Startup Death

James ”seriously I feel the product design is not in shape.. we need to think over it’

Sam ”Sir as you are the CEO, let me tell you, the backend database is miserable’

James ”can we change it?”

Sam ”yes.. in 2 weeks”

James ”excellent go ahead”

2 weeks later

James ”hey.. what happened even the existing application has broke”

Sam ”Sir.. the configuration management resource was on leave.. so our developers ended up working on same code.. and we find the new backend database is a big challenge”

James gets angry….

Sam ”and by mistake they deployed the code in production environment too”

James ”all of you are pretty careless. you are CTO.. I did not expect such gross carelessness from you”

Sam ”Sorry Sir.. however want to inform you that because of this gross mishap.. I wish to leave the company”

James “áre you crazy?”

Before James can talk further, Sam has left the company

James calls his secretary and yells ”seriously.. startup CTO’s need to be thoroughly checked for their longetivity within company.. He just made mess and left ”

Secretary ”Sir.. why you listened to his advice?”

James ”common who would know whether he is right or wrong.. Am not technical”

James ”just give all other 4 staff 1 month salary and we will shut this mess up”

Secretary ”ok Sir”






Startup Boss

Boss you need to understand you are working for a startup.. You will need to work in less salary.. should boot strap your venture and then also ensure you build loads of traffic and think disruptive and then multi task and then.. then.. you should be willing to work 24/7.. and keep growing…

you should remember it is all temporary.. you will need to sell boss.. give away what you did to some other venture.. or … or… grow.. seek more funds.. and then.. then.. be prepared for more Directors in board room questioning you.. does and don’ts

Startup… Startup Country??

What is happening? Is the country not progressed at all.. is all this business, small business.. micro business.. road side business not startups?

What is then a startup?

Someone having an idea.. attending a competition.. if passed.. get some funds.. and then.. be invested.. Is it not cool? Better option then to be job less

But what about seniors…

Cool buddy.. be advisors… be mentors… so what if you have signed employment contracts..  in that it is mentioned.. you should not indulge in any trading.. nothing.. no competition.. non compete clause.. and and… you will not get experience certificate if you decide to start..

a legal case could be put on you….

why then an entrepreneur when they become business person get so insecure to not have a competitor within same company…

a tea shop person looks at so many tea shops all around and owner smiles. and says ‘boss… people will come to me as they love me.. am street smart, charming  and know to reach in heart of people.. and taste my tea.. it is best.. I give 2$ worth for every 1$ I charge.. no compromise in quality…

boss.. where are the funds for next round.. job again… then.. lessons learnt..

What is startup nation?

A nation with 1000 plus year history trying to do soul searching.. and the one’s who know the game trying to sell their ventures for better valuation and of course.. we need to bring in innovation.. and all..

but will someone invest 100M$ in country to build research laboratories, ready for experiments.. ready for losses if the innovation fails.. and ready for investing in road side entrepreneurs..

Be part of team to build strong entrepreneur eco system…

My job is to coach and build entrepreneurs.. style could be different but if purpose gets served.. why not….

Entrepreneurship cannot be taught.. ?

It can be.. but if experienced.. learning becomes real life education for future entrepreneurs…





Chums Chaos

A, B, C,D,E,F are great friends. All are having their own business and now want to start something new

A ‘we need to do for sure.. but I will have to continue with consulting, so it would be great if E sits and represents us’

B ‘i agree’

C ‘I too’

D ‘yes it should work’

F ‘I too can be with E full time’

E ‘can we discuss on equity’

B ‘needless to say split equally’

F ‘smart guys.. but E and me will be front ending, leaving our jobs.. what about our regular salary’

C and B look at each other

C ‘i thought we were boot strapping it’

F ‘my dear friend.. boot strapping means leaving all your consulting/ jobs etc and being fully engrossed in the company’

5 days latter

E ‘hey guys.. i and F we are co founding the company and we will put you as advisors’

A,, B, C and D echo ‘best of lucks’


Jolie made a classic mistake of be friending a competitor company’s HR..

She was a very sincere, hard working girl.. working as HR in a company..

She accidently bumps into Morris HR of an adjacent incubated company..

Morris ‘Hey are you working in this IT park’

Jolie ‘Yes.. Am at ROSEBOX..’

Morris ‘Oh am in INC Consulting

Morris ‘HR’

Jolie ‘Me too HR’

Slowly they develop a very close rapport till the Chief Architect from Jolie’s company decides to switch over..

Ronald her boss calls her….

Ronald ‘You are aware Avi has submitted resignation. Do you know where he is going?’

Jolie ‘He mentioned INC’

Ronald ‘You never informed me about your friendship with the company HR. Look we lost a candidate’

Jolie ‘I never knew he would leave us’

Ronald ‘It is a big mistake.. ‘

Jolie ‘I never knew mere interaction with near by company HR becomes a mistake’

Ronald ‘Hope you don’t reveal our other employee details, salary etc’

Jolie ‘Don’t you trust me?’

Ronald ‘I trust but just hoping..’

Jolie ‘I will then quit’

Ronald ‘I never said you to leave’

Jolie ‘You have stamped me as traitor’

Ronald ‘If you feel so.. then yes’