Continual Learning

Continual Learning – philosophical way
Each object in this universe teaches us something. How we understand it depends on our perception, willingness to learn or the mentor who pushes you to listen the knowledge truth.

Continual Learning – the entertainment way
John ‘I really do not understand what you say’
Mary ‘It is because your mind refuses to learn’
John ‘What should I do to bring in interest in learning?’
Mary ‘Just read the topics which interest you..’
John ‘I love reading about galaxy’
Mary ‘Just learn the history of galaxy, pen a story on galaxy, identify the most critical pain point which galaxy has? Is it we trying to reach space too soon?  and just see how exciting it would be exploring knowledge of object (galaxy) you love.
John ‘Cool’

Continual Learning – Quality Way
Plan you day to read some pages of what you wish to read, Check if you have understood what you read and just take a break, enjoy self. Do not overwhelm self with too much reading.
PDCA – Plan-Do-Check-Act on your continual learning project


Bringing clarity to thought process is what Jenny was trying to convey in her address to young graduates..

Jenny ”our life needs to undergo a recession at least once.. reasons that is when we begin realize real worth of people who matter to us..”

Ram “In Hindu philosophy, a human has an opportunity for getting 3 such recession cycles..  called SADE-SATI”

Jenny ‘oh that is great.. so imagine 3 opportunities for you to change course of life or may be life will bring new changes by itself”

One of the student “Madam..  a bay. has 3 side water.. ”

Jenny “same holds true to human.. on one side spiritualism (which is deep as your heart permits), on second side, detachment (which is deep as your heart permits) and serving (which is as deep as your heart permits) and then materialism in form of land on one side

we chose to be in land as we fear the sea.. and heart is like ocean which may get flutters of spiritualism, detachment and serving qualities but eventually we prefer to remain where material exist”

Ram ‘”complex thought.. complex view of life.. never knew bay means clarity… clarity of choosing to not forget that we are having 3 important sides of life which we neglect (spiritualism, detachment and serving for cause)

Love 2020

Love happens many a time, heart refuses to understand that

Heart beats many a time, mind refuses to believe that

If love can happen so many times, why there is a loyalty to only one

If heat can beat so many times, why there is a trust on only one.

Love in 2020 is not about quantity but quality

If only whatsapp can bring proximity or instagram can make us realize that we did spend time together or facebook can help us realize how our friend circles changed

Love is not about keeping tab or track on numbers but acknowledging a fact that

love can happen any time all over again. so just stop wondering why it happened but rather realize spend absolute quality in person time with your beloved.

If yes.. forget about why it happened many times, as your beloved will rather be happy that you are still an inperson lover for him or her and not the virtual lover in the world of whatsapp.



Complimentary Startups Incubators and Accelerators

Complimentary Startup Incubator is a space where the Incubation Head believes in only using SIPOC as a criteria to incubate startups. It will house 2 companies in each of dimension

Supplier – Input – Process – Output – Customer and will also have an auditing team included as potential process startup company

How does this model work and will it really reap in benefit?

The model is similar to any accelerator initiative but is focused to a theme. An annual theme planned out..

Does it mean that the incubator can maximum take only 20 startups?

Quality of an incubator or accelerator suffers if we have too many startups being mentored and scaled up simultaneously. What is important is the incubator success. Successful exits.. Successful team building.. Successful traction.

Theme based incubation will succeed in long run if they strategize a SIPOC model and scale all the startups within the SIPOC model.

PASSION FRAMEWORK focuses on Probing-Innovating-Acting-Scoping-Setting-Owning and Nurturing Dimensions and the research is too deep as it also includes 28 dimensions needed for strengthening Incubator / Accelerator and Entrepreneur Eco System. Evolved by me.. it keeps getting better.. The blog has 98 country viewership which explains entrepreneurship using stories and poems as Entrepreneurship needs to connect to people.. their inner soul and to make a person realize what best suits him or her.

SIPOC fits into PASSION FRAMEWORK in each of its dimensions

Enjoy the age old SIPOC and ETVX (Entry Criteria – Task – Validation Criteria – Exit Criteria) as a evaluation tool to select entrepreneurs and plan their success validations and exits.

Complimentary Startup Incubators will grow over period of time as it will be a chaos to have similar startups being incubated / accelerated by incubation centers with a theory ‘let best one win?’ as Startup grooming is about scaling and building operations and let the similar startups be acquired, taken over or moved towards complimentary goals to ensure all startups succeed or at least taste success. Marketing such theme based incubator accelerator eco-system becomes easier.

Will be happy to interact with incubator, accelerators, mentors, advisor’s and investors to get more inputs and suggestions


Ronnie and Susan were happily married but Ronnie had a back history of getting fooled in his life.

Susan had also fooled him by informing she was single.. and eventually Ronnie had to pay her ex husband 50000$ for settlement..

