Do I owe you anything?

Sam is a happy go lucky guy.. full in love with his parents aged 65 and 70 respectively..

One day father Rahul gets a heart attack and he is gone for ever leaving behing Sam and his mom..

Sam is 25, and as his mom struggled to have kid.. it was after near 2 decade, he came on earth with god’s grace..

Needless to say Radha , his mom loves Sam tremendously..

Sam.. is Shyam.. who has moved over to USA and has removed HY to make the name more familiar..

One day Sam gets a frantic call from his mom

Radha ”Sam.. you have never told me, that you removed me from the bank account joint holder ? the bank refused to give me even money..  ”

Sam ”Mom.. relax.. my girl friend Somya felt.. better to have control right away rather then getting into settling all that.. ”

Radha ”smart girl.. so she is ensuring no complexity comes when am dead”

Sam ”nothing like that mom”

Radha “how should I fend then?”

Sam ‘See I will try to send US$100 per month.. it will be in my common friend”s account and he will give you in cash”

Radha remembers the struggle to have Sam reach earth..

Radha ‘seriously.. a name I thought would make you be like the most beloved Lord and I regret naming you Shyam too”

Sam ”hey relax mom..  why are you so worried. am there to look after you”

Radha ”how is your startup doing?”

Sam ”excellent Mom.. just raised US$2M”

Radha ”Am happy.  ”

Sam ”am still your kid mom.. just understand why am doing so.. just to ensure no complexities come in account handling”

Radha ”Do I owe you anything further?”

Sam is silent..

The phone is disconnected.

(This piece of writing is absolute fiction.. no relevance, coincidence with dead or alive and not intended to hurt any religious or any sentiments..  It is just a trend observed where kids are not taking care of their elders..  not sure why? but it is really sadenning to see elders wiping away their entire funds to groom kids, train and educate them and subsequently only to land themselves in mess..

wake up call for all elders to be careful and ensure everything is in your hand till you live and keep loving your kids all the way.. do not go overboard in emotions and repent later”

For youngsters : look at all the years of your life.. Friendship day also means being friends with your parents. I am sure all are friends.. if not, tomorrow is another opportunity for you

Happy friendship day

My little puppy

My little puppy.. keeps moving hear and there..

at corners, it tries to pee

and then I clean it up..

My little puppy… wags its tail to happily..

just a few years back..

her mom chirpy had met with a nasty accident..

she was just trying to cross the road.. to save her kid

my little puppy.. smiling all the way

it feels happy as there is someone to care for it…

My little puppy teaches me a lesson

‘care if possible to whomsoever around you.

smile is the best gift the cared person will return’



A ‘for sentiment values I never reject gift’

B ‘for sentiment reasons, I still retain him at work’

C ‘for sentiment understanding, I need to probe at what is important to you’

A and B ‘how?’

C ‘want to understand which web site you browse most, which actors you love.. and an auto favourite pop up coming’

A and B ‘wow’

C ‘developing this component now.. participating in Idea competition’

A and B ‘we will use this’

C ‘getting back to PASSION FRAMEWORK. loads of things to do’


Soda Echoes

Louisa ‘When I grab all kind of crap, Soda is my only solution’

Treza ‘When I feel a cramp in my legs, only Soda’

Jeff ‘As I rush and push through those deserts, a wash with Soda rejuvenates me’

Chris “Soda all the way.. Hope our campaign succeeds’

Louisa ‘It should, after all we have experimented pomegranate with Soda for first time’

Chris ‘Not sure.. if people like that flavor.. All this while Apple, Cranberry, Mulberry, Rasberry, Strawberry, Peach, Green Apple, all sorts of flavor used’

Louisa ‘Pomegranate helps improve blood circulation’

Chris ‘Do you know story behind my SODA business?’

Louisa ‘No’

10 years back, my mom was having huge cramps in her leg.. I got scared.. As I was alone, didn’t know why she was twisting her stomach.. so I called up Doctor. He just informed me to relax and give lime water with Soda.. Luckily my father who is confirmed alcoholic had loads of Soda Water, so just took that and gave it to Mom’

Louisa ‘You gave her Liquor?’

Chris ‘No, only SODA.. and then 2 years latter on her death bed, she informed me that start SODA business, it will help many and more over can save my money too as my father gulps countless glasses of liquor.. He seems to have huge stamina’

Till then Chris’s father Rob comes in fully drunk

Rob blurbs..

Rob ‘Boy.. am proud of you.. only you can understand a true boozard’s sentiments’

Rob ‘Please ferment that juice for a month and we sell Pomegranate Wine;

Louisa looks at Chris

Chris ‘Now if it your last wish Dad, will also start that activity’

Rob ‘You RASCAL… Not going to land in grave soon.. I am your partner in this business.. Will make tons of Wine and will export it all over’

Chris puts hand over his head…

Chris ‘Strange destiny I have.. Caught in Soda Woes and it echoes inside my stomach even now’