lovely reasons

sometimes we see only reasons for interaction and without realizing what we see, we hear and feel what we hear was always true till someone speaks and we realize any mistake should be pardoned if it is a for a cause and any love should be celebrated if it again is a for a cause
love sees no reasons, no seasons but just makes us feel happy or sad because that is what love is meant to do..


Rose is an ace technology architect and she specializes in middleware solutions..
One day Joseph her college mate meets her in conference. He is Mathematics professor in college..

Joseph ‘you look the same.. beautiful’
Rose ‘thanks.. how are you?’

Joseph ‘mathematics and calculus and integration and so on’

Rose ‘cool.. I am a solutions architect’

Joseph ‘wow..’

Rose ‘married?’

Joseph ‘single.. and happy.. what about you?’

Rose ‘my boy friend is in London.. so distance love’

Joseph ‘mathematics is all about binding elements and either filtering or aggregating the data’

Rose ‘means’

Joseph ‘it means that you decide in life whom you wish to be.. and choose friends, beloved by filtering and then you decide the professional contacts, friends and even casual friends and connect them in Linked In and Facebook.. Mathematics is most important aspect in providing solutions to problems’

Rose ‘not sure.. i was weak in maths.. you too know that’

Joseph ‘yes.. hence reminded you dear… and do you know what’

Rose ‘I know you used to flirt with me by sending me maths puzzles of relationship… like giving me 20 roses and asking me how many petals would you return back to me as love’

Joseph blushes

Rose ‘you never changed.. same type’

Joseph ‘how are you providing solutions without maths?’

Rose ‘these days we pick up components, integrate and important to choose components’

Joseph ‘what about latency, speed, communication?’

Rose ‘feature lists available dear in google’

Joseph ‘hence you chose that guy and ignored me.. may be I detail things out too much’

Rose ‘yes Joseph.. each topic of conversation would get converted to maths.. an equation’

Joseph ‘what equation you have with me?’

Rose ‘Joseph + Rose = Disaster’

Joseph ‘Incorrect’

Joseph ‘Joseph + Rose = Rose + Joseph’

Joseph ‘Relation equations are tough to understand. They keep dynamically changing.. hence the numerators and denominators play an important role..

Joseph ‘to strengthen relation.. an infinity is needed and to weaken a relation just a zero’

Rose is silent

Joseph ‘what is the use of distance relation if communication gaps exist, speed is unknown, consistency unknown, reliability unknown..’

Rose has drops of tears as she remembers her argument with her London boy friend

Joseph hugs Rose

Joseph ‘Solution Providers need to understand details of architect.. the maths behind a solution.. everything will go well’

Rose ‘Joseph.. you were always brilliant.. but I never found you romantic’

Joseph ‘romance is all about positive vibes moving between two objects.. it leads to factorial increase in love’

Joseph ‘a big rose to you.. accept me now’

Rose ‘what else do you do?’

Joseph ‘I am initiating a data analytic startup too.. cheers’

Rose ‘Am sure you will do well’

Joseph ‘will you be with me ?’

Rose ‘let me think over it…’

Joseph ‘if any relation goes bad.. mend it or break it.. nothing between.. digital technology works only on 0 or 1’

Rose begins laughing ‘you are again back to maths’

Love fever

What can you do about a college infested with love fever

each individual in the college has a partner.

Mary the Dean is in love with Peter who is Co Dean

Peter ‘Mary.. not sure what will happen when the owner finds this issue. She is unmarried for decades’

Mary ‘simple.. let us invite her.. I firmly believe love virus grows from our college. I will invite my grandpa who is single too’

Peter begins laughing..

Peter ‘common it is an odd combination.. let us test it’

Mary calls her grandpa Henry to stay with her

Peter calls the owner Sarah to visit college and check on performances..

Sarah comes to the college and finds students in pair studying..

Sarah ‘this is strange.. Are they couples joined together?’

Peter “No.. but we feel our college is haunted since last 1 year and some love god has infested this with love virus’

Sarah ‘this is most absurd thought and you believe in it being college dean’

Peter ‘I didn’t but i fell in love with Mary at first sight’

Sarah ‘common.. you ought to be kidding’

Peter ‘Mary has her grandpa come from Sweden.. Invited us for dinner.. can you accomodate’

Sarah ‘ofcourse’

Evening time Sarah who is around 60 years comes in her best pink dress

The door is opened by Henry who wears a cow boy hat with boots aged around 68…

Henry ‘welcome MAM to our nest’

Henry ‘you look extremely beautiful’

Peter and Mary are giggling from behind.

