Why do we regret after a mistake?

“Do you regret?” Everyone is pin drop silent..

“Do you regret?”  Robert shrieks in the manufacturing concern

Every one looks down

He goes home and asks his wife Nancy

“Do you regret after a mistake?”

Nancy is silent

He shrieks “Nancy — am getting restless.. why are all silent to this question.. why expressions change.. why sometimes tear flows, sometime anger.. sometime mock happiness…. why ”

Nancy is silent

Robert “I made a bloody mistake of joining that company and a bigger mistake of marrying you”

Nancy is silent

Nancy smiles and says “I didn’t regret after this mistake of mine for marrying you but I regret after I made a mistake of praying to god to make you do something useful in life.. be an entrepreneur so that you know your true potential’

Robert is shocked and he then smiles ‘No wonder this question is bugging me for so much time.. Should I leave my company?”

Nancy “Just leave.. if you cannot grow for 10 years, remote chances you will ever grow in same company”