Neeru ‘hey let us meet exactly at 5 pm on highway’

Parmit ‘sure… I really admire.. you are running away from your home just to be with me… how much our distance love made me vulnerable, nervous’

After 3 days.. it is sunshine as usual..

It is Army zone and the buses are being screened.

Parmit ‘Neeru.. be absolutely careful.. lots of security checking’

Neeru ‘If god wishes.. we are going to meet for sure.. I informed my parents that it is a college excursion’

Parmit ‘how much far you are from Milestone Food Mall’

Neeru ‘hardly 10 minutes’

After 10 minutes..

Parmit hears a huge commotion. All running towards a big blast which has happened’

Parmit ‘Neeru.. where are you.. hope all fine’

Neeru’s phone is switched off..

Parmit too rushes and finds over 30 plus dead.. scattered..

Parmit begins crying…

till then Neeru arrives and pat’s Parmit back..

Parmit hugs Neeru and says ‘I love you too much.. I thank god that you are saved’

Neeru ‘life is such that we do not know to feel sad or happy… everything looks rosey and then this disaster’

Multiple army van arrive and the dead bodies are being taken over..

Everywhere a flash emerges ‘we want to retialate’

Neeru and Parmit reach a temple near by and get married..

At night

Parmit ‘do you feel we created a crime’

Neeru ‘relax.. do not worry too much… love drives people to do crazy things.. some even kill, seek revenge because of love.. only think love needs to not create unrest’

Parmit ‘but it will happen, your religion, community everything different’

Neeru ‘why cannot we set example that LOVE cannot be defeated’

Parmit ‘How?’

Neeru ‘let us announce to the world that ‘

Next day
‘breaking news.. on one side there is a war threat and on other side a love story… Should these folks be punished’

Multiple opinion polls come in..

Both Neeru and Parmit are in strict custody’

Police “You can be booked for terrorism’

Both echo ‘why?’

Police ‘don’t you hear the unrest.. the whole country is full of emotions’

Neeru ‘this is peace experiment for you.. let us wait and watch’

2 days latter

Police ‘never imagined.. 1 million wish you both should get settled and another 25000 troll you, 50000 hate you, 100000 want to kill you’

Neeru smiles

Neeru ‘just for a small hate population, we forget love.. we forget peace.. I sincerely wish the soul’s departed get peace… My heart goes for all who died.. but security lapses.. imagine I was traveling in a civil bus.. and still reached in time’

Police look at each other..

Neeru ‘what you plan to do?’

Police ‘an enquiry… we will trace you and’

Neeru ‘hope so….’

Before Police realizes.. both Neeru and Parmit disappear…

Police ‘unbelievable.. is it ghost or real.. are they existing’

4 week latter

Neeru’s family ‘our family decided to disown her.. and she was killed by mob’

Parmit’s family ‘do not talk about him.. he committed suicide just few months back’

Police Ahmed ‘seriously when peace will come in.. not sure.. hope so..’

9 nights of penance

Penance to

  1. give power to vanish all evils of life
  2. give patience to vanish all negative energies from life
  3. give peace to vanish all turbulence from mind
  4. give perseverance to vanish all obstacles from goals set
  5. give prudence to vanish all foolish thoughts from heart
  6. give pride to vanish all ego’s within self and others
  7. give pleasure to vanish allĀ  skeletons from past
  8. give perfection to vanish all all demons in our heart, mind and real
  9. give prosperity to vanish all poverty to uplift mankind

NAVRATRI (Nine nights of strong determination to vanish evil) and celebrate victory

A combination of multiple P’s to arrive at formulae of success




Bhakti Shakti


The power of devotion can make anyone go crazy to stop understanding the pros and cons of a cause.

When I had conducted a small research to identify who is an idol, role model to entrepreneurs, got a very typical answer of a most real entrepreneur who could even get nearer to God oneday.

A small controversy, even God would forgive, but not the people, the media or the investors who ripped up and raked the whole past commitments and suddenly all dreams looked false promises only. An illusion, a MAYA

At backyard, again a powerful role model leader emerged.. Blind followers again.. All followed the power of belief of a change. Many experiments got initiated and largely all failed in implementation.. The illusion faded and reality emerged… God is still unknown, the futility of spending millions and billions to reach more nearer to unknown is not needed.

Again at some other backyard, the power of trade game was so high, that it damages both ends.. Just because someone gives a whip to a person for one day, it doesn’t mean the person needs to begin whipping all for sake of the whip.

The role models too may have realized they are not that powerful to actually make any change in life for anyone but only can be facilitators. No one is powerful then the UNKNOWN. As a messenger of truth, peace and hope to create models for employment opportunity, I feel, humbleness, discipline, goal focus will remain the reality for many. The UNKNOWN is UNKNOWN as no one really can see or understand it. It is the NATURE.


