India  and The USA – A Prospective Partnership

By Vishal Kale

I use the word “prospective” with awareness and caution both –India-USA has so far shown only promise, some forward movement, with little realized benefit. And yet, despite this reality – in all Global Trade, it is probably the one Partnership that can develop into something that will stand the test of time. Therefore, let us take a balanced but succinct look at this Economic and Trade partnership along the 2 most important parameters that will coalesce to turn this into a defining partnership – namely, Economics / Trade & People 2 People contacts


  • Economics & Trade :
    1. While the problems remain – distance, worldview, technological gap, and more; but in this space there are many synergies that can be and are being successfully tapped. These range from Energy to Consumer Goods, spanning the entire chain of goods and services. Happily, the interchange is two-way. India presents a large market; the gap in the worldviews here is that USA looks at entering it from a profit perspective, while India wants to develop internal capabilities. Both positions are untenable for the reasons outlined below
    2. Business is a Give and Take. We Indians need to be more flexible in allowing access, as Business is always a for-profit undertaking. That means we have to provide greater flexibility to the US’ Companies. At the same time The USA has to be far more flexible in helping our companies develop through opportunities, skills, technology; in short – we offer the market, but also want investment {in terms of $, Technology both} in it, helping create jobs, skills internally. The US need for profit has to be balanced with the Indian need to develop strong a strong manufacturing base that has significant value-adds to the product lines it manufactured.
    3. There is movement on this front – as more and more companies take to India, like IBM which has an innovation center or Apple which is planning a facility in India. So, the future is bright; all it needs is deft handling and patience – the right initiation has now been done. As more and more organisations start look for alternatives to China, it places India-USA in a sweet spot.
    4. The task now is to gain forward momentum. That requires India to take a strong look at its enabling environment – time to set up, factor of production, duty structures, and more. This will help India to become an attractive destination point as a Global Center for Manufacturing and Services both.
  • People to People : This is by far the most promising part of the exercise undertaken in this article – given the long history of people to people contact through various means between India and the USA. This is being further strengthened by the US experiences in our neighbourhood, the Indian propensity to use English for Trade & Business – as well as the similarity of our political systems. Not only that – in terms of trade, the needs of the two countries are also complementary; all that is required is for both to adjust and compromise to reach a Win-Win scenaro. And the name of “compromise for win-win” is called doing business in a partnership.

US India relation

Brother ‘what is it that will make this relation tick’

Sister ‘only one focus China’

Brother ‘isn’t it weird.  we want the relation to build, but H1B too curbed’

Sister ‘it is only for few months. All will be fine’

Brother ‘will relations strengthen?’

Sister ‘please remember neighbors fight every day but eventually they get united’

Brother ‘so?’

Sister ‘the US India relation will always be good because of service model. The US China relation too will get better because of supply-chain model. For US to build a strong India or for India to build a strong supply chain, it needs investments to pour in from all quarters.. with election round the corner, this will take a bit more time.. but will happen’

I support

Love shrieks ‘why?’

Love shrieks why?
why it happens always
when never wanted always

Love shrieks why?
why I felt always
when I never wished always

Feelings can never be same
Emotions can never be same too
Love shrieks why?
why one wins and one looses
why heart cannot in unison
agree to all the wishes

Love shrieks why?
Why a partner seperates
when love needs the most
to be together

(Seperation is not a solution for an entrepreneur cofounder or partner or even in relation, more important to remain united and if at all break ups happen it is only because of deep hurt to heart, a betrayal of trust or nothing but some small ego, which makes individuals not communicate’

Stop it dear

Louisa ‘every day I need to take your nasty feedback, just because I am your wife’

Goldy ‘Louisa.. is it my fault.. I invested in your venture and tried to make you push ahead in life’

Louisa ‘I regret.. the day we took this decision, and it went through official angel network.. it looks like am in mercy of you’

Goldy ‘pressures from other investors to move ahead’

Louisa ‘entire charm of marriage lost.. nothing left.. when did you last hug me?’

