Newton a great funny guy whose name was coined after great scientist Newton never knew till date, why he was named Newton..

His mother Freida mentioned to him

‘every action has an equal and opposite reaction’

Newton wondered why

Freida ‘your father Joy always had failed experiments in life.. hence feel you can one day come up with a new formulae’

Newton ‘am a funny guy.. and not also a scientist.. how will it come..  will i need to wait for apples to fall over me?’

Freida ‘see.. i have only one hope.. one day you contribute a new formula to man kind’

Newton ‘not possible MoM.. . too many formulae floating everywhere..’

Newton leaves home to take some solace near his favorite water spot..

Newton looks at sky and sees clusters of star.. at night time they look too beautiful..

again he pauses… and sees stars cluttering further and some distant stars shining too

Newton wonders ‘is proximity a parameter for successful relation? what happens in virtual world..  why two people can just chat continuously and may bind so well.. that they feel close to each other… is proximity having correlation to time..’

Newtons’ best friend Georgia steps besides him..

Georgia is a mathematics professor.. who feels Newton has good sharp thought process. so should do well’

Georgia ‘you.. murmuring proximity and all that’ and plants a kiss on Newton’s lips

Newton ‘is proximity being physical next to each other.. or is it mental wavelength?’

Georgia ‘time is always playing crucial role in all formulae till date..’

Newton ‘proximity introduces flux.. it introduces increases something…  big brand attracts big customers.. big pull and so on.. hey isn’t the real Newton the original scientist talking about mass and distance..

Either increase mass or reduce distance…


It mean… staying closer to customer can also generate business.. staying in heart of people can also generate love… so what can be a simple formulae

Growth =  Relation/  (Distance between you and your prospect))^2

It means if the distance is less, your relation is going to grow more stronger..


If distance is too large.. growth will be less..

so virtual world is all about reducing distance..

Georgia ‘but what about your mom etc.. the one’s in physical world… they will get distant away from you’

Newton ‘ok let us scrap this formulae.. am still to think further like Newton Sir.. i actually prefer being normal human and only know how to reach in someone’s heart.. i guess am in yours and mom’s heart.. hope someone will evolve some formula someday’

At home

Mom ‘Georgia told me you are evolving a formulae… please.. focus on that.. i know am in your heart.. my relation great with you… but think something new… think something’

Newton puts hand over his head and looks upward

‘Father.. why you trying to make me a scientist.. when am just normal human’

Mom ‘it is his strong desire.. he went up.. his prayers will make you create a formulae one day’




Stubborn Entrepreneur Algorithm

Rob is just not able to adjust with his fellow employees. Adamant on his approach to technology.. he feels his routing algorithm is great… His colleague Joy is fed up.. his team members fed up…

Rob ‘please do as I said.. am not going to bargain.. the algorithm needs to solve the nearest neighbor hood problem’

Joy ‘how many neighbors you ever met in your life? do you feel all will interact with you.. this is a meaningless technique’

Rob is shocked

Rob ‘what… are you debating on a technique used so widely by so many folks in world’

Joy ‘common dear…  why is Philedelpia more evolved then NJ.. why will one person want to even stop at NJ, if no business exists?’

Rob ‘do not confuse me.. ok..   you need to know the value nearest neighbor gets into table’

Joy ‘please add more parameters and then evolve that algorithm.. am fed up with your one dimensional thinking’

Rob ‘you want to leave?’

Joy ‘just because all of us are stuck… am not leaving.. vesting period’

Rob ‘then do as I said’

Joy  ‘The nearest neighbour algorithm was one of the first algorithm used to determine a solution to the traveling sales man problem In it, the salesman starts at a random city and repeatedly visits the nearest city until all have been visited. It quickly yields a short tour, but usually not the optimal one.

Rob ‘common do not tell me theories now’

Joy ‘unfortunately we do not wish to understand distance of relation.. how close you are to your wife? how close you are to me? how close you are to investor? how close you are to reality of life? how you solve your own nearest neighbor algorithm?’

Rob is silent…

Rob ‘agreed have a broken heart.. agreed I fight with you.. agreed I feel Investor needs to be given value… but…’

Joy ‘hence I said dear.. nearest neighbor algorithm needs multi dimensions embedded for meaningful results.. all these data scientists really understand only data.. but science behind it.. needs human inferences.. so finally human alone decides what is right or what is wrong.. our soul similarly.. so the nearest neighbor to you is your soul… always begin from there.. then heart.. then mind.. then everything.. but when new characters come in your life.. the same heart and mind gets confused with too many links… so stay focused dear..  our job is to remove excessive links

so days of UN LINKING will come too shortly. Your happiness lies in what is nearest but what we always try to do is reach to farthest by grabbing all nearest points and use them, trample them and reach to farthest… A greedy algorithm’







Manny is a mathematician who loves numbers.. his friend Rob is a psychologist.. One day both decide to make a game for NERDS

Manny ‘let us make cuboid’

Rob ‘how many rows and columns?’

