6 years completed penning blog. I got an extensive support from all of you who have been reading my blogs, encouraging me to pen more. The first two years were just sort of 4-5 blogs per day too.
For me each blog is a story or a poem, with a few article/thoughts here and there..

The subsequent 4 years, I got focused on further fine tuning the PASSION FRAMEWORK. Largely to bring in INDUSTRY-Academic-NGO-Startup interfaces.

Today we have couple of USA /Canada startups availing our services.
Couple of Accelerator/Incubators availing our services
Many Local Startups seeking our guidance for marketing/digital marketing services/Project Management Services.

We have been rated on par with top most global accelerator programs with reference to competency development and at least score 5-6 / 10 metrics above global average.

Have evolved a model in which a startup can get initiated in just US$1000 and in US$4000, the startup literally gets interns/incubation service/management service/a product prototype MVP/ Experts.

500+ Mentors
2200+ potential entrepreneurs connected to us..

We are encouraging many to voluntarily become brand ambassadors for our initiative all over the world.
Not sure how many out here would really wish to join me in my mission, nevertheless heartfelt thanks.
Converting research topics into story formats itself has been challenging and depicting true life insights of fictious characters, sans any biographical motivations becomes another task.
Finally Engaging audience of diversified countries, the most important factor.

Startup dialog

“I am Krishna.. here on, will be referred as Startup, Am not the Lord.. just my parents gave me this name’

Startup ‘I am thoroughly confused.. investors want paying clients. Government introduced schemes and when I go there to check, they mention asset centric startups prefered as banks need protection’

Investor ‘I really cannot invest in individuals who just have PPT with them’

Startup ‘am confused, I thought you invest in great idea’

Investor ‘great proven idea’

Startup ‘it is then not innovation’

Investor ‘ok.. great proven innovative disruptive selling idea where you already made some money’

Startup ‘but I need to still sell’

Investor ‘ok.. I suggest look for accelerators who can invest in you’

1 month later

Startup ‘I approached many accelerators.. even they want paying models’

Investor ‘ok.. how well connected you are there’

Startup ‘I reached over 100 investors, 50 accelerators.. so I guess am well connected’

Investor ‘why don’t you join my company as incubation research facilitator’

Startup ‘not a bad idea.. thanks’

Krishna reaches home ‘it is an illusion world.. all having their own MAYA and LEELA’ for performances..

Krishna hugs his girlfriend Reena

Krishna ‘Reena.. I managed to get a job.. now onwards my worst ideas will also become investable.. crazy world this is. No incubation managers.. and we plan so many accelerator programs.. No banks willing to invest.. but we declare we will create employment opportunities.. come lets go and eat bread cream in some Irani restaurent.. . need to butter’

Happy Newyear 2019

As seed ceased to be favorite and many moved to series of series for funding, the entrepreneurs and the spirit of entrepreneur wondered, is it so cool to chase investor or is it better to chase your own dream, The dream of realizing your dream can be converted to some meaningful service or product for many… An impact which can help many get livelihood or if nothing else, revive the lost spirit of entrepreneurship with us.

Half educated, many didn’t have options but to be business men or strive on self for their livelihood. Came the buzz of startup.. and a research for innovation ended up becoming a venture just to bet on.. and keep betting on it and improving its valuation.

Life as it moved, from the very school, where we study with hope to get jobs, we could see multiple spin offs in form of startups. Investors galore began investing and it became a boon for quite some time, only to be jolted with a fact that all bets may not turn out to be success stories.

The challenge has been to disrupt the way of thought process of investors, the corporate CEO’s to understand that entrepreneurs may have their own set of positives and negatives and more important would be to help them sell genuinely and create a profit and see how the turnaround time to acquire customers improve.

With key focuses on marketing and performance management, I wish all startups to succeed in these focuses to bring in happiness to all stakeholders. Folks like us would be consultants to few, would be written off by few, would be needed by few and we as mentors or coach or guide keep pushing the goal to disrupt education. So what if I attempted writing stories and poems on entrepreneurship and it got viewed by over 98 countries, the attempt has been to disrupt education as story telling effort and then the experiment to convert the entire entrepreneurship ecosystem as game.