Goldy remembers the college days

Goldy ‘you are so beautiful.. I will always be in love with you’

Louisa ‘Goldy.. it is not enough to just be romantic.. we need money for everything’

Goldy ‘love will make everthing a great success’

Louisa ‘dear start something soon’

Goldy ‘this app to make individuals unite for a cause will work well’

Louisa ‘why will anyone wish to unite for some causes.. that too free.. I really dont’ think it will do well

2 years later

Goldy ‘Louisa.. see the app exit fetched me 10M$.. let us marry’

Louisa hugs Goldy ‘Am proud of you’

Goldy ‘am investing 1M$ in an angel fund’

Louisa ‘do you feel I should leave my cushy job and experiment entrepreneurship’

Goldy ‘why not.. will talk with other investors..’

3 months later

Goldy ‘congrats.. you are now an entrepreneur’

Louisa ‘Can I take a pay from my venture’

Goldy ‘not right model.. you still think like an employee’

Lousia bursts ‘Goldy.. just because you became successful.. do not teach me’

Slowly the amount is spend excessively with no result.

Goldy ‘Louisa am fedup of you’

Louisa ‘exactly.. since past 2 years.. this same nonsense pressure’

Goldy ‘can I suggest?’

Louisa ‘you feel am not an entrepreneur and should exit’

Goldy ‘let us focus on our relation.. do exit’

Louisa bursts crying

Goldy hugs Louisa

Goldy ‘you were the one motivating me to do something.. but you have an employee mindset and you cannot withstand pressures.. hence I request you to agree to me.. if you still love me’

6 months later

Louisa ‘stop it dear.. you are continuously pampering me with so many icecream, chocolates.. please’

Goldy ‘my sweet wife..entrepreneurship is not everyone’s cup of tea’

Louisa ‘I really can understand that… am happy of being your wife’

Did I smell anything?

Frank is a bootlegger who always feels that is the best business in world. His 10 year kid Dow is not happy with the environment

At school, Dow makes an experiment with chemicals
Dow ‘so this is how it smells’

All burst out laughing. His Chemistry teacher Phil is annoyed and sad.

Phil ‘Dow.. what are you trying to do’

Dow ‘an alcoholic smell potent.. which will be put in small perfume pouches’

Phil ‘are you mad?’

Dow ‘I think so’

At home
Frank is hitting his mom.. and taking the last dollar for a bootlegging business

Dow ‘Mom.. look what I did’

Mother Jane slaps Dow

Jane ‘Dow.. so you are following your father’s footsteps’

Dow ‘Mom.. I want to check if we can replicate this using natural juices’

Jane ‘are you mad.. you are asking me to get into liquor business’

Dow ‘no.. the art is to have a potent mix which is never intoxicating and absolute safe.. just an aura of liquor’

Jane thinks over it..

Next day.. Jane and Dow go to a flower and fruit garden and begin experiments.

After almost a year

Frank ‘wow.. what an aura.. where is the liquor?’

Jane ‘see this is liquorless liquor.. you know what I mean’

Frank ‘common.. don’t act smart’

Dow ‘Dad.. tell me honestly.. let us wait for few hours.. and see if you can control yourself from taking liquor’

Dow, Dad and Jane are watching a popular tv serial..

Dow ‘Mom.. Serve Dad with some warm potato fry and also bring a glass for his liquor’

Dad ‘hey..i almost forgot it.. what you guys have made?’

Dow ‘nothing much.. am launching a startup.. liquorless liquor’

Dad ‘means.. is it drug? you will be punished’

Dow ‘100% safe.. am experimenting whether boozards love liquor or love the smell’

Frank ponders..

Frank ‘you have confused me.. and all who drink’

Dow ‘PASSION ignites thinking.. am learning there.. things which no one thought / dared.. the only true entertaining story telling for you’

Frank ‘who is it dear?’

