Gift to someone

Gift to someone

Not by money

Not by articles

Not by ornaments

Not by real estate

But by insurance policy

Gift someone the same

For not today

But for future

(Have observed many parents in US living with no insurance policy..  no risk cover.. they have come as guests to meet their kids and.. no cover.. why so.. not sure.. but unless we do not change our own mind set to care for people genuinely, all these mother’s day, father’s day, valentine day, brother’s day, father’s day everything gets meaningless as the intention has to be genuine care and love.. it needs to be through helping that individual get secured eventually.

Entrepreneurs in quest of building companies at times neglect their families. so please do take care of your family well.


Make in India, Quality in India (Developing Country Perils)

If we decide to make individuals responsible for their own responsibilities, it is half battle won. Life of an individual changes when they tread the global path. Perception to life style changes and many decide to settle in other country for various reasons (Safety, Quality of Life, Remuneration, Growth, Post retirement benefits)
The basic choice to lead a cushy life as a service provider in form of employee or a consulting company leads to very reduced risk taking appetite and the ones who are in core manufacturing or small scale industry struggle with competition on pricing and quality parameters and employees there in decide to move to any other high paying sector.

Majority of academic institutes still are not open to the concept of entrepreneurship and rely on students to decide what best suits them and in a rush push for placements have students from any discipline move to any stream.

What is the use of a mechanical engineer selling real estate or electrical engineer moving to life style business? These are just examples and may be fiction but as a researcher with over 500 plus deal studies, as I probed into education qualifications of founders, realize that we need to take step backward and strengthen the fundamental education system

What is the use of a placement guarantee based remuneration scheme if no one probes and checks whether the students really getting placed in their domain skillsets?

India can be a good test bed for multiple product launches and India has proven service delivery model. India to be an innovation power need to motivate the academicians and have a more closer academic-industry interface and all innovations may not lead to success, so it is important to promote technology as well as management innovation.

Making money is possible if anyone understands the valuation game but making global impact need vision, courage and strong determination to come out of service model and focus on core engineering disciplines to bring in innovation in society. A few visionaries in India showed the way, have made global impact; many others can do it if we can overcome challenges of turnaround time in any process and if finance institutions and private financer’s encourage all sectors to grow as from my studies it is observed life style investments tend to be one of the popular genre for investments and something like agriculture related initiatives look a dicey proposition.

Mood Swing Cure

John had serious mood disorder and he was seeking a psychiatrist help. His wife used to be appalled at the abuses he would hurl at her when he was in foul mood. The swings would happen even in a day.

John “Am not going to allow you to control me”

Melissa “Am not controlling you. Why are you always feeling so”

John throws the glass of water at floor

Melissa begins cleaning the floor

John “Am going to garden to change my mood”

As John visits garden, he finds an old lady counting leaves in a tree.

John “Are you crazy?”

Old lady “To keep myself occupied”

John “I have come here to change my mood”

Old lady laughs

Old lady “What is your name?”

John “John Adams”

Old lady “How many dresses you have?”

John “Only 4”

Old lady ‘Can you buy 30 dresses which includes 6 formals”

John “I can, but never got interested in changing clothes”

Old lady ‘If you have money, I can accompany you and buy good dresses, fashionable ones’

John decides to do that and shops with the old lady

Old lady “Wear new clothes every day. What you do for living? rich man”

John “Have leased out 2 commercial properties on rent so financially secure”

2 weeks latter John is looking dashing, he comes with his wife and meets the old lady

Old lady ‘Wow you are looing great”

John “Am happy, attires controlled my mood well for last 2 weeks”

Old lady ‘good’

Melissa “Who are you? Am thankful to you”

Old lady “Retired Psychiatrist.  Dona is my name”

Melissa ‘No wonder you helped John”

It is important to have stable mood for success


Belief of Heart

Heart believes what you see, feel and think.

So as a true lover, Julie believed Joy to be a good human, felt nice being next to him and thought the relation will work..

a month latter

Heart believes what you think, feel and see

Joy is totally different from what I thought when I saw him first, standing next to him is a punishment these days as he refuses to be clean and I don’t like the sweat on his face.

Heart believes what you feel,  think and see

I am going to see this boy Mark only because of my mom. I feel he may be better then Joy. On seeing Joy, Julie begins thinking he is surely a better match then Joy..

Heart believes what you feel, see and think

Oh Mark is nice, feeling too is good, but am I doing it right. Joy was besides me in almost all of bad times and today just because he is working hard, sweating does it mean he is bad.. Small adjustments, why I cannot make.. Let me align my heart again to the right thought process

a month latter

Joy is standing at bus stand waiting for the bus..

Julie comes and stands besides him

Julie ‘Joy I know you got hurt by me’

Joy is looking at the road with drop of tears in his eyes

Julie lift’s Joy’s head

Julie ‘Am sorry.. forgive me.. I don’t mind your sweat or your rugged style’

Joy is looking at the traffic moving past him

Julie hugs Joy and gives him a kiss

Julie also has tears in her eyes

The buss arrives and both get into the bus


Moral of the story: Heart can go through various emotions like a sea wave. Sometimes High Tides, Sometimes Low.. and if our thought processes are not aligned to right conduct we may begin making mistakes and sometimes these mistakes may lead to disaster financially, personally and even socially.

Joy had stated a venture of supervising real estate construction through his contract labor which lead him to having sweat and most of time his attire would be dirty..





Internationalization Formulae

All orchards and greenery finds it way to move on in life and replaced with nice architect buildings.. The first step of Morris was to ensure the place looked attractive and with easy access to roads. Doesn’t it sound similar to Silicon Valley story.

As countries began pondering on the way to fund research, there were movements to commercialize the research

Melissa had developed a pharmaceutical product which would help stiffness in the body get reduced in less then 10 minutes. A person could actually see the internal body mechanism as the stiffness gets reduced. That was her Intellectual property.

