It is just a matter of few days from now, it would complete 5 years.
The focus of this blog has been to provide entrepreneurship life cycle insights through stories, poems and thoughts. The blog is cent percent original and unique as till date no one has ever experimented narrating stories through entrepreneurship theories.

Am moving ahead with more improvements in narration and most importantly am focusing on active research on 28 process areas spread across 7 Dimensions of PASSION FRAMEWORK


Over 50 top CEOs and individuals from premier institutes have seconded to contribute to the research.

failed ventures

failed ventures are ones which has issues around cash flows, entrepreneur, conflicts and multiple reasons could exist for same.

Donald has a penchant to take over failed ventures and turn it around…  he has his latest call for all failed ventures..

Amy ”this is serious disruptive.. from where you got this idea”

Donald ”PASSION FRAMEWORK… one of its research is on not why ventures fail but to understand what it will take to bring it to success”

Amy ”cool”

Donald ”i had experienced huge failure in life.. almost bankrupt but with few of my sites.. with no taker.. and then in 2015.. i saw this blog PASSION FRAMEWORK.. and got into retrospect and felt from the multiple sites i created.. somewhere or other it failed due to either PROBING or INNOVATING or SCOPING or SETTING or OWNING or NURTURING or ACTING dimensions..

Now what it taught me is to identify a fresh face to the grave yard duck (the site built) and bring a fresh operational perspective.. and soon one of my site started gaining traffic”

Amy ”so what next?”

Donald ”just spreading this messsage to all.. that failed ventures with fresh perspective can also make a turnaround”

Wake up Startups

Interesting graphic view by yourstory.

1) PASSION the only original accelerator concept in globe started in 1996. I got similar setback as was not sure of any schemes, and was sort of novice entrepreneur. Many opportunities would come from corporate managers wanting their row houses to be converted to training centers. I never knew what am getting too but was determined to build an eco system of profit sharing.. where each role gets an equity..

2) Landed into deep problems and got into scaling a company to a big size and again found entrepreneurs really trying to get more gains for business but employees may be paid handsome salaries but finally the spirit of entrepreneurship or innovation dies off. It is killed and soon we find Maslow Theory at work where creative folks start looking at social outlets in form of Angel Network and so on..

3) Now comes the investors.. in all fair sense they invest so they do need a huge ROI.. but then when I studied the entire eco system, realized unless we have a big brand blessings, poor roadside entrepreneur will remain poor only.. or once they become rich, will be surrounded by bankers, investors to be part of some angel forum etc.

4) An entrepreneur grows self to sell self.. penned by me.. is the reality of how we fail to make strong foundations, strong institutes and there are may be a handful not because of the present bred entrepreneur’s patience but because their forefathers struggled, made a platform, base and finally after everything available in platter, the entrepreneurs could flourish business further.. but where is the patience or perseverance left to really groom talents.. We have just a test performance score.. a day match and if the sportsman or entrepreneur fails.. gone is the time..

5) Women entrepreneur encouragement exists but where is that zeal and enthusiasm to be hard core professional without support of family and beloved..

6) Why do we need to make so much hype for something which in reality is common sense requirement.. a structure of space given to individuals to build business on an equity or price.. I advocated always since 1996 we really do not need space at all.. but free space of mind where individuals can think.. could be in forest or in nature or anywhere under sun and come up with idea and work together provided all know their strengths and weaknesses and understand equity compositions.

7) Do we really feel mentors and advisors at 0.2percent equity of whatsoever will really in right ernest groom entrepreneurs? they will but with being in their own company, comfort horizon and they may just be some small brand in the higher valuation business game of entrepreneurship.

I am an entertainer who focuses on story format to explain entrepreneurs the entire gamut of entrepreneurship.

We need to awaken self and realize that we really do not need to go to any investor or incubator if quality of services missing..
Just go to customers.. solve their problems.. sell like not a grocery shop but like a poor kid who is running in scorching heat selling water, selling toys, selling perfumes and what not in traffic signals risking life too.

Unless aggressive marketing approach not taken, no startup can really be able to build foundation.. they may be scaling ventures up, but finally boss they will need to exit, sell and move into those foundation organizations already built by some serious fore father visioners who struggled to build things for not money only but to build a society vibrant with employment and entrepreneur eco system.. so what if politics emerged then.. still focus was clear.. to build nation.. to build strong economy.

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Share with your friends, share with anyone who wishes to be really serving cause of entrepreneurship.
Am not the big wig money investor nor a most happening company nor anything..
Am only providing a framework.. a framework for entrepreneur success. for human success.
Even if one dimension fails.. entrepreneur crashes..
In this case study..
Acting, Scoping and Setting itself is challenging..
Probing anyone can do
Innovation anyone can do
But the midlevel principles gives opportunity for corruption.