Dow ‘uniting disoriented family is one of his goal’


Never ask a friend, why is he or she is a friend
Friendship just needs togetherness and not questions or answers

Happy friendship day..
Gender neutral… no more girl friend or boy friend..
have 1000s of boy friends and girl friends hence decided to remove the gender and only wish to all happy friendship day

Friends cannot be envious or jealous or fight to get more attention, so being friends is a bliss

Friendship brings in vigorous love and maybe more chemical reactions inside us to be with friends when in thick or thin.

Love quest

Love can conquer a heart if anyone thinks like a warrior
Love can build self esteem if anyone thinks like a true friend.

Shabana was too involved in her day to day work. Her husband Rafi is sad.. with couple of kids, father in law, mother in law, he feels he is instrumental in not providing the right environment to her for growth. A mechanic by profession, he struggles and gets around Rs1000/- US$15 per day approx. Managing home loan, vehicle loan, kids, parents.. he hardly has time for Shabana

Shabana ‘hey.. what you are thinking so much?’

Rafi ‘not sure.. are you happy with me?’

Shabana ‘why you feel so?’

Rafi ‘my self esteem getting dipped. I feel guilty.. You were a graduate and I could not do anything for you’

Shabana hugs Rafi ‘I love you very much Rafi.. do not worry so much’

Rafi ‘no.. I want you to do something of own’

Shabana ‘max I get 2 hours in day.. I sleep then’

Rafi ‘can you start a portal for mechanics.. I believe we need so many mechanics.. we can present their skills and then anyone can avail them.. we take a commission’

Rafi ‘will enrol you for web development class. spoke to a tutor’

Few days later

Rafi ‘Shabana.. your portal is so good.. I want you to now learn Digital marketing’

Few days later

Rafi ‘Shabana.. we are getting leads… now you initiate your own company’

Few months later

Rafi ‘Shabana.. you do not have time for me… I hope you take time for at least me’

Shabana ‘Rafi.. you have been a true good friend too’
Rafi ‘How much place I have in your heart?’
Shabana ‘All yours’


Sarah ‘Thanks for all the roses’
Mira ‘I know you love them’
Sarah ‘every day.. there are these duty full lovers purchasing them for their girl friends’
Mira ‘Never seen a girl gifting roses to boys’
Sarah ‘this is where the gender equality should shift.. roses can be used by girls and gifted to boys on valentine day’
Mira ‘now this is disruption’
Sarah ‘social disruption.. ‘
Sarah’s boy friend Rick comes in..
Mira ‘give him Rose’
Sarah gives rose to Rick..
Rick ‘where will I put them’
Sarah ‘a designer pocket.. just wait’
2 months later
Rick ‘the designer pocket is trending.. so many rose sellers are happy.. now boys and girls are gifting each other roses instead of cigarretes. Is it not a change’
Sarah hugs Rick

Why do all love bad men?

Mary ‘never understood why I loved him’

Sarah ‘me too’

Mary ‘is love so bad that it blinds our eyes’

Joseph ‘girls.. have been hearing your oonversation.. I also have similar notion.. why I married my wife.. she seriously cannot stop suspecting me.. I feel like a thief’

Mary ‘me too.. I feel he is always cheating on me’

Sarah ‘my guy has confirmed he has an affair’

Joseph ‘hey.. wait a minute… it means all of us have problems with our partners.. why should we not initiate private detective unit ‘

Sarah ‘not a bad idea… ‘

Mary ‘but we are deviating from topic.. why do we end up loving bad men’

Joseph ‘love is blind dear… heart doesn’t have eyes.. it can only feel hence’

Sarah ‘I loved him as he was so handsome’

Joseph ‘eyes help us enhance our lust and infatuations and then we mistake it for love’

Mary ‘what about your wife?’

Joseph ‘out of work model.. I still remember he those days.. picture perfect’

Mary ‘hello Joseph.. you seem lost’

Joseph ‘Hey I forgot.. it was her birthdy… want to give her redroses.. so much she loves it’

After he leaves

Mary ‘I do not mind if I get a guy like Joseph’

Sarah ‘me too’