Winning Edge

Maria ‘I am just fedup of this whole rigomore of politics. Just want to exit party as I feel am not capable of handling it more.. The recent defeat’

Nancy.. an ace political advisor ‘dear.. the opposition focused on nationalism and won’

Maria ‘is caste, color, creed, religion still playing role for votes’

Nancy ‘unfortunately it does.. and then the employment of our own citizens’

Bob the opposition party lead calls up Maria

Bob ‘Maria.. agreed we both have different political view.. but please come for celebrating my victory’

Maria puts the phone down.. as she remembers her past

Maria was a good writer, a blogger, a journalist deeply in love with Bob till one day Bob decides to be spokesman of an upcoming political party. Maria feels this is not right for him.. Both have difference of opinion and she seperates from him only to find herself getting an offer from a major party to be their PR. Soon because of her strong writing, content.. she becomes party leader and though Bob keeps loving her till date, still because of ideology difference..

Maria wipes her tears and attends Bob’s winning party

Bob ‘Maria.. how much I knew you would come’

Maria ‘have put up my papers’

Bob ‘what.. just a mere defeat and you moved away’

Maria ‘I am still trying to figure out.. what I wish to do in life. ‘

Bob ‘why don’t we unite’

Maria ‘our ideologies differ’

Bob ‘winning edge dear.. may be internally we both may be having same views’

Maria ‘seriously.. why all this’

Bob ‘look at the perks available to be a politician… never we can get as common citizen’

Maria ‘Bob… is it the only reason you have become a Minister’

Bob ‘Maria… am always there for you… enjoy the party’

3 months later

Bob ‘Maria.. you never told me .. you made an app to resolve issues of people’

Maria ‘it is funded venture..’

Bob ‘I can easily acquire your venture’

Maria ‘not possible.. it is funded by the major party

Bob ‘common.. 1 million downloads and 50000 problems solved..’

Maria ‘you too solve problems’

Bob ‘you know it is so busy.. have to keep traveling overseas’

Maria ‘political intention towards people most import.. good bye’

My mobile

Sweety ‘this is crazy… lost my mobile.. All contacts.. only few I remember’

Jane ‘Didn’t you take backup?’

Sweety ‘No’

Jane ‘Sweet heart.. enjoy these moments. God gave you an opportunity to start afresh’

Sweety ‘Wish some startup solves this problem of ensuring mobiles are not lost’

Jane ‘Put this as contest.. Marry the guy who solves this problem’

Sweety ‘Shutup Jane..  here I have lost everything and you are making fun of me’

Jane ‘Sweety..  you are just 18 and so addicted to mobiles.. even I am.. but ensure I avoid mobile sets of minimum 4 hours during day time’

Sweety ‘how funny…’


Departed Expressions

Life is such that when someone departs away from you far away,

you realize that some interactions could have happened all along

as life did give you chance to interact..

Love is such, how much ever you ignore… you are connected

Ego is such.. how much ever you try.. it keep’s increasing

The walls of silence, which a couple brings in.. all of sudden.. all along

Life is such that when some departs, just a drop of tear or a sudden pause

Is life so bad, that an ego can make a relation come to stand still…

Wake up tomorrow, reach out to your dear one..

As life is such.. that you still have an opportunity to begin interaction

else what..

Departed Expressions just a smile.. I was always there dear for you..

you didn’t feel I was there for you.. so it is your problem.. not mine..

(A message to all the lovers, couples, friends, neighbors, citizens.. just begin mingling with ones whom you nurture grouse with.. as may be life will give you pleasent surprise too)


Solving Somebody’s problem

somebody’s problem

why should I solve?

somebody’s problem

why should I think?

pat comes a reply

if you think and solve somebody’s problem, it is first step towards you becoming a leader.

if you keep solving many people’s problem, you are now a consulting leader..

if you keep solving universal society problems, you are now a known entity.. a society leader

and once you become a leader.. do think of initiating something of your own.


Developing Country Startups

Hurried and excite Jimmy boards the train to reach the Singapore Accelerator program.

