A festival is celebrated for a reason.
A birthday is celebrated for a reason
A party is given for a reason
What about an individual who believes in giving party for no reason…
Sam loved giving parties. His startup GELLWITHALL has been doing well. What is missing in his life is some good companion…
Sam meets Madhuri a bright researcher from India in one of party. She has tagged Susan the high profile socielite.
Madhuri ‘why do you squander money’
Sam ‘do you know in each of these parties, there are opportunities for networking, business deals..’
Madhuri ‘I feel.. without a purpose, life is meaningless’
Sam sighs..
Sam ‘an ageing bull with no cow at sight’
Madhuri smiles..
Madhuri ‘do you know that victory is sense of achievement. I see you look proud of your achievements in giving party.. I see you feel that you have won a battle’
Sam ‘sort of.. but till date never found an avid observer like you’
Madhuri ‘victory of good over evil.. why don’t you create this theme party?’
Sam ‘this is absurd.. it means someone will be in bad group.. some in good’
Madhuri ‘you have a vice.. i have.. no one is perfect.. why cannot we pledge to leave one vice every year?’
Sam ‘common sheer madness..’
Sam announces an attention..
Sam ‘ladies and gentlemen.. are you open to pledge giving up a vice and stay in control for 2 weeks?’
All wonder..and burst out laughing..
Rob ‘no parties for 2 week’
Sam ‘that is not done.. vice means smoking, drinking, bad mouthing, witch hunt, sitting idle, sleeping late, waking late and so on’
Madhuri ‘let us jot down a list now of all volunteers participating in this’
Soon they have 20 participants..
2 weeks latter
Madhuri is looking gorgeous
Sam ‘Madhuri.. 20 years age difference between us’
Madhuri smiles..
Sam ‘so.. what is the result.. who stayed in control. who didn’t.. need honest answers’
Madhuri soon finds 5 of 20 participants stayed in control..
Sam ‘great.. so let us have another milestone for next party..’
Madhuri ‘Sam.. am a social entrepreneur and this is an experential learning’
Sam ‘Madhuri.. you were silent on me informing the age gap’
Madhuri ‘not yet ready for any type of relation.. had bad parenting.. so’
Sam ‘but we can be good friends?’
Madhuri ‘hope so.. victory over emotions too is important to evolve as good human’
Sam ‘you are too serious’
Madhuri burst laughing..
Madhuri ‘never spill the bean of secrecy if you wish to conquer the world..’
Sam ‘like good old age.. when wars would come unannounced’
Madhuri ‘yes.. to win a lady’s heart.. a man should be a good gentleman for good old 20 years’
Sam ‘common.. i would be 65 then’
Madhuri ‘but you forget that i will be your friend for 20 years.. is it not victory?’
Sam smiles..and says cheers and gets to dancing floor and dances with Madhuri.

Concept Note

If you have an idea to pitch to an accelerator or incubator, please begin preparing concept notes right away.

I can also help you.

Concept Notes needs to be very brief

  1. What is your Idea?
  2. How will it reach to target audience? Business Model?
  3. What technology / product are you planning?
  4. Cost of the product / technology development? with break up of each activity
  5. Cost of Marketing? with break up of each activity
  6. Price offered to end customer for product / service
  7. Top 5 Competitor Pricing / Feature list comparison
  8. Projection of cash flows (Revenue / Expenses per month) for a year
  9. Founder Profile
  10. Founder Reference

Shared Assets and Service

Rose never asked why people touched her, hurt her,. but a morning dew drop conveyed everything. She wanted to be fresh and hope all realized that

Lily never asked why people wanted to seek massage from her.. but a morning dew drop conveyed everything. She wanted to change her business one day.

Why do some businesses looked down upon? It is because they tend to harm health.

Any business which can damage one’s health is bad business

Any business which can damage one’s health is the most successful business

Anything in excess hurts many..

Shared Assets and Services.. not sure how many get hurt everyday.. sometime physically, sometime emotionally, sometime brutally..

Dear All Rose is not a Prostitute, nor is Lily a Massage Owner

Rose is the touch button display and Lily the wearable internet of thing watch’

Philip ‘Don’t joke.. Rose is indeed a prostitute and Lily a Massage Expert’

Pop ‘Do you really care.. for human or for assets..’

All in the class silent.. at Bangkok University

Pop ‘We abuse assets.. same way they too human.. we should respect them.. and make them motivated to be happy’

A student asks ‘how?’

Pop ‘For 2 months let them do some new business.. just let them relax’

Student ‘this is strange.. you even discuss their business in this class of entrepreneurship?’