Manny ‘just 2 x 2’

Rob ‘fine’

Manny  ‘Now add labels’

Rob ‘Introvert and Extrovert as column labels and  Entrepreneur and Mentor as row labels”

Manny ‘cool’

Rob     ‘Do you know the unfortunate truth of life is that we need the sum to be 4

In below examples..  it is 3 or 2..

So whenever we are trying to solve a complex problem.. understand the context and break into cuboids

In present situation the expectations is sum = 4 with max 2 as sum of rows or columns.

But in many cases.. you will need a different sum value..

Introvert Extrovert
Entrepreneur 1 1
Mentor 1 0
Introvert Extrovert
Entrepreneur 0 1
Mentor 1 0
Introvert Extrovert
Entrepreneur 1 0
Mentor 0 1

It means when you make a team, do not try to have same personality traits work together.. you will be heading for a disaster.

as the truth of life is opposite poles attract and similar poles repel



Mathematics of Emotions

A tear drop fell as Susan helplessly wondered when will George have time for her.

George ‘it is 20 drops and then the sprinkled flow.. the force was a bit uneven’

Susan ‘George.. why mathematics in this’

George the mathematician always felt everything is maths in this world.

George ‘as you lost those 20 drops.. the earth gained water. Everything balances out.. Minimum 1 million individuals in this earth may be crying every day.. it means 20 drops of water on average.. do you know the water generated.. the volumes’

Susan shakes George up…

Susan ‘George.. why am i in love with you.. you are crazy.. weird.. still not sure.. what makes me hold on to you’

George ‘bonds.. our heart has built strong bond.. the integrated bond cannot differentiate values.. hence we look unified to others.. but if we put a mathematical formulae to our love

Our love = (our physical mass) x emotions ^ speed of light

Susan ‘George.. mathematics is tough. Now you introducing science’

George ‘your mom failed to understand economics of love.. more the demand.. less the supply.. and vice versa.. hence your father seperated from her’

Susan has more drops oozing out..

George ‘if ever anyone kisses anyone.. the number of membranes which get touched.. ‘

Susan ‘common I know you are weak in biology.. don’t do such stupid talks’

George ‘infinite contacts happen during a kiss. hence binding becomes more special.. then normal eye contact’

Susan hugs George.. and kisses him on his lips

George ‘i have to now focus on abstract algebra.. everything is hypothesis..   Susan kissed george, it means she loves George.. (null hypthesis)..  now who will prove and reject this statement..

Susan ‘you.. as you have hammered me with so much maths that I know you will prove I do not love you’

George ‘funny girl.. you know I will exit and still you hold on to me’

Susan ‘because you are a special unique creature.. very simple in heart.. hence’

George ‘I used to hate divisions and multiplications.. but now I divide my love. between maths and you.. i multiply my love for maths and you by asking you more mathematical questions..

Why is it that your heart beats heavily..when you are near me?

How many beats were heavy and how many normal..

Susan has left to prepare food with a weird look

Susan has adjusted to her boy friend’s madness.. hence her relation survives..  hope all do that. for companion support.. tolerate each other’






Bob hits out at Romel for spelling out ‘Intolerance’ in a public dias.

Romel ‘Dear Bob, I agree you are the most ideal individual who is an example of tolerance. I am just talking about my startup INTOLERANCE’

Bob ‘common here the whole world is talking of Intolerance and the pains seen everywhere for numerous number of conflicts and you talk of a startup INTOLERANCE’

Romel ‘Sir.. Intolerance startup will be a causal analysis solution expert company with a dash of Infographics’

Bob ‘whatsoever…. can you help us understand what are the cause and effects of this INTOLERANCE trend?’

Romel ‘anything which hurts sentiments of human leads to intolerance if the sentiments are hurt in excess. example if you will keep hitting a silent animal, the animal will react. It is Newton’s law sir..  and then the impact follows Einstein’s theory of Relativity. The sentiment waves move with splash of light .. and’

Bob ‘dear.. are you are preacher, teacher, politician or what?’