Success comes with a reason
Failure comes also with a reason
So reasoning is most important aspects for success

Diagnosing a failure and understanding root causes also needs reasoning..
Rational reasoning or irrational reasoning?
Obviously rational reasoning moves our path to success better
Irrational reasoning moves our path to failures often

Improving reasoning power helps bring maturity in us to celebrate success or failures better. As you succeed you say Cheers laughingly and as you fail, you again say Cheers with a sad smile..


Hunger is an event if left unfulfilled leaves you empty and if it is fulfilled leaves you complete

If we are not hungry and wish to still have it more, there is a possibility of wastage.

So little Jenny who learnt this message in her school ensured she never created any wastage.

She had enough money for her survival and may be for her secured life for 100 years and the remaining she distributed to various social charity institutes. Her husband Nori never liked her approach so separated out of her.

Jenny was craving for love.. Her hunger for love was the only weakness.

One day Roubel entered her life and she was complete in his love but Roubel was hungry for being rich.

He enticed her to sign a document and made himself the sole power of attorney for all her wealth.

Depleted of money, Jenny felt a big let down.. Cause of downfall was her hunger for love.

Determined.. she again craved to become big.. She saw that being fulfilled in politics.

She befriended James the local Mayor.

James was hungry for power.. he wished to be the Minister of State..

He had a friend in Samuel who headed the ministry allocation advisory board.

Samuel fell in love with Jenny as he saw her..

Samuel requested James to let him have an evening date with Jenny

Jenny visits Samuel and as he dines with Samuel

Samuel asks Jenny to head a ministry

Jenny hugs Samuel and whispers him to be lost in her heaven of love..

Few days latter Jenny is now a minister..

Jenny ensures Roubel is troubled and teaches him a lesson of his life.. Her hunger for revenge makes her focused on Roubel.. and he is sent behind bar..

Jenny starts a venture fund to groom startups and puts a bold message








Charles Loves Transparency

Charles is an up coming entrepreneur who loves to be transparent to his employees as well as Investors.

One day Investor Joe calls Charles for a discussion..

Joe ‘Charles.. can you inflate your sales.. It helps gets more round of funds’

Charles ‘what?..

Joe ‘Charles.. it is business.. your e mart business has huge traffic but doesn’t generate into figures’

Charles ‘I know that’

Joe ‘Just get some more customers for name sake and show partnership’

Charles ‘this is undone.. I love transparency’

Joe ‘Jump of cliff and never come up. Don’t you understand we love our entrepreneurs to be transparent to us but finally each business has dictum.. Nothing is lies till it is proved. Nothing is bad till it keeps succeeding. We are not cheating consumers. We are building hype, media hype’

Charles ‘Am shocked’

Joe ‘As entrepreneur realize too many stakes attached, Do you know each movie released creates a huge hype, so much of advertisements for a product, so much brand building around you guys, for what? Return on Investments.. brutal truth’

Charles has sullen face

Joe ‘In life we are not also transparent to God.. we lead so many lives assuming no one see’s us so why so much fuss about nothing’

Charles ‘What needs to be done?’

Joe ‘Have planned an entire market hype and we will have huge traffic this June. ‘

Charles ‘what more?’

Joe ‘Just declare in media with a smiling face, will follow automatically’

3 months latter

Charles ‘when can we have similar campaign again.. Huge business we did in June’

Joe ‘Smart boy.. Too much ethics not good for business. ‘

Charles ‘Never knew entrepreneurship has such dimensions too’

Joe ‘Teaching entrepreneurship is explaining all types of events in that journey. Nothing is good or bad.. It is like an Indian Philosopher who said ‘To beat evil, you need to create illusion, an illusion of power, be focused, choose what you wish to as goal and stick to it.. your job is to win and not loose. You have not cheated anyone on your product or service.. but marketing calls for tricky situations.. so get going’

My Story (WR)

AtoZ-BADGE [2015] - Life is Good

My story is simple.

Curious as a child

Innocent as i grew

Rocking in studies

Struggles came in turns

Got immune to those struggles

To come out of rut

Need to be different

Disruptive and Innovative

Innovative and Disruptive

A missing which i took

Fighting against Odd

Purpose was the only goal

Principles were the only drivers

Optimism was the the only constant

Esteem could be low

Courage would be high

My story had its twist and turns

Your story too could be same

Our success lies in what we give

as money can come and go

fame could come and go

power too could come and go

but what remains with us is our soul

Story of my soul is simple

Keep doing things you believe in

People will begin believing you

when time culminates to action