Shrewdness lies in art of negotiating your way to success.

Pop ‘I will give you a chocolate if you study well’

Kid ‘I will give you two chocolates if you become serious at work and not take leaves as I do not know why you love to be so easy in life’

Pop is annoyed with this bluntness

Pop ‘this is not done.. I was trying to motivate you’

Mom ‘This is not the way you talk to elders..  you are a good kid.. say Sorry’

Kid ‘Mom.. I will say Sorry but let Pop say Sorry to his boss too’

Pop looks at his wife ‘you told him right that I am lazy and not taking life seriously’

Mom ‘No dear.. the kid is growing.. see’s you at work from home everyday and feels you are lazing’

Kid ‘mom.. study from home? does it exist.. I too wish to do that’

Mom ‘am not aware of this dear’

Kid ‘start one.. I will have my friends come too for the same.. keep watching something about startup.. you should start one.. money too available’

Pop looks zapped

Mom too

Mom ‘you are just 10 and talking like a prime minister’

Kid ‘I know .. I wanted to test if the prime minister really distributes money for startup or just talking.. ‘

Pop ‘I will not work from home dear’

Mom ‘I too am rushing for work.. please take food and study well’

Kid ‘Mom.. Will watch some comics too.. love you mom and dad’





Impoverished Country High Vision


Jacob is attending a conference having large number of eminent ministers of various countries

One of minister from remote country expresses concerns of unrest in his country..

Jacob ‘why is it so?’

Minister ‘poverty and lack of education’

All echo simultaneously ‘poverty is linked to lack of education’

Minister ‘how we solve problem of unrest in such countries’

Nancy one of the delegate from developed country expresses ‘huge funds are given to various countries as charity or Corporate social responsibilities or grants or research funds and then the countries tend to loose focus, change priorities and it is messy’

Minister ‘our intent is good but unfortunately an unrest begins.. natural.. man made and then.. ‘

Jacob ‘entrepreneurship thrusts need to be more in such countries and NGOs who work at grass root level be mandated towards social entrepreneurship initiative’

All remain silent

One of the prime minister of a country announces

‘Jacob will be designated chief adviser in our country’

Jacob looks surprised

All give a big applause

Jacob ‘but your country is in mess.. total unrest.. absolute terrorism and crime.. including sex violences and what not’

Prime Minister ‘Connecting to people and guiding them.. different ball game all together. if you are confident.. do it for me.. draw a vision document.. am pleading all other country to approve the budget right away.. and then’

There is an uproar and pin drop silence

Pocker faced one president mentions ‘elections coming.. unrest in our country too.. cannot help’

Soon others also backtrack

Prime Minister ‘did you all get our problem?’

Jacob feels guilty

Jacob ‘Sir.. let me take only one single problem and will try to solve it.. only education..

Can you afford US$100000 for same’

Suddenly there is a big clap

All countries decide to donate US$1000 for this cause.. and the project begins..

Prime Minister of the remote country ‘boy.. why you decided to take the risk’

Jacob ‘sometimes life gives you an opportunity to fight for a cause.. who knows the country could be next popular developing country in some time’

Prime Minister hugs Jacob

As the conference ends.. Jacob gets invitation from 50 countries.. to solve their problems too’

Jacob realizes that initiative is needed.. someone just needs to be a leader.. make their voice felt.. and all will follow them..’





Game Changer

The Prime Minister of a country decides a unique option to resolve the society mess.

A massive campaign begins..


The entire media gets confused.. What could be the agenda of this VVIP Individual who has decided to empower all the people to log a problem and solve it too? and it carries a US$500 provided for small problem solutions, US$50000 for medium problem solutions and US$500000 for complex problems and US$5000000 for critical problems.

Is this a US game changer.. ? No it is in a developing country

Rule of games
1) Log problems
2) Each problem will be ranked by voters
3) Highest score problem will be awarded as per complexity
Provision of funds to solve 1200 small problems. 120 medium problems, 12 complex problems and 2 critical problems in a year = US$60000+US$6M+US$1.2M=US$1M = <10M investments for over 1334 problems… in a year..
It means a 50M$ investments for a 5 year road map…

Who is the entrepreneur here?
Need less to say a political entrepreneur? Mr Prime Minister

All are zapped of wits.. Is this country gone nuts.. Which Investor can attempt doing this? Who all? What complexities will come in money role off.

Industrialists begins brain storming… What if 50 Industrialists put 1$M each and invest.. It is a bigger advertisement outreach to promote their products in big way…

It catches attention of world media..

The country having population of 10000000 and calls for 10000000M$ = Just 10$ investment per individual..

Does it really work.. this model…?

Soon the Prime Minister is surrounded by investors wishing to pump in the money..

Investors 'Who gave this idea to you in first place'
Prime Minister is silent.. and then shows a blog..

Investors 'It is crazy.. A thought in a blog by a common man.. and you decide to implement it?'

Prime Minister 'Just a thought to attempt.. why not.. would you have invested in the blog owner?'

All remain silent…

Prime Minister 'Just because am a celebrity in own way.. hence it reached world news'

Investors 'Are you serious to implement?'

Prime Minister 'Game changers mean path breaking.. It is disruption and the blog is disruptive to our mind and thoughts.. Anything and everything is possible in the blog'

Investors 'Which blog?'

Prime Minister 'Let us get to work'