Secrets of Investor

Investor Roy addresses secrets of investors to a bunch of zapped entrepreneurs

  1. We always wish someone leads first… then we can follow on
  2. We never invest in something not already done
  3. We want only full time resources who head the venture.. no part time entrepreneurs
  4. We will ensure shares are vested…  we are paranoid of entrepreneurs who wish to exit in between
  5. We prefer a 26% shares to get better control on startup
  6. Startup needs to have an exit plan else it is meaningless
  7. We are investors who wish return on investments.. it is not our baby.
  8. We do not wish employees in garb of entrepreneurs. We do not want them to get salaries during boot strapping phase.
  9. We prefer entrepreneurs who have succeeded earlier
  10. We prefer individuals from top tier institutes being founders..

At end of session

A student ”Sir ours is a B grade college, I guess.  so not sure why you came here to give this GYAN (knowledge)…

Investor ”hey.. I was kept informed that you are accredited A class institute..”

Student ”Sir..  all institutes are A class only here.. but we have over 80% B class candidates so not sure whether we should seek job or start a venture”

Investor ”am not sure… how we go about then.. best of lucks”

After the class a student whispers ”all this hype is only for ones who know this game of entrepreneurship…   this game needs to be understood to even rural /town candidates”




touching responses

touching responses are ones where you feel the response is great but your eyes also have tears for whatsoever reasons.

Lisa had published a journal and during the award ceremony her professor just hugged and kissed her

Lisa was shocked, surprised and even had an annoyance on her face..

After the event

Lisa ”this was unwarranted.. why this response?’

Professor ”to ensure you remembered this event always”

Lisa ”this is not right.. I didn’t like it’

Professor ”just wanted to make you realize that in story writing, journals.. we seek interesting articles.. your journal was on Touching Experiences and had tons of romance and hatred dramá’s penned in it.. all fiction.. just because an episode happened for real.. you reacted’

Lisa is silent

Professor ”fiction is conceived by us.. reality is what is felt life long.. imagine the way we exaggerate emotions just to make a point conveyed to reader’

Lisa hugs Professor ”Sir… why in public you had to exhibit love”

Professor ”touching experiences are always spontaneous”


Mathematics of Life

Mother + Father = new born baby

Teacher + Kid = school

Mother + Father + Kid = Home

Mother  + Father + school – teacher = Upbringing

Professor + Kid = College

School – Teacher  = College – Professor = Mentor

Upbringing – Father – Mother = Mentor

Upbringing – (Father+Mother) = Mentor

Upbringing – new born baby = Mentor

New born baby = Mentor + Upbringing

Hope all understand this puzzles of life

New born baby = Startup

Mother + Father = Mentor + Upbringing = Startup

So all mothers and fathers need to be mentor to their kids and focus on upbringing.



Do we understand Data?

“Data is anything which is available right in front of us”. A professor was shrieking his lungs out in a college with students bursting with laughter…

Professor Mike ‘I will stop the class.. if anyone laughs further’

All get pin drop silence

Susan ‘Sir.. why are you teaching us data.. We are Science Students.. Not Computer Students’

Again all begin giggling.

Mike ‘the book you read.. the board in which I write notes.. all contain data.. sometimes as processed notes which is information’

Mike ‘what is your date of birth?’

Susan ‘I can tell age sir.. else all will begin wishing me’

Mike ‘Age is an information.. Date of birth is Data..  You process that Data of birth to arrive at age’

Susan ‘Sir.. how is science relevant to Data’

Mike ‘because unless you don’t understand process theories.. how will you process data’

Date of birth has date, month, year

With just 1 field you input birthdate and you will all your friends, relatives and other colleagues birthdate for wishing..

1) Date wise report

2) Month wise report

3  Year wise report

4) week wise report

5) season wise report

6) same name same birthdate report

7) frequency of birthdays of each beginning name letter for a month to check if people follow Sun Sign’s

Susan ‘no wonder my best friend Shriya’s birthday falls in some month.. we both born in December’

All begin laughing

Class ends.

Love demands Nothing

Paul ‘When someone says I am in Love with You..  It has 2 actors. Love is the mediator between these 2 actors. A one way process’

Julie ‘What is a two way process?’

Paul ‘When someone reciprocates and says ‘I am in love with you’. Now it is a 2 way communication.

Julie ‘what happens next?’

Paul ‘mental communication, emotional communication, physical communication and at any point of time some communication could go wrong’

Julie ‘why does that happen?’

Paul ‘because the force of one actor overpowers force of another actor.. The communication becomes imbalanced’

Julie ‘means?’

Paul ‘If one actor gives love and other actor only accepts it.. it is of no use. The other actor too needs to give back love equally’

Julie ‘so..’

Paul ‘Love demands nothing.. Love is simply a wire.. a communicator.. and how we use that wire, depends on us.. Like how we use an electric wire or a gas pipeline or any string.. could be your exercise rope’

Julie ‘means.. any unnecessary force can break the wire’

Paul ‘yes.. hence love should not be forced upon. If someone accepts your love fine.. if someone doesn’t let the feelings remain genuine but don’t force self on the other actor’

Julie ‘will the other actor respond?’

Paul ‘depends on the signal…  Human Heart and Mind get so many signals from so many individuals.. we never know when the signal matches.. so have patience and wait for the turn..   each of these organs have sort of firewalls. so be careful to not send unnecessary signals which will get blocked permanently from those organs’

Julie ‘Paul you are getting into science of Love’

Paul ‘When we have Data Science, we have Physics, Chemistry, Biology.. why cannot Love Science be introduced in Colleges. Am sure it will sell like hot cakes. All die hard romantic guys and gals will prefer learning that. and we can remove illiteracy too’

Julie ‘How?’