Sarah gets conscious.. her face is red.. she never experienced such flirting atmosphere since age she left her college

Sarah ‘common .. you are flirting with me.. I don’t like it’

Henry ‘harmless flirting.. I actually feel we are made for each other’

Sarah ‘really? how you felt so?’

Henry ‘the mole in your upper lip.. and my mole in opposite side of upper lip.. if they meet.. love will blossom’

Sarah gets uncomfortable

Mary rushes to get water to Sarah

Sarah ‘I have leave’

Next day Sarah see’s a huge flower vase on her door with a message ‘I LOVE YOU HENRY’

Sarah ‘is this college really haunted? why?’

2 days latter news flash


Huge number of diehard lovers, depressed lovers, frustrated lovers, single, double, alone, together all begin providing feedback on twitter, facebook for a week induction to courses..

VIctoria college is suddenly becoming prosperous…

The owner’s nephew Jerry smiles and talks to his friends

Jerry ‘operation successful.. we had to make this college successful at all cost.. so I ensured each guy and girl, professors and co workers all fell in love.. Created situation for them.. Made the atmosphere romantic. Being the college representative, my girl friend Nancy helped me in this mission’

Nancy ‘Entrepreneurship can become successful because of love too’

Jerry ‘Let this be a secret between only us’

Nancy ‘next what?’

Jerry ‘we have got requirements from Torronto,  India and China.. some ailing colleges want our help on how to grow them fast’

Nancy ‘great.. should we seed fund LOVE FEVER PROJECT’

Jerry ‘Are you crazy? any fever doesn’t need investment.. money comes automatically to cure that fever’

Nancy hugs Jerry and coyly says ‘hence i fell in love with you in this college when I saw you’

Jerry ‘common now don’t make me believe that this college is indeed haunted’

Am I falling in Love with something?


Heavy Heart beats




Thinking continuously about the entity

Want to be with the entity always”

Sarah ‘Common Derik you keep thinking on topics of love’

Derik ‘Sarah.. common someone can fall in love with their dream or venture too”

Sarah “But there is a way to say.. why all these terms”

Derik ‘going to pitch is like DHAK DHAK KARNE LAGA’

Sarah ‘what is this now?’

Derik ‘I saw one bollywood movie which has this song and when probed realized DHAK DHAK KARNE LAGA means heart is beating faster”

Sarah burst our laughing

Sarah ‘my die hard romantic buddy, reserve this romance for your beloved’

Derik ‘Aati kya khandala’

Sarah ‘what is this now’

Derik ‘In my previous visit, i heard one actor saying this to his girl friend. It means can you come to a tourist location’

Sarah blushes

Derik ‘Sarah.. blushes too happen during PITCH SESSIONS’

Sarah ‘when?’

Derik ‘when some investor says your project was the best and when a potential entrepreneur hug their beloved who shriek loudly and say ‘So sweet'”

Declaration of Love

Sony “I love you Jack.. Am announcing this in front of all my staff today’

Jack subordinate Manager to Sony is shocked. Sony is an Ace Entrepreneur and working hard for her focuses on data analytic tool.

Jack has just graduated from his college and used to be a close friend to Sony but always maintained a distance from her.

Jack walks away from the hall.

After a big pause, the entire 50 staff members give a big clap..

Sony ‘Enjoy the party which I called, just to declare my love’

Next morning Jack places his resignation

Sony ‘Why so?’

Jack ‘Sometimes in life, if you wish to be with that person for life, ensure that person is not your boss at work as anyways she will be boss at home’

Sony ‘Will I loose a good resource?’

Jack ‘You need to decide what suits you..’

Sony pauses for a while and accepts the resignation letter

Jack ‘Are you sure about your declaration’

Sony ‘Common 50 of my staff members .. Will I be kidding’

Sony ‘What you plan to do?’

Jack ‘Start a music Ecommerce site soon’

Sony ‘Can we go for dinner today?’

