Why I fail always?

Jim ‘not sure.. my badluck.. again failed for 3rd time in competive exams’

Rock ‘all competive exams have a technique.. just learn that.. practice and all will be fine’

Jim ‘I really cannot study continuously.. only during exams’

Rock ‘do you know your problem?’

Jim ‘what?’

Rock ‘you are chasing a dream not meant for you.. Just chase the dream you wish.. work on those projects where your strength can be exploited.. and not just run behing things not meant for you’

Jim ‘are you sure.. Mom insisting to me for being in government jobs as they are secure’

Rock ‘you are secure only if you enjoy what you are doing.. else you can be a nervous wreck anywhere else’

Jim hugs Rock

Rock ‘why this hug?’

Jim ‘let your positive energies come to me and make me brave enough to face Mom’

Rock begins laughing.

Love and happiness

Love is mistaken for happiness by a diehard lover
Happiness is mistaken for love by a diehard lover
some think of sex as love, some think of friendship as love
some think of intimacy as love, some think of being together as love
love is 4 letter word and there are alternative slangs too which are 4 letter word
what is important is if you get a smile on your face,
you feel a gush of feelings to be together for few more moments,
you feel you can just be emotionally naked in front of your beloved expressing all your woes and again bringing a confident feeling of being loved.
if yes that that is happiness.
many find a way to make money out of love, to make love out of money
but the soul doesn’t get satisfied and clamors for soul being loved, the search for true soulmate continuous and then again when you return back home, you see parents, brothers, sisters, beloved, wife, 2nd wife, 2nd lover.. nth lover and their photo frames or whatsapp images of whatsoever and you feel happy that you are indeed a die hard romantic, who knows how to love, how to save self from breaking up and you again feel happy even if you are all alone.

Small matters

Lucky ‘why is it that you want me to remember you always?’

Alia ‘because God says if you remember God every day, God will try to remember you too every day’

Lucky ‘does it really matter?’

Alia ‘try this out.. in all ernest faith, remember someone.. surely one day that someone will come back to you’. It could be money, happiness, love, energy, studies… whatsoever small matters.

Little secret of life

Tom is a rich celebrity who is happily well settled, and though his last movie on social cause has failed.. Tom is not overtly disturbed..

Tom ‘Julie… experiments need to happen to break from routine’

Julie ‘as a hubby… I know you wish to break from routine’

Tom suddenly puts a break…

A small child is begging with a board ‘In only US$1.. you can save my father’s life’. Child is around 8 years.

Tom ‘who pushes you into this’

Child ‘my father…’

Tom ‘let me tell you a little secret of life’

Child ‘what?’

Tom ‘Never ever beg for anything.. the more you beg.. the more you become vulnerable… be debt free as much as possible’

Child ‘what is debt?’

Tom ‘loan taken from someone.. like today if I give you US$1.. you need to return me back US$3 by next 2 days’

Child ‘how?’

Tom ‘do you know cost of operations come to over US$10000.. It means you will need to beg 10000 times to get that amount.. and in this street.. not sure.. which vehicle will stop to give you money..can you take me to your father’

Child ‘ok’

Tom see’s the child’s father happily drunk

Tom ‘you should be ashamed of what you are doing.. don’t teach your child begging.. ‘

Tom ‘now the last litle secret child’

Child ‘what?’

Tom ‘work hard and give your father US$10 every day.. so that he is happy in what he is doing.. that is drinking.. but never ever support him for his hospital bills’

Succession Planning

Succession Planning – one of the topics which really has been close to heart where in many a time I wonder why there is no process nor systems in many companies to structure a successor roadmap.  Why do we prefer legacy over reality? Why do we prefer close friend over a distant professional? How much time it takes for someone to become comfortable? Is leadership earned or given by default? So many questions however answers need to be answered by self…

History begins with each ruler identifying a successor or some one brutally grabbing the kingdom or someone just offering the kingdom on platter to someone who seemed more capable..

King James ‘I never knew it would be such an issue’

Queen Eliza ‘Did you not realize it…. No kids is such a big issue in this world’

King James ‘so what if I was seen in multiple population control campaign.. trying to mobilize and create awareness’

Queen Eliza ‘the sperms could have flown.. I could have been a mother but alas’

King James ‘adopting someone and making him a successor.. is it a sin?’

Queen ‘unfortunately.. there is this Senior, Junior business in almost all fields.. All want Junior John but of real John’

King James ‘what should it be then .. Nepotism?’

Queen ‘we are in world where we debate about Nepotism but eventually all prefer their own blood and kins to benefit’

King James ‘a corporate policy.. that each senior ageing CEO grooms a successor for minimum 3 years and then observes that potential CEO for next 3 years.. so right age should be 40?’

Queen ‘To early.. let it be 45′

King James hugs Queen

James”and our adopted kid will then be groomed by the successor’