Jimmy ‘In my country, there is so much crowd during all such meet ups, cards exchanged.. Hi Hello and then.. the cards just lay idle’

Soumya ‘:) We do chat in whatsapp and become friends’

Rafiq ‘they have standard question.. what if something happens.. how you will manage the show’

Tampi ‘they wonder.. how we can scale up with our non-English capabilities’

Charles ‘this eco system is only for few academic institute network alumni and they get going.. to reach out to grass root level.. it needs courage’

Soumya ‘we are fostering startup ecosystem.. building it.. ‘

Charles ‘can you check who get invested.. only ones with reputed branded institute and what about others?’

Rafiq ‘we just pray and look upwards.. solutions exist upwards’

Tampi ‘Angels..  but they cannot understand our language’

Chittu ‘god knows.. why we are so hung up.. we should take jobs and only after 3 years build products’

Soumya ‘no we need to be fresh.. enthusiastic and straight from college to build companies’

Rafiq ‘do you feel we can compete Silicon Valley?’

Soumya ‘no way.. but we can always have some proven business model case studies learnt, and we brain storm and fine tune it’

Charles ‘do you really feel innovations get rewarded in developing countries’

Rafiq ‘only proof of concepts.. I never saw scaling up innovations unless it is by big brand’

Chittu ‘let us do some thing for common man.. that will scale up for sure’

Soumya ”so many folks doing things for common man.. I think we should do for disabled’

All agree and few months later

Soumya ‘1000 disabled individuals aggregated.. and working on 200 projects.. great going.. ‘

Rafiq ‘developing countries need to look at their grass root problems and solve them and not get carried away through mere imitation.. money comes and goes.. but ROI is through impact made to society…’

All give a clap to Rafiq’s thought process





PASSION Revisited

PASSION is a strong desire to achieve an object. The obvious outcome to it is some sort of happiness in form of security, pleasure, growth and self indulgence.

Startups are growing in large number and each have passion to do some contribution to society..

Amar ‘why does it inflict pain?’

Neiro ‘it is a form of endurance test’

Amar ‘why is it correlated to entrepreneurship?’

Neiro ‘because an individual needs to have a very strong motivation to do something’

Amar ‘how?’

Neiro ‘PASSION FRAMEWORK talks of Maslow’s theory and Theory of Equity.. one of the root causes for any sufferings or any growth comes from those dimensions. If someone feels they are not getting what they wished, they begin a revolution..  if someone feels they solve a universal pain point, a venture begins.. a mission begins..  Self Actualization is the last step in that journey.. in each layers we are trying to balance self..’

Amar ‘Does it really happen.. the balancing act’

Neiro is silent… he looks upward and then sighs

‘any theorem needs validations and proofs..  to validate a framework, it takes years, decade… but just as an example..


PROBING = probe a problem

INNOVATE = think how you can solve the problem

ACTING = you need to take appropriate steps to solve the problem

SCOPE = scope the solutions.. and do not try to solve entire problem at one go

SETTING = solve it in an environment where you feel the pain points are large

OWNING = own the problem and solution and build awareness to community

NURTURING = nurture that community to adapt the solution for universal usage

The method to solve the problem is defined by the implementer.. This is where there is a need for multiple mental faculty trainers to help startups realize that solutions are not only to scale business value but also to scale human value.  The methods cannot be prescriptive in nature else creativity would be lost.



I have been researching on PASSION FRAMEWORK and PASSION for almost 2 decade now.. and every day is a learning experience. My effort is to keep this blog educate, entertain and motivate individuals..  All stories are of fiction nature and not bearing to any dead or alive and if any resemblance exists, it is accidental…






Sam “If you are sleeping, sleep in way no one ever dares to wake you up.”

Students “Sir.. but you keep shaking us up for our assignments”

Sam “Because as good teacher, I wish all of you to be serious about your studies, projects”

Student Julie “Sir.. why you then quoted a message about Sleeping”

Sam ‘I knew what I would get as response”

Tom “Sir.. how to build in enthusiasm”

Sam “Take any one cause or problem.. which you feel should be solved and you feel it can be solved”

Nancy “Frank and Sandra split.. she is my friend.. Can I unite both of them?”

Sam “Obviously.. this is enthusiasm”

Fred “Sir…  Henry is working on startup and wants me to build a social media campaign… I feel that is a good focus.. but here am doing microbiology assignment”

Sam “Study microbiology but think of a campaign for your friend.. and also start campaign for some health causes.. ”

Fred “Great Sir.. we did get the essence of Enthusiasm”