Pop ‘Servers, Hard Disk, Floppy.. all get de fragmented.. same way human.. not only Rose, Lily.. but all.. hence it is important for folks to meditate, bring their soul to singular form and then begin working afresh’

Pop ‘love your body and mind and heart and relax first.. stop thinking of fiction like Rose and Lily.. you are a rose and lily too so take care of your health’

Business Models…

Develop product and identify distributors to sell it.

Identify distributors and sell multiple products

Develop services around product support

Develop service franchisee model

Provide resources on hourly basis

Provide resource on weekly basis / monthly basis

Time sharing infrastructure

Time sharing resources

Project based executions

Identify resources for project or service execution

Research based executions

Process and Security Audits

Process implementaton

free bee



Charles Loves Transparency

Charles is an up coming entrepreneur who loves to be transparent to his employees as well as Investors.

One day Investor Joe calls Charles for a discussion..

Joe ‘Charles.. can you inflate your sales.. It helps gets more round of funds’

Charles ‘what?..

Joe ‘Charles.. it is business.. your e mart business has huge traffic but doesn’t generate into figures’

Charles ‘I know that’

Joe ‘Just get some more customers for name sake and show partnership’

Charles ‘this is undone.. I love transparency’

Joe ‘Jump of cliff and never come up. Don’t you understand we love our entrepreneurs to be transparent to us but finally each business has dictum.. Nothing is lies till it is proved. Nothing is bad till it keeps succeeding. We are not cheating consumers. We are building hype, media hype’

Charles ‘Am shocked’

Joe ‘As entrepreneur realize too many stakes attached, Do you know each movie released creates a huge hype, so much of advertisements for a product, so much brand building around you guys, for what? Return on Investments.. brutal truth’

Charles has sullen face

Joe ‘In life we are not also transparent to God.. we lead so many lives assuming no one see’s us so why so much fuss about nothing’

Charles ‘What needs to be done?’

Joe ‘Have planned an entire market hype and we will have huge traffic this June. ‘

Charles ‘what more?’

Joe ‘Just declare in media with a smiling face, will follow automatically’

3 months latter

Charles ‘when can we have similar campaign again.. Huge business we did in June’

Joe ‘Smart boy.. Too much ethics not good for business. ‘

Charles ‘Never knew entrepreneurship has such dimensions too’

Joe ‘Teaching entrepreneurship is explaining all types of events in that journey. Nothing is good or bad.. It is like an Indian Philosopher who said ‘To beat evil, you need to create illusion, an illusion of power, be focused, choose what you wish to as goal and stick to it.. your job is to win and not loose. You have not cheated anyone on your product or service.. but marketing calls for tricky situations.. so get going’

Smart City

Smart City creators

1) An intelligent bus which will never collide with any vehicle

2) A vehicle which will never go beyond speed levels

3) A toilet available ever 200 meters with ecofriendly lighting and an inbuilt security and e-ticket to avail the service

4) More noise coming out of the society.. an auto alarm voice being heard ‘control noise.. control noise’

5) An organic compost creator in each house to recycle wet waste

6) A 5 minute signal for crossing the road (not seen in any developing country or not in use)

7) A centralized health record system for tracking your health history..

the list goes on an on as many entrepreneurs getting into creating smart cities

Service Woes

Rose is a Service Manager who loves to address customer complaints and is researching on Service Woes

She comes across a group of researcher’s working on operation research..

Rose ‘Shortest distance of travel saves huge money to anyone who is commuting.. ‘

Researcher 1 ‘Loading problems too exist…’

Rose ‘Am working on an algorithm for providing shortest distance of approaching influential people through semantic analysis’

Researcher 2  ‘Why?’

Rose ‘Most of service resolution happens through right service design but unfortunately the key stake holder is never aware of the problems in first place’

Researcher 3 ‘Example?’

Rose ‘Assume you research so many things.. and even few get proven.. who finally decides which research to be implemented? ‘

Researcher 4 ‘Committee’

Rose ‘Precisely.. I am creating an analytic around email approvals.. ‘

Researcher 1 ‘My head is reeling.. does it mean to get approvals, we need to check shortest route’

Rose ‘yes.. Service woes multiply only if stakeholders are not aware of the service woes in first place’

Researcher 2 ‘Example?’

