Search Engine

Search Engine for fuel

Search Engine for energy

Search Engine for movement

Search Engine for its reliability to give you assured results.

Human brain is such that if they research over something, it is already existing

If human imitates, they are labeled copy cat

If human innovates and no one is aware of its value, they are called mad

If others appreciate you, thunderous applause comes all of sudden

Mad person becomes sane person and if these applauses go viral

A mad person can become celebrity too and at times worshipped too

Search engine optimization can make anyone a celebrity

so what if the sane person who was labeled mad initially and got applauded later actually is caught in this web madness of twitter, facebook, linkedin, tumblr and next what..?

god knows some blog too

didn’t it mention search engine.. (engine is our brain and we are trying to search something there.. our identify.. our existence and so what if till then people call us MAD

MAD = My Adorable Darling too


Boost Me

Samuel ‘Boost Me Now… I need to give 1 Million Hits, 75 Thousand Likes and 25 Thousand dislikes’

SEO expert Jane ‘didn’t get your logic.. why would you want so many dislikes’

Samuel ‘else folks will feel, I have paid money for this traffic’

Jane ‘do you wish any comments too’

Samuel ‘obviously.. and please ensure no comments related to my personal life..  My exclusive dating site.. only for that I need this count.. Wish to have all this before my pitch presentation’

Jane ‘but are you willing to pay for this service?’

Samuel ‘I cannot afford dear.. you are my close friend.. hence requesting you.. I can give you a 5% equity in my venture’

Jane ‘but it will cost me much more.. I suggest at least give me 1000$. Leave the rest to me’

Samuel ‘done.. what will be your strategy?’

Jane ‘will launch blind date module within your site. I already have that piece’

Samuel ‘and??’

Jane ‘I have good network professionals.. they only keep liking and disliking blogs or site or give review comments.. Will ask them to personally help them’

Month later

Samuel ‘you made my date.. got invested..’

Jane ‘do you know there are some blogs like PASSION FRAMEWORK which has over 98 country viewership sans any SEO /promotion purely by content..  I suggest you to read some of those blog writeups and promote that too’

Samuel ‘why is their traffic dipping?’

Jane ‘consistently they have been performing for 2 years which is amazing, but even movie watcher traffic decreases in 2nd or 3rd week of release.. and here is good 770 days sustenance.. In nutshell celebrating 108th week’

Samuel ‘do you know those guys?’

Jane ‘fiction world in real world.. just promote it, if you like it’



Business Truth

Business Truth is a group which shares real time honest stories of business struggles.

A brief snap shot of struggles

1) No working capital for next month

(She was my co founder and I agreed to her style of flamboyant expenses for client parties and we never got the order but did loose loads of money on parties

2) Key Resource left suddenly

(She left suddenly dear.. no clue.. She had great impact on investors so where is she now)

3) Competitor seeped in

(She has started another venture with similar concept.. so now what needs to be done)

4) Decided to expand and then realized too much investments done

(I realized I tried to do too many things at single go so along with her flamboyant expenses, I too made mistakes..

5) Failed product feature

(She had made the product feature list, I believed in her, never conducted product tests, market tests.. so it failed. She is smart, she is now hiring a professional company to test her concept._

6) No product buzz created

I relied on her to do marketing, do promote the concept using SEO, Social Media Sites, Advertisements but alas she was engrossed pushing her brand self

Jack suddenly stops penning it.. and realizes that story telling can be non sequential too..

Jack ‘Am I a good story writer or is it penned from heart.. If only my co founder Anne reads this and understands what I felt when she ditched me for ever.’