Spelling Mistakes

Mary ‘As I get older.. I am forgetting words.. a few years back an investor and today am just about nothing.. No excitement left..  beyond a point.. adding more 0s to bank balances really do not make difference’

Rob ‘Am making a software to correct spelling mistakes’

Mary ‘common.. so many have done it all’

Rob ‘Just a typo mistake ‘It’s all over to  Love you forever’ and creates so many misunderstandings and even breaks not smooth’

Mary ‘oh.. contextual spelling mistakes?’

Rob ‘forget it.. do not wish to bore you with all this..  tell me what you wish from me?’

Mary ‘Can you codify all words with just icons like how emoicons emerged’

Rob ‘sure.. why not.. and we initiate an emoicon school?’

Mary ‘time to move away from alphabets and numbers unless needed really’

Rob ‘why so?’

Mary ‘primary education more then enough.. rest all iconic’

Rob ‘why this story named Spelling Mistakes?’

Mary ‘hey is it a story penned around it? ridiculous?’

Rob ‘we human make notes of all alphabets, words, character’s and icons too but fail to understand human emotions in real form. So cool to put a I love you icon without even meaning it.. so cool to mention ‘ilu or fu or whatsoever.. we distort words as per our convenience and then.. ‘

Mary ‘and then it is better to forget words for ever’


Toilet Problem

Jenny ‘why is there no toilets planned for women in this world specifically in cities’

Sam ‘we have shopping malls dear’

Jenny ‘this is ridiculous.. rely on metro stations, rely on some public common toilet’

Sam ‘each city has its own problem’

Jenny ‘hope folks hear this real pain point.. do you know so many urinary incontinence issues.. am highlighting a real pain point.. hope to see innovations around this soon’