Mina ‘It is a weak model. Why will anyone like sticky stuffs’

Joseph ‘Let me taste the same and then we pass a judgment’

Joseph tastes the pudding and finds it tasty.. It is neither sweet nor sour…

Joseph ‘Mina can make small investments if you wish to promote your pudding. Did you copyright your recipe?

Mina ‘Yes. Want to promote breakfast puddings’

Joseph ‘What all it contains?’

Mina ‘Combination of Mint, Honey, Oats, a big of egg smashed, turmeric and pepper’

Joseph ‘Are you sure you did this repeatedly’

Mina ‘Dear Joseph, am not seeking investments, I have just joined a hotel institute and experimented with this. Just wished to check if you loved the taste’

Joseph ‘Sometimes we investors begin seeing each person as prospective entrepreneur and begins laughing’

Joseph ‘Hence the taste was OK, not too great..  But as I know your boy friend, thought you seeking investment. I thought you came to meet him at our office’

Mina ‘You gave wrong compliments..’

Joseph ‘No it was not too bad. Do venture out and see if folks love your pudding’

Mina ‘Not now, let me perfect my pudding recipe else it will fail’