Romel ‘PASSION FRAMEWORK .. an amalgamation of science, fiction, technology and entertainment.. enjoy the essence of it.. don’t think too much. Life is all about forgetting and forgiving and all is well then’



Jenny brings a doll at home as she feels lucky charms would come to her and she decides to keep that for 1 month at her home. Reasons: She is informed by the magician that the doll needs to be immersed in water after 1 month.

She is 25 years, newly wed bride of Rob who is most of time drunk

Religiously she takes care of doll. All her family members get attached to it..

On 30th day.. she immerses the doll in water..

Jenny gets a call

Rob ‘good news for you.. you have got a new designation and around 10000$ increment’

Jenny jumps with joy..

Jenny ‘Sam.. i told you that doll will bring luck…’

Sam ‘it is good to see a belief becoming trust’

Jenny is now 40 and she has many ups and downs in between in her life

Jenny gets the doll again.. and she finds many in her vicinity have begun believing in doll and practicing it as ritual.

Looking at this practice, the country embassy decides to ban this tradition

Jenny ‘this is ridiculous as so many believe this’

Jenny calls her friend in India ‘Saurabh

Saurabh laughs and says ‘do you really feel the doll brings luck?’

Jenny ‘yes’

Saurabh ‘I too believe that our god brings intelligence, wealth and power to not only me but entire family and world..  we too have somewhat a similar tradition but do you know what.. we play loud music, have it more as festive season and then at end…’

Jenny ‘what’

Saurabh ‘i will share a picture’

Jenny is shocked

Saurabh ‘so many idols all thrown, broken.. very sad feeling you get.. We immerse something with a hope that something positive comes out of that…  we at times even don’t cross road if a cat crosses.. and then…’

Jenny ‘what?’

Saurabh ‘my pet cat was crossing the road.. a car moved back.. and ‘

Jenny ‘what?’

Saurabh ‘it hit me.. and I had a bad leg injury.. almost gone.. just recovered from hospital’

Jenny ‘who did that’

Saurabh ‘my own wife..’

Jenny ‘this is crazy’

Saurabh ‘we need to realize that all such rituals only indicate that we need to adjust with new events, new entities in our life and also love them and when they leave you.. realize life is definite, love is infinite so keep loving all around you including that cat whom you feel will harm you but in reality you end up harming self.. ‘

Jenny ‘what next?’

Saurabh ‘am making a website on SUPER BELIEFS where each person gets an opportunity to pen a story which makes any one believe that super natural does exist and there will be a forum discussing on scientific theories around that.. In case no one arrives at scientific theory.. it means there is some power above all of us which governs us for what we do.. In case some scientific theory arrives.. it improves our knowledge in science’

Jenny ‘wow.. great idea’

Saurabh ‘catch you later’.. he closes the skype and watches the red color all over the sand near the sea shore’

Maths of Development

Zora is a teacher who spreads love..

She mentions love is like a flow from tap.. each drop can add to the volume of love.

Integration is all about area calculations…

Her friend Susan is a teacher who teaches history and geography..

She looks at Zora who is addressing her class with students listening to Zora with good attention…

Susan steps in…

Zora ‘hey class is going on’

Susan ‘Just to add to your bit’

Susan ‘Do you know when the boundaries were getting defined in this world, no one knew the influence of human, animals, plants and environment which would impact the geographical location and hence areas have larger influence of human from same society, caste, color, creed got demarcated. Differentiation came in’

Zora ‘and now our whole attempt is to integrated those slices’

Student ‘It means integration is reverse of differentiation?’

Zora and Susan  ‘Absolutely..’

Student ‘Why differentiation needed to be taught?’

Susan ‘because demarcations happen slowly and surely.. the hate doses in human is in slow form. No one hates anyone right from day one..  So as love gets collected from tap.. small doses of hate comes in because of society, caste, color, creed and volume of love is soon differentiated, boundaries are defined’

Student ‘It is too much philosophy behind this Maths’

Zora ‘hence mathematics is important for human’

Student ‘Divide we fall, United we win’

after the class, Zora’s husband Rafi who is an entrepreneur comes to school

Both Zora and Susan discussing Maths

Rafi ‘how does calculus impact an entrepreneur?’

Zora ‘make your product in iterative manner.. that is integration.. small slices added to make whole piece’

Susan ‘differentiate your products and group homogeneous feature list in one group.. creating such groups are nothing but creating multiple modules..  So you first create a story of product, break them into homogeneous groups and then implement each group either phase wise or together’

Rafi is zapped

Rafi ‘dear both, I feel like a novice. you folks expert’

Susan ‘Mathematics is used everywhere.. hence we love maths’