She reaches the Technology Transfer Office and from there on begins her journey of internationalization.

Jim ‘It is a university spin off dear. You will get only 4% equity’

Manny “Yeah…. I don’t know why you chose to come to us.. We need an industrial partner’

Melissa ‘I really don’t know all this. Can you guide me?’

Jim asks Melissa to fill a form…

Jim ‘Remember we need to publicly declare your patent claims.. and then there are chances of your idea to be replicated too..’

Melissa ‘What to do?’

Jim ‘I will introduce to my friend Nan who owns a pharmaceutical company’

Soon Melissa reaches Nan’s office

Nan ‘Smart girl.. I can invest but our brand.. hope it clear’

Melissa is clueless… and she asks ‘What would I get?’

Nan ‘A 10% equity in the venture and plus you are eligible for 4% royalty from the university and we plan to set up the manufacturing unit in Srilanka and India where those herbs readily available’

Melissa is happy..

Melissa ‘Thanks Nan, am very happy’

Nan ‘Meet my friend Morris. He likes big game changers.. So can you assist him in identifying large space for technology research in Srilanka and India’

Melissa ‘So will I need to travel to Sri Lanka?’

Nan ‘Not only SL, many Asian Countries as your project needs to tested on patients’

Melissa ‘What needs to be done?’

Nan ‘Network with Hospitals, begin holding meetings.. we need to push your product aggressively. Am working on the media campaign and already plan to begin with initial outsourcing of these product’

Soon Nan and Melissa get to work..

Nan ‘Melissa, our industry demands a ROI, so am planning to use Mr. Cruise and Ms Jolie as our Brand Ambassadors’

Jim ‘Nan you will need to begin giving interviews and have organized a whole set of media penetration to popularize your topic’

Nan ‘and relax Melissa as your patenting is in process.. yes now we co-own it right, so in next 2 months, have asked for production of nearly 1 million lotion ointments. Please think of formulae for making tablets too.. Plan another product back to back..

Melissa is zapped..

Jim ‘Morris has identified a broker, only a broker can help internationalization in big way’

Melissa ‘I am learning a lot.. Actually never knew all this’

Jim ‘We have helped you get the best of e commerce portal sites where we will be launching this product, plus TV / trailers and do you know what.. your ointment will be used in a Bollywood song to relieve pain from gangster’

Jim begins laughing

Manny ‘you will be surprised, your ointment is planned at 100$ for 20 mg.  100x 1Million. It is a 100M business and your research license is being given to over 40 manufacturers as of now globally. Big business dear’

Melissa ‘So does it mean university will get 4M$ every year at this rate?’

Jim ‘This is where research commercialization becomes a big hit. Use industry – academic collaboration and then Choo Mantar’

Melissa ‘What?’

Jim ‘It is Indian Slang.. Then stay back and enjoy. Begin researching on something else’

Melissa ‘Choo Mantar means?’

Jim ‘Magic’

3 months latter,

Jim ‘Melissa – product has excellent report..  we have identified a European partner for you’

Melissa ‘What for?’

Manny ‘She is my friend’s wife who is an orthopedic surgeon. Have involved her.. She has a list of network of all orthopedic surgeons in the world’

Nan comes in

Nan ‘And dear Melissa, I am giving 2% equity to her.. so you may also need to dilute your shared by 2%’

Melissa ‘What for?’

Nan ‘To give to Julie, the surgeon’

Melissa ‘From my share?’

Nan ‘In corporate business look at the investments we make, your research has competitors now.. so we are focusing on marketing.. Reaching out to distributors globally. Each orthopedic surgeon going to recommend your medicine.. Man big business.    5Million ointments and 1 Million tablets…  Who would have imagined a 600 Million Dollar business in just a span of 2 year’

Nan ‘and get ready to announce in media?’

Melissa ‘What?’

Jim ‘Nothing much.. Just announce that you are focusing on leukoderma research’

Melissa ‘Am not understanding that.. Am not also a specialist in that’

Jim ‘Dear Melissa, what is wrong in researching that.. you are a medicine scientist, a pharma expert. go ahead announce’

Melissa nervously announced the news..

1 month latter

Nan ‘Melissa you are a sweet girl. your announcement resulted in me getting over 100 enquiries. I by passed university spin offs and tied up with another researcher.. ‘

Melissa ‘So you used me?’

Nan ‘How can you say that.. it is joint collaboration. No jealousy dear’

Melissa ‘I never knew business is so cut throat, ruthless and as researcher am somehow never able to adjust to this’

Nan ‘Join school back, enjoy those royalties, I will pay you for those 8% equity’

Melissa gets 160M$ for exit..

She pumps the money into Morris’s venture of setting up Technology Park with state of art buildings in Srilanka and India and creates a venture fund too’

Nan calls Melissa up..

Nan ‘How are you Melissa’

Melissa ‘Fighting fit.. by the way, your leukoderma researcher, he has agreed to be advisor in a few manufacturing units incubated in Srilanka’

Nan begins laughing

Nan ‘So finally you are in corporate world’

Melissa “You didn’t give me any option.. I realized Internationalization is not a topic for researchers but to implement it practically. Hats of to all those theoretical models in place.. I realized with working with you that everything is fair in war, love and internationalization’











Ownership or Rentals

Own when we have surplus

Rent when we want growth

Own when we want Liberty

Rent when we want Security 

Life is such that one generation of family need to struggle to build an ownership asset for second generation to enjoy.

So there is a pain in creating those surpluses and to have liberty.

Entrepreneurs need to understand the essence of rentals in their ventures.

Moral of the story ‘Keep saving to build surpluses and own something of your own to get the liberty’