The year 2018, disrupted in form of having over 10 colleges having a willingness to experiment with me to set up entrepreneur ecosystem, with over 50 more willing to join this bandwagon. Not to mention a few interest from entire universities. With over 2000+ freshers extending their arms to get into deep learning and experimenting with Artificial intelligence to analyze the entire startup ecosystem, ensured, the whole startup accelerator program get converted to series of experiments and formulate hypothesis around it.

Got an extremely thumping response from over 150+ very senior industry professionals at CXO, Vice President, Adviser designations just to cite example, all from reputed premier institutes willing to concur and work on my framework for entrepreneur success. This moves to next level of serious efforts to improve the research quality and bring in industry-academic-NGO interface striving to work and understand various formulae for entrepreneur success.

Got opportunity to work on applying machine learning principles to understand deeper issues of women through an analysis of gender violence data from 1993 till date. It came with a felt need that any country need to strive to move beyond ME-TOO movement and focus on solving the root causes of various problems faced by children and women in all walks of life.

There were experiments conducted to avoid individuals come of their laptops and mobile sets and make use of toys and games to improve their aptitude and numeric capabilities. The whole focus on use of toys and games to become aids to school teachers and bring in enthusiasm in kids, took small part of me to child hood days where sans devices, too life continued.

With serious probing and mining data, consolidating the same through an architect framework, the experiments to make simple micro service architect approach to capture data from diverse applications, realized Artificial Intelligence is not so easy when it comes to huge publishing data sets in standard format, and it needs more deeper coding principles to be adapted for graphic analysis and remains a work in progress of 2019

2019 goals to focus on free and low cost skilling continues and at same time the focus to bring in a true entrepreneur ecosystem culture within Indian Institutes remain the major goal, and at same time remain truly committed to goals of quality and help companies in their quality goals of ISO 9001, 27001, CMMi and multi other standards and take few private incubators (example automotive focused) to next level of growth remains in wish list.

Wishing all a very happy look forward, prosperous new year.

As someone said, each busy person does have time to manage all the goals, if desired.

Keep working hard towards your goals and all the best.

Live Project

Sam ”this whole process of getting a job itself is a live project”

Madhuri ”yes.. staying in hostels.. eating road side.. and then hoping against hope.. searching for job”

Ram ”Why cannot we listen to him and just work on a project for change.. and see the miracle”

Sam ”seriously do you believe him?”

Madhuri ”I feel.. PASSION has the power to change.. if we pursue our goals passionately”

Nancy “Does it really work?”

Joy “Common the intent is right.. why will it fail.. as it is over 2 decades of research put on this.. and anyways rather then idling away..  he is putting us in right track”

James “Who is he?”

Madhuri “Not sure.. who is he.. someone somewhere… but surely will wish to get more focused”



Dr Joe is a skin specialist who believes that he can make even a crow look fair.

One day a startup founder Jim goes to his clinic…

Joe ‘hey your face is fully tanned.. I will recommend pills for you’

At evening Jim is surprised to read the tablet side effects ”potential skin cancer”

Jim begins reading all the medicine components and finds that sun protection creams too have this element if excessively used”

Jim rushes to Dr Joe..

Jim ”common.. you cannot experiment with human”

Dr Joe smiles..

Dr Joe ”dear face sells.. many want to look beautiful. It is like cigerate smoking is dangerous to health, same way excessive cosmetics is dangerous too”

Jim ”I guess.. you may need to just use orange peel, curd, honey and mix it or a combination of milk to remove tan”

Dr Joe ”Genius.. all through google right”

Jim ”yes”

Dr Joe ”Tanning is a process to protect your skin from UVR…  Ultra Violet Rays..  the only issue is when your skin keeps darkening further.. over pigmentation or you have sun burns”

Jim ”I do not want to eat those tablets at all”

Dr Joe ”Ok… Just apply fuller clay (multani mitti) flour for 10 minutes every night and get going”

After 5 months..

