Am I the Investor?

Rob is an ace psychologist.. he has been called upon by a group of investors who are reeling under shock because of their recent investments in startups..

Joe an investor just got a mini attack when he lost US$100000 all in 9 months. His invested startup has no takers.. bad management, founder is on merry trips..

Louisa is sad as all her invested companies are not doing well….

Rob ‘Admit guys you are greedy?’

Mark ‘common Investment means 5 X to 10 X returns’

Rob ‘how? let me give you strings and stretch it as much as possible’

Joe, Louisa, Mark all their strings break..

Rob uses his two hands and stretches a string.. it is not breaking…

Rob ‘do you know balancing.. it is not breaking.. founders need to balance a company.. even investors are as good as founders… if investor or founder gets greedy, project is gone’

Joe ‘but we are promoting entrepreneurship’

Rob ‘common investing couple of dollars and assuming the venture scales up.. not a good idea…’

Joe ‘but we invest in incubation managers too’

Rob ‘some 1%? ‘do you really feel you will get experienced folks in that?’

Louisa is silent

Joe ‘just converting freshers to entrepreneurs is disaster if they are not trained and investing on senior professionals to be entrepreneur too is disaster as they do not wish to listen over period of time’

Rob ‘so you use combinators right’

All echo ‘yes’

Rob ‘when did you first understand the importance of studies’

Louisa sheepishly ’15’

others 12, 17, 21 etc

Rob ‘same way.. an entrepreneur takes own time to understand importance of their business to their employee’s etc’

Louisa ‘i wish to exit from my ventures’

Rob ‘never think like a sales man if you wish to build foundations’

Rob ‘invest in one.. but make that one a success. have patience and above all acknowledge all who scale up that…else you head to disaster’

Mark ‘Investor invests to make multiples of money’

Rob ‘Investor should invest to build foundations’

Rob ‘no 9 month horizon.. 2-3 years minimum’

Rob ‘next time do not get carried away and invest in same type of projects.. demand is less.. supply is more.. all finished’

Loan a Pain Credit a Woe

The entire world works on debit and credit cards..  Moses was no different. He had around 5 bank credit card, had a loan on his house..  His wife too working. A lavish life style though were upper middle class. His wife Freida doesn’t know to cook.. So husband and wife both eat out..

Frieda ‘Our model of using rolling credit card is dangerous.. We keep doing this transfers from one card to other.. What if one day we get pink slip’

Moses ‘If one gets it is fine, if we both are jobless then it is an issue’

Frieda ‘At least our parents should have made a house for us.. This is crazy.. One generation has to slog to get basic infrastructure in place for a family.. and not sure what our kids will do then’

Moses ‘We don’t have kids yet’

Frieda ‘I cannot dare.. It is not possible… I think once our furniture loan and car loan ends we can plan late next year’

Moses ‘Will this world continue to work on plastic cards only?’

Frieda ‘It helps.. Sometimes if we are just having money crunch.. cards save us’

Moses ‘Frieda, next month I plan to host party for completing 10 years in same company’

Frieda ‘We can manage upto US$500 budget for party through my card’

Moses ‘Interest rate of 3% ..reducing balance..not bad’

Frieda ‘Will we ever come out of debt?’