When Saturn Met Sun..

Saturn had rings all over and decided to rush push all planets and meet Sun..

Sun ‘You are my son.. Don’t hurry.. else I will ensure you are the slowest moving planet in this universe’

Saturn ‘Dad, I just wished to see my father and here you are hurting me’

Sun ‘Discipline is most important.. Never break rules’

Saturn ‘Ok Dad, from today onwards who ever will break rules, I will punish them. I will punish who ever are in hurry or better still I will tempt people to bad path too and good path too. If the person moves the bad way and will begin breaking many rules, soon that person will be caught in my rings and I will punish them’

Sun looks zapped

Sun ‘I never thought you would take my message so seriously. I was only grooming you and you decided to groom the whole universe?’

Saturn ‘I believe discipline enhances personality of a man. I should test the man for his patience and similarly a woman too..’

Sun ‘Do you feel people will believe you?’

Saturn ‘When things will go wrong in a person’s life every 7 and 1/2 years and every time I will enter the opposite side of their life I will expose people of what they really are. All ego’s, money, assets everything which they earned will vanish if they were not disciplined in their life. You told me to not rush. I will not rush.. I will slowly and surely make a person realize that being down to earth, humble, law abiding and compassionate will give an individual more reward’

Sun ‘Any proofs?’

Saturn ‘Check out all great personalities who are respected in this earth, all have my influences’

Sun ‘What about richness?’

Saturn ‘My friend Venus is responsible for bestowing wealth, only if I decide that the person should be rewarded’

Sun ‘What about education?’

Saturn ‘Primary education is given by my philosopher guide Jupiter. I don’t like his style so teach people life in different way’

Saturn ‘Unique style of teaching. I love it.. Hope entrepreneurs get my message and even ones who get dejected or hurt or robbed, remember you had broken some rule and some point of time in your life and am just helping you realize your mistake’