Jack ‘Sure.. let us celebrate love without up man ship and begin loving each other all the more from today’

Jack ‘Never mix love and work together at work place’

Sony pauses

Sony ‘I disagree but you could be right. Am hopelessly romantic’



Love Changes Everything

please don’t be so sad.. I know you are missing me.. but then all love stories have separation.. I didn’t plan it.. it had to happen.. else how would you experience emotions, intensity, passion , feelings.. how would you then not remember good moments too though I know you would first wish to only remember bitter memories.. Love happens many times, true love few times and each time true love happens, it means separation. Dear all please..please decide now on do you wish to love truly or only love as true love means separation, only love means continuous romance and if you don’t wish to loose that person, just be friends.. only friends.. so I stop giving you redroses (they have become expensive), pink roses (let the youngsters use them), yellow roses (I feel it looks good in bushes only) and I don’t wish you to leave me permanently so no white roses to you.. only smile dear.. only smile.. nothing else… will you accept me as friend after all this drama????????????

Joy wants to understand what his girl friend Julie wants from him?

Julie looks surprised and says ‘I think it is better not to think so much and only get more romantic at least now’

Begging Puzzle

Misha was a reputed beggar in  NY. She had a chain of beggars connected to her..

Misha ‘Every one gives us 1 $ per day.. and if I have 1000 beggars spread across this state and may be NJ, we should be making 1000$ every day and may be we build a corpus of 500 per day.. 500 x 30 work day = 15000$ per month..

James “My name is popular and many celebrities too have my name but then next what?’

Misha ‘I got around 100$ from an investor who was in NY Startup Meet”

Rosy “So?”

Misha :”He suggested I become an Angel Investor”

All begin laughing

Misha ‘Am serious, why beggars cannot contribute to a nation. It is because we are jobless, helpless, shelter less, we seek alms.  That investor appreciated my network and said just begin saving funds and come out of this begging profession’

Rosy “Do you feel it will ever happen’

Misha “He has asked me to make a social proposal and send it”

James “It is puzzling. He is asking you to be Investor and also Entrepreneur”

Misha ‘Yes.. He finds I have potential. I have that aggression for raising funds so he has also offered me a job”

James ‘Hope he doesn’t make you his girl friend”

Misha blushes “Not so soon. You know I am bad in handling men.. ”

Rosy “So he is making you accountable for all the money given to us by various people”

Misha “yes.. he told something about crowd funding.. not sure what it is”

Misha gets a SMS from the investor

Misha reads “Anything given with clean heart will give only good results and if you get something from someone ensure you give blessings and pray for that person’s welfare all the more’

Misha has drops of tears

Rosy ‘Misha don’t get emotional now. I know that beggar Joseph from other lane cheated you and didn’t pay you a dime.. Only don’t curse him from now on”

Misha hugs Rosy

Misha “Rosy you alone understand me and now this Investor.. I feel I have begun loving him”

Rosy “This is your problem you can fall in love any minute and you can get out of love any minute”

Aplomb Blogging

James holds a blogging competition.. His contention is that quality writing needs a clear thought process

Gina ‘James, in today’s world it is all about mix and remix. Old Wine in New Bottle. Where is the clarity?’

James ‘Let us check how folks perform. Ours is the largest blogging website, so I guess there will surely be creative folks’

Gina ‘and also those network marketing bloggers’

James ‘Nothing wrong in promoting their products. It gives gainful employment to many.. Flexibility too’

Xania from China who has joined this company.. pitches in ‘And in China, blogging trend needs to be cultivated more. We enjoy reading but more of family stories, love stories’

All begin laughing..

What should be the key to a blogger

James ‘Self confidence and Self Confidence. Aplomb Blogging’

Gina ‘What is it?’

James ‘She just brushed past me, the fragrance remained in my heart and mind as I pondered when she can again breeze past me and I would just hold her hand and ask her to my beloved for ever’

Gina looks surprised

Xania ‘How romantic’

James ‘Precisely blogging should reach a person’s heart’

Soon enough the competition is held and they find only 5% of bloggers are creative, 50% willing to share knowledge and news, 30% network blogging, 15% advertisement and promotion and 5% story writers

Wow is this statistics true?

James ‘Am sure folks are analyzing all this. This is only data analytics’

James ‘Xania, romance is a thought process. just imagine am gifting you a rose today and think we are soon going to be on date’

Xania blushes

Gina ‘Don’t be a shameless flirt’

James ‘I mean it. I need to take Xania for a date. This will help her cultivate an habit for blogging. She can share that experience’

Xania’s face is full red

James ‘Ok Xania, catch you in evening’