love can sing

Love can sing in a bathroom

Love can sing in an empty room

Love can sing in an open garden

So whomsoever falls in room,

one of the symptoms is to

catch them mumbling in bathroom, open garden or an empty room

and with dabs of smiles, selfies and bliss ful thought of

receiving some sweet nothings in form of song from their beloved

so what if the lyrics only has word love and hugs and kisses

whatsoever they are.. still they bring blush to face

and a heat filled to want more of such words as lyrics in a song



Waterless Emotions

Still as she stands

Lifeless as she feels

Just the otherday

Everything around her blossomed

Just moments ago.. everything crashed..

Why no tears if it had to?

Why no feelings if it had to?

All good things come to an end..

All bad things too come to an end..

So why to cry over something bad

She remains lifeless just for a moment

A next bright morning

She again smiles

Greeting life with open arm


Love forgives all but self

Love forgives all but self

Humans as such may fall in love with many things at same time but as the heart has to choose and leave some.. feelings of sorrow begin.. we do not wish to forgive self for not choosing the best if we realize what we chose was not the best.

Feeling Love

Smiling Love

Love rains feelings

Feelings flood Heart

Enjoy being with beloved who care for you in rainy days..



Life Baggages

I came on earth alone and realized I have few  baggage of relation already with me

was in cradle, when I got surrounded by few more new entrants and more baggage

My brain kept wondering why all this attention of me getting milk and food in time..

Soon happily prancing, I was seeing the nature in different colors, wondering why it happens

Teachers coming and going in crammed little classes teaching me maths and science

history, geography, environment and English. Life literally had a baggage to carry

A school bag moving over shoulders.. sometimes on head.. sometimes dragging

Life was all about going to school and adding baggage of teachers, information and books.

Soon found life was getting complex.. It was not as simple as it would be

Sometimes I would get easily.. sometimes nothing.. and again a baggage of pride and loss

Life became a bit colorful.. teenage galore.. dressing to impress..

beautiful little girls.. all around.. wondering  why they whispered.. why they giggled

Why they missed me.. not for love.. but for forgetting I too existed

Shy and timid.. the baggage of so many more strangers in my mind..

Heart was getting full… Brain too crammed with more higher studies information

Watching Movies.. again those stories crammed into mind..

Simple Living.. in mountains.. watching nature… was it possible

God put me into urban busy life where  I got used to various transports

and carriers of life and then some new relation built

Some love and losses, Some hate and wins.. life had by now so many baggage

I could not think or dream of carrying on my own

Some vomited on me.. I too vomited on others.. my stories

their stories and again an emotional baggage of binding and love

Career coming.. more competitors.. more colleagues.. all the more stories

all the more truths.. all the more bitter lessons of life

Saving money.. assets.. built.. sometimes facebook.. sometimes twitter

Seeking source to vomit.. unwinding baggage

All the more.. more information.. more data.. and my life was crammed

I searched for light.. I found it was me only.. the light of truth

Truth that life is a lesson of baggage to understand what remains at end is only garbage of us..  What remains longer in mind of people is our baggage of stories.. Something good

Something real.. something unique…

Unique Experience… a startup for you to rewind your past and vomit it all..

So what if am a dust bin or an info bin.. I am your bin.. dear

my lovely Angels.. if we can vomit all in front of god

if we can unleash all in media

Why not try to reduce our baggage of waste

the one which is of no use to us and paste an Instagram

of our  unused data .. be it book or hoardings

boarding or item.. all for sale

Past memories as stories for sale too

If anyone wishes to separate out from us

Just put a board ‘Separate soon but carry your baggage too

all your memories. all the stories.. everything around you

if you can.. and if you cannot.. do not overload self

and me by bringing one more entity in form of baggage or

clutter of baggage to overload self all over again


Some story writers love humor.. some love compassion

some love thriller and some love romance

I love PASSION as it is my baggage created by me

as a baggage planet full of stories and philosophy of life

and experiences of a human who by default is an entrepreneur

being put under valuation test by unknown and then so many others

and who knows when.. I will be valued truly..

Don’t you all feel you need to be valued rightly by all around you?

I do love your smiles and include them in baggage of love.







Rose is an ace technology architect and she specializes in middleware solutions..
One day Joseph her college mate meets her in conference. He is Mathematics professor in college..

Joseph ‘you look the same.. beautiful’
Rose ‘thanks.. how are you?’

Joseph ‘mathematics and calculus and integration and so on’

Rose ‘cool.. I am a solutions architect’

Joseph ‘wow..’

Rose ‘married?’

Joseph ‘single.. and happy.. what about you?’

Rose ‘my boy friend is in London.. so distance love’

Joseph ‘mathematics is all about binding elements and either filtering or aggregating the data’

Rose ‘means’

Joseph ‘it means that you decide in life whom you wish to be.. and choose friends, beloved by filtering and then you decide the professional contacts, friends and even casual friends and connect them in Linked In and Facebook.. Mathematics is most important aspect in providing solutions to problems’

Rose ‘not sure.. i was weak in maths.. you too know that’

Joseph ‘yes.. hence reminded you dear… and do you know what’

Rose ‘I know you used to flirt with me by sending me maths puzzles of relationship… like giving me 20 roses and asking me how many petals would you return back to me as love’

Joseph blushes

Rose ‘you never changed.. same type’

Joseph ‘how are you providing solutions without maths?’

Rose ‘these days we pick up components, integrate and important to choose components’

Joseph ‘what about latency, speed, communication?’

Rose ‘feature lists available dear in google’

Joseph ‘hence you chose that guy and ignored me.. may be I detail things out too much’

Rose ‘yes Joseph.. each topic of conversation would get converted to maths.. an equation’

Joseph ‘what equation you have with me?’

Rose ‘Joseph + Rose = Disaster’

Joseph ‘Incorrect’

Joseph ‘Joseph + Rose = Rose + Joseph’

Joseph ‘Relation equations are tough to understand. They keep dynamically changing.. hence the numerators and denominators play an important role..

Joseph ‘to strengthen relation.. an infinity is needed and to weaken a relation just a zero’

Rose is silent

Joseph ‘what is the use of distance relation if communication gaps exist, speed is unknown, consistency unknown, reliability unknown..’

Rose has drops of tears as she remembers her argument with her London boy friend

Joseph hugs Rose

Joseph ‘Solution Providers need to understand details of architect.. the maths behind a solution.. everything will go well’

Rose ‘Joseph.. you were always brilliant.. but I never found you romantic’

Joseph ‘romance is all about positive vibes moving between two objects.. it leads to factorial increase in love’

Joseph ‘a big rose to you.. accept me now’

Rose ‘what else do you do?’

Joseph ‘I am initiating a data analytic startup too.. cheers’

Rose ‘Am sure you will do well’

Joseph ‘will you be with me ?’

Rose ‘let me think over it…’

Joseph ‘if any relation goes bad.. mend it or break it.. nothing between.. digital technology works only on 0 or 1’

Rose begins laughing ‘you are again back to maths’