International Entrepreneurship

All who wish to focus on international entrepreneurship, need to have following protocols..

  1.  Have a brand ambassador for self identified
  2.  Need to identify right partners who can represent you in a particular country
  3. Have an attractive commission model planned out
  4. Ensure ethics maintained in transaction flow
  5. Understand the country statutory rules and regulations
  6. Price the product reasonable enough to attract clients
  7. Ensure product has good security precautions taken…

and most important ”never cheat your client “

People’s Combinator

Am pleased to announce a mission driven approach to improve resource skills for IT industry initially and subsequently will be applicable for other industries.

Free training in quality and advanced skillsets Data Science..

Includes Six Sigma, Machine Learning,  Project Management Principles, Security, Requirement Gathering…

It is an experiment to promote negligle or low cost education and unlike other free training platforms, here it will be personally driven by me and over period of time will include multiple mentors who wish to be part of this FREE EDUCATION MOVEMENT.

Am also in process of providing Digital and Finance Literacy program to an entire village with support of a college and village (county) head…

So wish more and more individuals begin getting connected with me for a global cause of education desimination.

Please note, there is an excellent work done by multiple universities and colleges, but unfortunately have never seen this content awareness being spread in rural /small town students.. So here onwards the mission begins to educate people, for people, by people, to people.

Please note an app has been built, and will encourage resources to download the same and be connected with me on various projects where the resources can contribute their skills.

For advanced trainings, we will be recommeding candidates to right training institutes..



Start to finish

Start to finish is a race played by a group of entrepreneurs in Philippines.. A popular one

where a group of startups will spend 1 week to identify common pain points in local market, 1 week to build solution. 1 week to test the same and 1 week to market test..

One of strange problem is put forth to Jack the chief of this game

Jack ‘how to reduce robbery in the bylane’

Jack ‘interesting.. who wishes to work on this problem’

James ‘we…’

Jack ‘James.. identify other bylanes where this problem exists.. if we have more then 5.. you are game for this project’

James ‘already completed market research’

Jack ‘what is your solution?’

James ‘2 security guards managing bylanes.. and an amazing innovation.. whenever a person is standing for more then 10 minutes in same place.. a focused light through from top..(A device empaneled rotating and scanning for people’

Jack ‘what is the implementation cost…’

James ‘100$’

Jack ‘who will pay?’

James ‘each house in those bylanes pay only US$10 per month.. and with 200 houses.. we get US$2000 and we pay US$1000 to the security guard.. so a profit of near 100 percent’

Jack ‘cool… the start to finish game begins’

One month later..

James ‘100 bylanes empaneled with us…  raising seed fund soon’


Startup Dowry

Startup Dowry invites all senior prospective father-in-laws and mother-in-laws, brothers and sisters who wish to settle their sons or daughters to become an investor with an equity of 26% on any venture initiated by husband or wife.. and both will be joint founders..

Sami ‘hey this is madness.. do you think our tradition will disrupt this way’

Mama ‘dear.. we have heard of folks skyrocketing and asking fanciful funds for a good groom match.. why to pay them through property purchase or gold or anything.. let them have a startup.. we become investors.. legally the groom gets funded.. and in term sheet put a clause ‘will loose venture if groom moves our of bride’s life in first 7 years.. and groom has to scale up the venture in 1 year time.. and more funds (dowry) will be provided.

Sami’s sister Sridevi is zapped..

Sridevi ‘why will a groom take so much pressure?’

Mama ‘1M$ investment is not small amount dear’

Sridevi ‘do you think such things will work out’

Mama ‘so many pressurize so many even in these days…  why not this venture’

Sridevi ‘lol.. grooms would ask money for property, gold etc.. and these days for startups’

Sri’s friend Lisa who is hearing this fun pitches in

Lisa ‘does such system still prevail??  here we never do such things’

Sri ‘we are tuned to think too much from security perspective.. hence all that money for security..  hence…’

Lisa ‘god bless STARTUP DOWRY.. I guess it will have huge number of NGO against such concepts..’

Sri ‘Mama.. hope you are in senses’

Mama is snoring loudly…

Sri ‘Mama is strange.. drunk a bit.. but worried always.. about me.. no wonder such crazy thoughts flash in mind’



VC Message

Message when it reaches without an envelope indicates transparency.

Message when encoded and encrypted or password protected indicates security

Joy the Venture Capitalist smiled and addressed the young budding entrepreneurs’

“We cannot sign confidentiality agreements with each entrepreneurs, so realize what you send is an open envelope.

“We have you to sign the term sheet as this gives us security and protects the investments.”

Hope all here realize this message

Smart City

Smart City creators

1) An intelligent bus which will never collide with any vehicle

2) A vehicle which will never go beyond speed levels

3) A toilet available ever 200 meters with ecofriendly lighting and an inbuilt security and e-ticket to avail the service

4) More noise coming out of the society.. an auto alarm voice being heard ‘control noise.. control noise’

5) An organic compost creator in each house to recycle wet waste

6) A 5 minute signal for crossing the road (not seen in any developing country or not in use)

7) A centralized health record system for tracking your health history..

the list goes on an on as many entrepreneurs getting into creating smart cities

Dacoit Entrepreneur

Robin used to watch Robin Hood Movies and was very much fascinated by rich man robbing wealth from rich individuals and distributing it to poor.

He creates a project Dacoit where any person can put a costly item which he or she lost and he will have his own logic to resolve the robbery.

His mom Mary feels it is a risky project.. as it means dealing with thieves and robbers. Above all the police.

He gets an assignment of a diamond ring which is lost.. The lady in question lost it when she was in loo.  Robin announces his site and publicizes it quite well ‘The only site which can recover lost items. All thieves welcome to share techniques of robbery’

Soon enough he gets loads of tips / techniques published on different type of robbery and there he finds a particular tip which matches the way the diamond ring got robbed..

After 3 months, the ring is handed over to the lady.. She gives 25% of that value to Robin. He shares 50% of it with the person who helped him get the ring and ensures 20% of the money is distributed to poor.

His mode of operations come under question…

Robin’s site is blocked… and Robin decides to write a book ‘1000 ways of cheating’ which is best seller

He gets contract from a security service provider to provide solutions to mitigate risks of cheating…

1 year latter

Robin is in the top most elevator pitch

‘Guys and Gals.. hope you remember me.. The Dacoit Entrepreneur.. My intention was not to teach robbery but hold attention of criminals and focus them to look at my site…  The site got blocked and banned but no one bothered to check on the million IP addresses globally which kept flooding the site with tips, tricks and techniques to rob and other 25% on tips and tricks to avoid getting cheated’

All are slient

One investor  ‘We don’t propagate such type of projects’

Other investors ‘Our CEO called you as guest and we respect at that’

The CEO comes and Robin surprised… She is Angel.. the one whose ring had got lost

Angel ‘It was a 20M$ ring. I lied you.. I paid you only US$10000 and neither you nor the robber who robbed it actually realized that worth’

Angel ‘I realized hoarding a gift from my husband who only satisfied my materialistic pursuits is of no use.. So I sold that diamond and set up an accelerator and investment corpus. Am going to fund you for the security control venture where you have expressed you can sae small items from getting robbed’

Robin smiles

Robin ‘Is telling lies equivalent to robbery? Are al of us not dacoits in small way?’

Angel ‘God gave us tongue to talk and eat..  Sometimes small lies to save bigger cause is alright as long as the lie doesn’t create grave consequences’

Robin ‘Do all the entrepreneurs and investors sitting out here only speak truth?’

angel ‘Transperancy and honesty is what is appreciated.. Even if you lied.. Be honest to admit it’