporate leaders can focus on productivity or quality or cost optimization or profit maximization.

Letdown begins when implementations fail, when promised deliverable’s not met, statistics depict a nice to read story, but ground realities are totally different. Governance weakens, each member tries to pull each other, ego and conflicts surface and Leadership Letdown begins

Lessons to learn: Involve group buy-in when working for a cause, Non-transparency never works, give all leads a due credit, focus on critical internal issues and ensure only security factors considered for external issues. Not to overspend on any fanciful dreams, ambitions or compete with others, rather use the budget wisely to support your focused mission

More you talk, more you fail. Actions important and then the talking. All failed projects have a reason to fail. All failed leaders have an opportunity to re-think of what they are doing. No institution or corporate or systems will get sabotaged by any association or party or group or people. Effective incident and problem management systems be established.