Shared Assets and Service

Rose never asked why people touched her, hurt her,. but a morning dew drop conveyed everything. She wanted to be fresh and hope all realized that

Lily never asked why people wanted to seek massage from her.. but a morning dew drop conveyed everything. She wanted to change her business one day.

Why do some businesses looked down upon? It is because they tend to harm health.

Any business which can damage one’s health is bad business

Any business which can damage one’s health is the most successful business

Anything in excess hurts many..

Shared Assets and Services.. not sure how many get hurt everyday.. sometime physically, sometime emotionally, sometime brutally..

Dear All Rose is not a Prostitute, nor is Lily a Massage Owner

Rose is the touch button display and Lily the wearable internet of thing watch’

Philip ‘Don’t joke.. Rose is indeed a prostitute and Lily a Massage Expert’

Pop ‘Do you really care.. for human or for assets..’

All in the class silent.. at Bangkok University

Pop ‘We abuse assets.. same way they too human.. we should respect them.. and make them motivated to be happy’

A student asks ‘how?’

Pop ‘For 2 months let them do some new business.. just let them relax’

Student ‘this is strange.. you even discuss their business in this class of entrepreneurship?’

Pop ‘Servers, Hard Disk, Floppy.. all get de fragmented.. same way human.. not only Rose, Lily.. but all.. hence it is important for folks to meditate, bring their soul to singular form and then begin working afresh’

Pop ‘love your body and mind and heart and relax first.. stop thinking of fiction like Rose and Lily.. you are a rose and lily too so take care of your health’


Sonu from Nepal is trafficked by her uncle to Middle East..

Suleman  ‘Wow.. you are just 13 but look so beautiful’

Sonu is silent..

Sonu in fluent English ‘i am surprised why you choose kids for your sex hunger.. don’t you get satisfied with your wives or girl friend?’

Suleman slaps Sonu

Sonu ‘Just in few minutes, you may abuse me.. you may be happy that I am your victim’

Suleman ‘Dare you.. say else… ‘ He cuts her apron

Sonu ‘Do you know my uncle has sold me in India and then purchases me back at premium and so on.. At least 100 abused me already’

Suleman ‘Don’t lie.. he mentioned you are virgin’

Sonu ‘I suspect have AIDS’

Suleman is now a bit worried..

Sonu ‘Come if you wish to have fun.. you can.. ‘

Suleman calls up Ratkish his subordinate

Suleman ‘Who is this stupid girl.. She says she is AIDS infected.. and didn’t you cross verify…’

Sonu ‘I have an idea Sir’

Suleman ‘What?’

Sonu ‘Let us do aid’s test on all kids who get trafficked’

Suleman ponders

Sonu ‘Almighty is nice to you.. god only knows if you too have.. then no problems you can have fun with me as anyways you will perish’

Suleman is angry ‘Don’t talk nonsense’

Suleman calls up his agents Rafiq, Anthony, Aarav and asks them to have AIDS test mandatorily conducted..

Sonu hears this…

She emails the Nepal Embassy and Indian Embassy and almost all embassy

‘All the AIDS test tools have been infested with chemical which will burn out the skin. over period of days.. It is chemical warfare’

Looking at that email, suddenly it is a MEDIA NEWS.. No one knows what is happening..

Full commotion

Suleman is worried as to why the supplies not coming

Suleman’s Agent ‘your risk.. you will not get fresh supplies.. Like you, many believe that they are safe with kids’

Suleman gets a call…

Suleman is shocked ‘His teenage daughter has been kidnapped’

Suleman ‘How is it possible? so much security and all’

Sonu ‘I guess your enemy has kidnapped her.. and now she too will be victim, AIDS infested’

Sonu begins giggling

Suleman puts a gun on her head..

Sonu ‘This is the problem with you guys.. you use head less and emotions more.. that too directionless emotions’

Suleman ‘Are you 13 year or you are bigger?’

Sonu ‘Stop worrying about my age…  check if your daughter is safe’

Suleman rushes to his home and finds all his wives kidnapped.

Suleman is clueless.. He begins talking to all influential folks

Suleman ‘Who can do it? Why…?’

He reaches to the big camp where he has caged 100 girls..

Sonu is also tied up..

Sonu yells and calls him near her

Sonu ‘A secret.. leave all 100 girls and in return you will get your wives and daughter’

Suleman ‘you did it?’

Sonu ‘If you kill me.. you will not get your family back.. and if you get your family back and kill me, you will get only AIDS’

Suleman ‘Dare you do this… a small kid and ..’

Sonu ‘Check on the media..  Almost for 15 days prostitution business reduced, no one wishes to be near AIDS infected prostitutes, no tests too possible.. did you get the message’

Sonu ‘Don’t you feel guilty touching young kids.. and… abusing them… ‘

Suleman is angry but has pain in eyes

Sonu ‘Why??’

Suleman ‘All who abuse have some scar.. some deep scar.. and it is like revenge.. or may be you can say anger..’