Paul “love demands nothing.. Love can teach us history, geography, maths, economics, science, art, craft, politics, network, communication and management too’

Julie ‘You are a professor of Economics and you are saying this to a Social Science professor’

Paul ‘Hence I never forced over you to respond to my love till date’

Julie ‘common you never told me too’

Paul ‘was waiting for right moment.. both of us are settled, were from same college, so can we unite now?’

Julie hugs Paul and whispers ‘I did read your diary 5 years back and was waiting for this day’


Wang was crazy to watch movies.. As kid all would joke ‘She should do PHD in Movies’..  As she grew up, she began watching all languages of movies…  One day she came across Discovery theories in google.  On probing she realized that indeed she should do PHD in Movies..  Thesis title ‘Script Writing – Discovery or Creation.. Movie Success Empirical Analysis’

As a Chinese Student she had profound knowledge of all international movies.

She got into analysis of all movies made till date… and realized.. Creation is not successful Never..  Discovery is successful. She approaches top director Steve for a discussion..

Wang ‘Sir.. why does your movie flop if it is creative and whenever you follow your brand loyalty.. the fiction genre.. you deliver a hit’

Steve ‘Creation..  All creation is abused in this world.. No one accepts creation easily.. Einstein’s relativity theory,  Even in colleges.. no one funds creation.. research funds less..  So whenever i experiment with some thing new.. no takers.. they say  that I will flop.. so unfortunately i need to get back to fiction’

Wang ‘Sir.. Good v/s evil..  Love triangle.. Horror Revenge.. Humor (couple, friends, kids, animals)

Steve begins laughing.. and then we have ‘Super Man.. Spider Man.. Alien’

Wang begins laughing..

Steve ‘Discovery.. It is easy.. we borrow old hits and convert them to latest style movie.. Very easy.. plagiarism.. All copy rights go for toss. franchising model.. movies these days titled  ZOOM-1, ZOOM-2 and so on.. Discovery is where huge investments needed.. Only VC or big money folks can pay…   Creation is where Angels, family. friends invest’

Wang ‘Hence we find all movies using formulas which are proven’

Steve ‘Absolutely.. Some times we create unique fully knowing we wont’ get returns but we aim to get OSCARs’

Wang begins laughing

Steve ‘I have been conferred Doctorate  too’

Wang ‘Sir you are genius.. I took so much pains to reach you.. Need to collect 25 more samples.. Interacted with 25 directors and all said.. Only successful formula acceptable to investors.. and hence am confused’

Steve ‘Why? ‘

Wang ‘All these while i kept seeing formula movies and then few different.. So who can be game changers’

Steve ‘Creators.. but they will need to accept failures’

Wang smiles…

Wang ‘Sir i wish to be a game changer.. I want to bring in short films on internet.. Need your support’

Steve ‘Absolutely.. I can…  Am admitting you in our Movie Fellow ship program..  You can pursue PHD from China even then..’

Wang hugs Steve

Wang ‘Sir.. I love you for your professional contribution’

Steve ‘Wang.. important that what you do.. you need to connect to audience.. reach their hearts.. audience need to cry, laugh, emote like what you visualize and depict in big screen’

Steve ‘Pain Point.. Controversial Movies.. All creations.. Surely gets noticed.. ‘

Wang ‘Like?’

Steve ‘An actor singing songs in toilet’

Wang and Steve both begin laughing

Wang ‘Sir.. dinner with me?’

Steve ‘Sure my child’

Never say No if you wish to say Yes

Sam ‘Sarah, do you love me?’

Sarah is in two minds.. She doesn’t want to loose her focus from the expensive course her parents have spent on for her to be in a reputed college in US

Sarah ‘Let us be friends.. I don’t think it is love’

Sam ‘You will regret one day’

Sarah just smiles..

Both are studying in various disciplines

After a month, Sarah see’s Sam with a very beautiful girl

Sarah rushes to Sam

Sarah ‘Sam who is she?’

Sam ‘She is the best happening.. She is from Russia, Lisa’

Sarah ‘Oh best of lucks’

At night Sarah ponders..

Sarah and Sam used to almost have dinner together.. She remembers how he would wait for her, without fail wish her good morning and…

Sarah has tears in eyes…

Next morning… she is sitting sad

Her professor Jim looks at her…

Jim ‘Sarah.. why you are sad?’

Sarah ‘Nothing much’

Jim ‘Let us have coffee’

Sarah ‘No sir… it is alright’

Jim ‘Let us go.. don’t worry.. I have had multiple tea and coffee with students..’

Sarah smiles and goes with Jim

Jim ‘Did you say No to something?’

Sarah looks surprised

Jim ‘Never say No if you wish to say Yes’

Sarah ‘Sir.. but sometimes life makes us indecisive’

Jim ‘In mind just think No but don’t say it out.. and check for a month how you feel the distance from that object’

Jim ‘If you feel that object is become important point of your life then…’

Sarah ‘But then isn’t addiction dangerous?’

Jim ‘to control those.. just begin focusing on something else….some other object’

Sarah ‘Again will feel like saying Yes to that object’

Jim smiles…

Jim ‘Slowly you will get balanced and you will comfortably say No or Yes depending on situations’

Sarah ‘I lost him to Lisa’

Jim ‘Don’t worry, focus on your studies as that is what you wished’

Sarah ‘Sir, can we have dinner tomorrow?’

Jim smiles ‘Sure why not?’