Jim comes up with a product ”TAN CLEAR” and meets Dr Joe

Dr Joe ”oh.. so now you have become medical representative”

Jim ”no.. I actually researched further and came up with my own product.. herbal one”

Dr Joe ”common.. not again.. network marketing?”

Jim ”No.. but it would be great if you recommend my product to patients”

Dr Joe ”smart boy… what commission?”

Jim ”50%”

Dr Joe ”cool… done”


Machine Learning

Samba ”why is Gabbar asking mathematical formulae so often. like how many existed, when is Holi etc”

Jose ”Samba.. relax.. I understand you have reborn and have a problem in mindset that you were Samba in last life..  I also watched that movie Sholay for you.. but you are in USA dear.. not in India’

Samba ”not really sure.. but I guess the machine learning started from that film’

Jose burst laughing

Jose ”an ace data scientist like you with a mental block of being reborn and now you tell you got inspired by Samba of Sholay?”

Samba ‘see in that movie.. Gabbar was trying to make robots of human..  he didnt want No for answer… he wanted automation.. he wanted intelligence in them…. he wanted guy like me to intelligently know what he wants”

Jose ”oh i see… so how you can know what I want?”

Samba shows him one report…

Jose ”hey common.. you cannot do this to me”

Samba bursts laughing

Jose ”how the heck you got to know that I still wet the bed at night and facing a disorder”

Samba ”Jose… machine learning is all about intelligently tracking you, your behavior, your pattern of search.. your likes, your dislikes, your comments in various social sites.. and then even your shopping pattern”

Jose ”these companies.. do they leak the data”

Samba ‘god knows.. but why were you searching diapers”

Jose sheepishly ”seriously it is becoming costly.. why cannot they come up with low cost diapers for senior citizens like me”

Samba shows him another report…

Jose ”wow.. all research on diapers.. what the heck it is..”

Samba ”In Sholay movie,  Gabbar understands Thakur’s strength and weaknesses.. he knows his hands are his power.. so…”

Jose ”so what…”

Samba ”Gabbar cuts his hands….”

Jose ”it is ridiculous analogy…”

Samba ”dear.. all are using machine learning only to cut each other’s strengths ok.. and understand weaknesses”



Dear All,

This is to inform that soon bloggers will be replaced with automotive bots.. the bots just need  your theme genre, characters, the theme highlight, the location, the sponsor products and that is it…  a blog gets created automatically.

At at event Joy is bashed for this and all mention ‘creativity cannot be replaced with automation’

Joy ‘i agree.. hence this product is creatively designed to replace individuals and that way you will get interesting stories from the blogging product’

Maria ”is it not trying to push automation into heart of people’

Joy ”do you know we dont need clerks..  we need nothing.. just program an annual expense projection and map all your credit card to that product.. at each swipe, intelligently it will go to various budget category.. and no need to worry on tax returns.. it will do it for you’

Maria ‘so in nutshell creating more jobless folks’

Joy ‘common.. mechanism of planning life too exists.. automation can make your heart think and fall in love to only ones whose chemistry matches.. IoT interventions you know.. so…

Rose ”Joy.. wish you had done this before.. at least we both could have saved ourselves from not being with each other for even 1 day”

All burst laughing

Joy ”automation.. will do everything.. ”

Maria ”are we wishing to have robots coming as babies from womb?”

Joy ‘not really but there is a mythology belief that Abhimanyu was taught how to get into war when he was in womb.. the Indian mythology so”

Harish ‘he got caught and died too”

Joy ”innovation begins when a research fails…  just imagine your kid programmed by you”

Sofia ”Joy.. the conference ended way back.. all left.. why you so obsessed with automation”

Sofia suddenly sees a softened Joy..

Joy ”see the whole industry wants automation.. so am going by the trend.. however I feel the beauty of simplicity is being lost.. the hardwork becomes meaningless.. all want 24/7 zombies..”

Sofia kisses Joy in his lips..

Joy ‘not sure.. if this too will get automated one day”

Both burst laughing