Mingle Companion

Sam is a budding investor  and a loner… To ensure he keeps a companion; he puts an advertisement

‘wanted young charming girl to look after me’

Soon he get couple of profile…

Interesting enough he choose Dia who is a budding journalist to be with him…

Sam ‘Dia.. do you know at this age.. am just seeking someone who is besides me’

Dia ‘yes.. am aware….’

Soon enough… Sam is happy with Dia…and they enjoy each other’s company..

one fine day

Sam ‘No investments happening from my end.. properly.. someone ends up sharing my strategies to my competitors and I end up loosing client’

Dia ‘dear.. relax.. possibly they have better proposition’

Sam ‘it is not straight…’

A month later

Sam ‘hey … how come you know Morris my competitor… I just happened to see an old photo of yours with him… accidently.. got to know from Morris’s most trust worthy person who shared this photo of yours’

Dia ‘He is my past…’

Sam ‘this is strange coincidence… ‘

Sam continues to loose his investments however now he has got smarter.. he begins cross checking all profiles he received in that advertisement’

Sam ‘let me cross check .. if all of them are from Morris’s associate’

Sam ‘Jack.. you are the most trust worthy officer of Morris.. please help me on these profiles’

Jack begins smiling..

Jack ‘All are his ex employees’

Sam ‘Now I got the whole story.. so it is a systematic sabotage’

Jack ‘yes… as you never allowed him to invest in good proposals.. before he would arrive.. the deals would be yours’

Sam returns home

Sam ‘Dia… it is over.. I do not need anyone now… can look after self’

Dia ‘wait a minute..are you aware I have a 3 month baby of yours ‘

Sam ‘common… do not talk rubbish’

Dia ‘trust me..’

Sam returns back to his room and wonders ‘a small litle mistake of asking for companion and this is what am now in… hope people are careful when they get vulnerable in their life and try to adventure themselves to unknown territories’



John is in love with Simi because he feels both of them are absolute similar. Both are entrepreneurs. Both successful. Both aggressive…  They have a common friend Ravi who is a Statistician.

He decides to map their characteristics to 0 and 1 and John is happy when both get 1 in each parameter.

Then Ravi gives them a surprise..

=CORREL( A1..A10, B1..B10) a formulae run in Excel for 10 parameters and OOPS it shows #DIV/0!

It means System doesn’t accept so much perfection matching dear…

Ravi ‘Also now note down characteristics both don’t have

John and Simi look at each other and find that they were so engrossed looking at positive common points and failed to include parameters which both don’t have..

Simi ‘Obviously you cannot reproduce. You cannot get pregnant dear’

=CORREL(A1..A13, B1..B13) and now.. it is showing 74%

With more characteristics it shows 99.xx%

Ravi ‘So dear friends.. realize women is powerful then men and don’t try to be perfect couples.. Little bit of imperfection fine..

Don’t try to make perfect product.. Little bit imperfection fine

Don’t try to make a perfect team combination. Heterogeneous  team is needed