Susan retrospects the past and questions Ronnie

“I fooled you; you had already lived in with me for 20 days so why you decided to pay him. You could have just discarded me’

Ronnie ‘In life once you accept a particular person genuinely, you should not sit back and look at past.. No use.. What is your past is of no concern to me.. What you contribute to present and future makes difference’

Susan ‘Why do you sponsor so many entrepreneurship programs?’

Ronnie ‘To teach entrepreneurs that any one can fool them anytime. It is your strength to absorb that and move ahead.. Unless you are facing huge losses, don’t get into legal hassles else you will find lawyer being richer then you’

Susan ‘What characteristic you feel I have which just cannot change’

Ronnie ‘You are compulsive liar.. try to improve on it.’

Susan’s face falls down

Ronnie ‘You hid from me a fact that your step brother also existed and he stays in Chicago’

Susan ‘Yes i have a problematic family.. hence i feared that you may not like my extended family’

Ronnie ‘In life never lie your closest one.. hope you improve some day’

Susan hugs Ronnie

Susan ‘One characteristic of you for which I thank god everyday is your forgiving quality.. I cannot do that.. hope I learn from you more’

Ronnie ‘Let us have a nice sea shore walk today’

Memory booster – Gooseberry

Melinda is a hard working girl but has an issue of loosing memory.. Her friend Sathu from India invites her on a vacation..

Melinda visits Nasik, India and is amazed with gooseberry orchards.. It is Amla in India..

Melinda ‘What is it used for.. Never consumed this in life’

Sathu ‘Taste it.. and also drink water immediately after you eat.. you will find the water sweet’

Melinda ‘What are it’s benefits’

Sathu ‘Improves food absorption, brain functioning, strengthen lungs, enhances fertility, helps urinary system, improves skin quality and strengthens eyes’

Melinda ‘Wow.. why cannot i launch a product company in US and begin promoting this in US’

Sathu ‘You are my sister dear.. of course you can do it’

Melinda is amazed.. and few months latter, we have gooseberry bottles kept in all start up forums..


Their small business unit is flourishing today.

Exercise Insights to Every day Life

Doe to space constraints we jog only in one position or use tread mill. Continuously focused least you fall.

If you get to garden, we jog but an eye down too least we tumble upon a stone. It calls for coordination.

When we are performing deep breathing exercise, our mind is fully focused on the body and we are internally enjoying a music rhythm or even mumble prayers.

Now we begin stretching ourselves and perform all kind of stretching exercises. We need to get flexible..

And now we have begun lifting weights.. push ups , arms and shoulders getting used to weight… even neck.. the head is balancing all the weight..

and then again we decide to lay back straight and relax.. forgetting every thing…  and after those exercise time we get back to work..

————————————————————————————————————————————————————-Lessons to Learn

1) Be focused

2) Improve our coordination skills and be Alert

3) Enjoy what we are doing

4) Be Flexible

5) Learn the Balancing Act when shouldering Responsibilities

6) Forget everything and have peaceful sleep

All the 6 points we do for what? Some expectations. Exercise is for Improving our Health and Work / Job / Business is for improving our quality of life.

If we have weaknesses in any of the point we are bound to not have improved quality of life. It is then time to rethink if the job is right for you? the business right for you? even is blogging right for you?

All of us are in same boat.. We need to retrospect for at least 30 minutes once in a month.

Practice Researcher

Tom ‘Please give me a lift’

Cobbler ‘Everytime i see you standing at this point.. why don’t you have a vehicle’

Tom ‘Am testing all the vehicle runs as am researcher in a startup manufacturing brakes’

Cobbler Amazed..

Cobbler ‘How many test runs till date?’

Tom ‘Since 6 months over 500 samples of all type of vehicles’

Cobbler ‘good going.. keep me informed further on same to see how research goes’

Tom ‘For any good quality product, end user feedback most important’

Hard Pursuits Reveal Truth

Life was not too easy for JOB as every week, he had to protect his intellectual assets and no amount of patenting or copy right helped him.

He would innovate and before he realized a competitor was already thinking on same lines.

One day he decided to probe the last happenings in his office.

He began sitting late hours at work trying to see how the employees worked. Soon he found the groups which travelled together, the couples who worked closely..

and to his surprise he found a couple working late hours and going together. They would not have sufficient time to complete the tasks so would carry their office book home which had scribbles of the brain storming sessions attended by them.

Digging further, he took their home addresses and found the girl’s father to be linked to one of the founders of a software company.

JOB met the girl’s father and father happy to be introduced to JOB mentioned “My daughter respects you so much. she keeps telling to each and everyone how you work, how you strategize and even at times shows the scribble book to me”.

JOB’s face paled. He just smiled at her father and returned back.

He called up one of the process consultant whom he knew and asked “Any solution to this problem?”

The consultant blurted “ISO 27001” certification.

Establish Security Controls in your organization or startups right from day 1 to safeguard your office and intellectual assets.