Sonu ‘Why??’

Suleman ‘Abused by my uncle child hood and he was so nasty that he would give me to his wives too’

Sonu ‘Oh i see’

Suleman ‘Who are you?’

Sonu ‘Police trainee SONU.. An international cop recruited and trained since 10.. self defense. and yes am 20 years.. but because of my height 5ft inch.. you know what i mean’

Suleman is zapped..

Sonu ‘Do you know so many AIDS test inventions begun..  and government pumping load of money.. Am happy’

Sonu ‘My little sister.. she was a victim.. I wanted to trace out all.. so decided to volunteer, and get into this camp’

Suleman ‘Where are my wives and daughter’

Sonu ‘All safe in Nepal’

Suleman takes Sonu and visits Nepal..

Suleman ‘Am going to hand over self to police.. Lust is bad.. Lust is surely bad.. Lust for money, Lust for power, Lust for sex, Lust for Fame..   I got waywarded.. and you got me to senses..  I know i will be hanged by Indian and Nepal police.. so what i can max do.. is to give you all the racket details.. and a message to all which you can boldly publish in news paper


Doctor Doctor

Jenny was a curious kid and ever since her father landed in hospital for piles when she was 6 years old a strange fixation caught her mind.. She wished to be a Doctor.

Her parents were doing well and soon all melmbers in family started referring Jenny as Doctor..

In her teens she used to study religiously for more then 14 hours as she wanted to pass her exams in flying colors till one day..

Robert ‘Sandra, I had a major set back in business. It is all over’

Sandra ‘Do we have money for Jenny’s fee. She has passed her exams but I believe we will need to give capitation fee’

Robert ‘Unfortunately no money lender or institute is willing to touch us. We will need to keep Jenny informed..’

Till then Jenny steps in, she has heard the news and is in tear..

Jenny sits shell shocked.. Right from child hood a burning desire to be a doctor and…’

Jenny ‘Do we have money for hospital management course?’

Robert “No Jenny, I never knew this would happen.. I have mortgaged almost everything hoping my business grows’

Jenny crying ‘You are selfish father, for your success hope, my life ruined’

Sandra ‘Jenny don’t cry, can you take up something on genetics’

Jenny ‘Have lost hope now.. you suggest what can be done’

Sandra and Jenny begin searching on net and find a great demand for Ayurvedic medicine in Spain..

Sandra ‘I have saved some money, go to Spain and join some institute there’

Jenny moves to Spain and joins a very basic course in Ayurvedic medicine and also learns body massaging techniques.. She takes up a job as a massager..

Sandra ‘Jenny-why you took up that job.. People will misinterpret you. Mostly they associate massagers with whores’

Jenny ‘Mummy , everyone is doing some profession for their living. Let us respect what they do. May be they too landed into mess due to circumstances’

Jenny drops the phone

Jenny has a guide in Chris.

Jenny ‘Sir, my mom mistook my profession’

Chris ‘No problems child. Keep working.. As long as you are honest, nothing will happen’

Jenny is able to save small money, and joins advanced course in Ayurveda and now begins learning techniques for stomach ailments, cold, cough and fever..

Soon she finds the clients to whom she massaged begin seeking her help on sinus and all type of ailments.. She is making small bucks and decides now to pursue higher studies.. She meets the Dean Alice…

Dean ‘Jenny , it is full time studies.. no part time work’

Jenny returns back.. and now she identifies outlets for Ayurvedic medicines all over Europe and US..  She associates with an Indian and Srilanka company for such medicines.. and also works on a crash course in Ayurveda…  In 4 years time she has a settled business…

She again returns to Dean..

Jenny ‘I am now ready for a full time course to even pursue MD’

Dean ‘I know Jenny your dedication and determination to pursue your career.. Nothing can stop you.. Am giving you a scholarship as even your joining to our institute helps us get huge import discounts’

Jenny smiles… and 5 year latter

Sandra ‘Jenny.. you almost forgot us..’

Jenny ‘How is pop?’

Sandra ‘He has pulled down.. Still recovering from his setback.. He needs at least US$100000 to start again’

Jenny ‘Relax mom, I will give the same..’

Sandra’s face falls..

Sandra ‘Jenny hope you didn’t get into flesh trade business’

Jenny ‘Mom.. Again you mistake me.. I repeat no business is bad.. they do it due to circumstances as they don’t know what else they can do. No one guides them..  For your information I am a postgraduate Doctor in Ayurvedic Medicines and have a business and please check on my website for more details..

Sandra looks at the site and is overjoyed.. Her daughter is a doctor and there are many articles penned by Jenny..

Jenny ‘Mom I am trying to rehabilitate prostitutes and help them become employees in my Ayurvedic Manufacturing Unit’

Sandra ‘Great Jenny.. am very proud of you and I realize whatsoever profession we take but eventually how you make a mark in the world is important. No job is good or bad. It is just that as long as someone is not violating law or becoming criminal, everything is perfect job. Nice website name’