Mood Swing Cure

John had serious mood disorder and he was seeking a psychiatrist help. His wife used to be appalled at the abuses he would hurl at her when he was in foul mood. The swings would happen even in a day.

John “Am not going to allow you to control me”

Melissa “Am not controlling you. Why are you always feeling so”

John throws the glass of water at floor

Melissa begins cleaning the floor

John “Am going to garden to change my mood”

As John visits garden, he finds an old lady counting leaves in a tree.

John “Are you crazy?”

Old lady “To keep myself occupied”

John “I have come here to change my mood”

Old lady laughs

Old lady “What is your name?”

John “John Adams”

Old lady “How many dresses you have?”

John “Only 4”

Old lady ‘Can you buy 30 dresses which includes 6 formals”

John “I can, but never got interested in changing clothes”

Old lady ‘If you have money, I can accompany you and buy good dresses, fashionable ones’

John decides to do that and shops with the old lady

Old lady “Wear new clothes every day. What you do for living? rich man”

John “Have leased out 2 commercial properties on rent so financially secure”

2 weeks latter John is looking dashing, he comes with his wife and meets the old lady

Old lady ‘Wow you are looing great”

John “Am happy, attires controlled my mood well for last 2 weeks”

Old lady ‘good’

Melissa “Who are you? Am thankful to you”

Old lady “Retired Psychiatrist.  Dona is my name”

Melissa ‘No wonder you helped John”

It is important to have stable mood for success


I Scream Echoes

Lauren ‘Not sure why and how, every time I scream am bored, I get echoes of people laughing’

Psychiatrist  Moron ‘Can you calm and go back to your past.. ‘

Lauren begins sleeping

Moron ‘Don’t sleep, just close your eyes… anything you hear’

Lauren ‘College youth are ragging me.. I am bored of studies.. and all my friends laughing and asking me various questions from books.. forcing me to read book and mug them up’

Moron ‘Unusual! Why will college students ask you to mug up answers. Isn’t it good.. I thought they would have asked you to dance or sing or parade with your vests in college. This is good ragging’

Lauren ‘My father.. he forced those students to rag me…’

Moron ‘I got it now.. So your father wanted you to do well in exams’

Lauren ‘Yes’

Moron ‘Come to present.. open your eyes slowly’

Lauren wakes up..

Moron ‘Lauren we use mix of hypnosis.. and check on my name’

Lauren ‘Moron’

Lauren ‘Imagine how many rag me every day’

Lauren ‘I do agree studies can get forceful, but is there any solution. How may of undergraduates really achieve success these days.. count on figure tips.. Those days were different.  Bill to Ambani, all succeeded.. These days everything depends on college, type of university you join and so on.. I agree you have loads of pressure’

Moron ‘How can those echoes stop’

Lauren ‘Think positive and scream back ‘Am going to win.. keep laughing.. your mouth will pain but I will succeed’

3 months latter

Lauren ‘Thanks Sir, am pursuing my studies on Analytics. All echoes stopped’