Rose  ‘Check the UK Metro trains.. Jam packed.. As good as Mumbai Locals.. Check the trains in Jersey city.. On weekends the maintenance causes down time.. to reach particular destination it may take 40-50 minutes.. ‘

Rose ‘The commuting travel woes are never notified to stake holders..So is it not right if some algorithm emerges to check on train loads and track that and on basis of which increase or decrease frequency of trains.. same applicable for buses too’

Researcher 1 ‘excellent idea.. load balancing for mitigating service woes’

Rose ‘So let’s get going’

4 months later, Rose pilots with her friend in Singapore and finds the loads too heavy…

Rose ‘It is dangerous.. No vehicles allowed in roads and train loads optimum.. What next’

Researcher 2 ‘May be they need to plan more train routes. redundant routes.. and…  hey why we thinking so much’

Rose ‘Problem Solving is all about long term solution.. No short cuts.. No short term solutions.. If you wish to make impact’

Camera never lies

Rose took a photo of Charlie and found he looked handsome, his face has good curves but for a small little wrinkle coming near eyes..

Rose ‘Charlie you are ageing’

Charlie ‘Yes I know.. tell me what to do?’

Rose ‘My friend has started a service of full relaxation center.. something like VIPASANA.. Leave all your lap top, mobiles all outside and stay confined to nature for 10 days.. Strict discipline maintained and you can do soul searching’

Charlie ‘Hey why you chose to copy VIPASANA’

Rose ‘In US it is different, am using game therapies and it is targeted towards small project activities’

Charlie ‘Smart girl’

Rose ‘Can you join?’

Charlie ‘No wonder you took my snap when I was sitting in this restaurant’

Rose ‘Am aware you are celebrity.. my business model is hanging out in 5 star hotel lobbies and getting business’

Charlie ‘What is the cost?’

Rose ‘Only US$200.. for 5 days.. Vipasana is free’

Charlie ‘I will go for Vipasana then’

Rose ‘We teach you team building.. Vipasana teaches you solace and peace’

Charlie ‘You are absolutely marketing your service’

Rose smiles…

Charlie calls up his Indian Friend and books for Vipasana course and then turn around and signs a cheque of US$200 and smiles back ‘I will experiment both.. I need peace as well as lessons on team building’

Proven 25 Business Models

She decided to give free bee and succeeded

He decided to give discounts and introduced traffic

She decided to price it high to target premium customers

He decided to have workshops to promote product

She decided to tie up with academics to promote her concept

He decided to work on hourly rate

She decided to free lance

He decided to outsource

She decided to make a product, sell and earn through support

He decided to partner

She decided to use social media

He decided to advertise

She decided to have word of mouth publicity campaign

She had in built analytic included in product

He relied on proof of concept and test run market

She acquired company

He decided to use public money to have public offering

She decided to use government contacts

He decided to use celebrity contacts

He would make product and sell the entire company

She would make service and sell entire company

He relied on distribution network

She relied on end to end solution.. a whole integrated solution

He would make complimentary product

She would partner with complimentary product company

and last model.. Any guess.. (PASSION FRAMEWORK) which encapsulates all business model – A research paper in progress.


Cupid is an entrepreneur whose gender is unknown. Some say it is Male, Some female, so nicknamed as Heshe …

Heshe ‘What are my targets today?’

Unknown ‘Every year you strike hearts of billions.. and it in turn hurts heart of millions.. Reasons some may loose love too.. Why you need more targets from me..’

Heshe ‘I want to evolve a business model.. Can i begin charging 1$ for striking arrows of love in Individuals’

Unknown begins laughing..

Unknown ‘Are you crazy.. we contribute to society without expectations of money… We create lives, implant it in some bodies and then universe moves on.. How can we charge? to whom we can charge..?’

Heshe ‘Not sure.. but i feel I need my sweat equity’

Unknown ponders..

Heshe ‘Why cannot we start a bank in sky.. and we ensure folks also transfer money there directly.. So many folks spend money on roses, gifts, greeting and then even prayers.. All that money never reaches us out’

Unknown ‘Morning time.. in India.. Night time in USA, mid night time in UK..  and late noon in Australia and early noon in China / Japan..   Have you gone mad.. please continue striking arrows of love..  Don’t  disturb ecosystem. You are a social entrepreneur. You are creating millions of impacts.. Don’t get into commercialization of love’

Heshe is unhappy…

Heshe ‘This is unfair.. I will ensure I will charge money..’

Unknown ‘How?’

Heshe ‘I don’t how hence I am asking you Highness’

Unknown ‘Please.. ok.. stop  enough of you trying to be Lovpreneur..  The day love becomes chargeable, all will try to get the best and what will happen to the rest?’

Heshe ponders..

Heshe ‘Some business should not be run for monetary reasons.. as it really cannot be worked out that way’

Unknown ‘Yes.. all need to understand there are THANKLESS services too.. I do get thanked always may be because of respect and fear.. You tend to be ignored.. I agree.. Only solution is we will give you less arrows.. but will you love less people falling in love?’

Heshe ‘I got a clear picture.. that mine is thankless service but valuable for society.. will continue with my job as long as you value my service’