Will I get investments? god knows when? 20 years of research and have built a foundation literally.. no need of hype, no need of money too in long run..
All can become successful if they realize that greed alone cannot help build foundation or need too cannot help foundation.. but what is needed is serious commitment and right strategy without vested interests to grow business.

Having said this, any government body works under stringent environment of optimizing infrastructure needs, so they could be right in their own way and it is infact good that such initiatives are happening in developing countries.
The leadership shows a vision, mission but implementation needs toughness, it needs determination.. it needs monitoring and it needs results.

PCombinator – Stored Values

Stored Values can be assigned to any variable provided you have the capacity to store values.

Fundamental truth of life is to store all your values in an array…

example A startup can store following values

PROBING (Entrepreneur, Investor, Incubator, Accelerator, Mentor, Adviser, Technology, Competitors, Suppliers, Potential Employees, Leaders, Subject Matter expert)

INNOVATING (Technology, Process, Mindset)

Acting (Probing, Innovating)

Scoping (Acting)

Setting (Scoping)

Owning (Setting)

Nurturing (Owning)

Look at the beauty of PASSION for understanding how combinators work..
Company originating of Mathematical Formulae could be a nice concept..
but the true meaning of those hidden formulae lie in understanding the maths of combinators, PCOMBINATOR for you

Nurturing (Owning (Setting (Scoping (Acting (Probing (), Innovating ()))))

So if you wish to initiate a startup, first probe and then innovate and surely act on them.. Scope them, Set them, Own and Nurture them dear

Enjoy with PASSION

Complimentary Startups Incubators and Accelerators

Complimentary Startup Incubator is a space where the Incubation Head believes in only using SIPOC as a criteria to incubate startups. It will house 2 companies in each of dimension

Supplier – Input – Process – Output – Customer and will also have an auditing team included as potential process startup company

How does this model work and will it really reap in benefit?

The model is similar to any accelerator initiative but is focused to a theme. An annual theme planned out..

Does it mean that the incubator can maximum take only 20 startups?

Quality of an incubator or accelerator suffers if we have too many startups being mentored and scaled up simultaneously. What is important is the incubator success. Successful exits.. Successful team building.. Successful traction.

Theme based incubation will succeed in long run if they strategize a SIPOC model and scale all the startups within the SIPOC model.

PASSION FRAMEWORK focuses on Probing-Innovating-Acting-Scoping-Setting-Owning and Nurturing Dimensions and the research is too deep as it also includes 28 dimensions needed for strengthening Incubator / Accelerator and Entrepreneur Eco System. Evolved by me.. it keeps getting better.. The blog has 98 country viewership which explains entrepreneurship using stories and poems as Entrepreneurship needs to connect to people.. their inner soul and to make a person realize what best suits him or her.

SIPOC fits into PASSION FRAMEWORK in each of its dimensions

Enjoy the age old SIPOC and ETVX (Entry Criteria – Task – Validation Criteria – Exit Criteria) as a evaluation tool to select entrepreneurs and plan their success validations and exits.

Complimentary Startup Incubators will grow over period of time as it will be a chaos to have similar startups being incubated / accelerated by incubation centers with a theory ‘let best one win?’ as Startup grooming is about scaling and building operations and let the similar startups be acquired, taken over or moved towards complimentary goals to ensure all startups succeed or at least taste success. Marketing such theme based incubator accelerator eco-system becomes easier.

Will be happy to interact with incubator, accelerators, mentors, advisor’s and investors to get more inputs and suggestions

Focused Group

Mary ‘it is important to have focused group for a mission’

CEO ‘great.. go ahead and create one’

2 months later

Mary ‘the group has got bored of that focus’

CEO ‘great.. go ahead and create another focused group’

Mary ‘why cannot same group focus on 2-3 areas’

CEO ‘it is not our focus’

Mary ‘means… ‘

CEO ‘any person who has more then 2-3 focus suffers from distraction syndrome’

Mary ‘I do not agree.. else there would be no investors, no serial entrepreneurs’

CEO pauses for a while..

CEO ‘common do what you wish and feel is right..  I wanted to have focused group and stick to principles but yes I agree in long run each business copies some feature or other of some other business. multiple focus come not by choice but by compulsion.. ‘

Mary ‘cool.. so you finally agreed that diversification helps reach stronger and to stay in business we can begin with small focused attention but need to begin seeking new pastures soon else stagnation sets in’



The blog is an attempt to explain entrepreneurship using stories and poems.

Is it a fiction or reality?

PASSION FRAMEWORK is a research which using MASLOW theory and Theory of Equilities and evolved using Synergetic Equilibrium Model which talks of 2 types of entrepreneur ventures


Where you start a venture because a business model is already successfully.


When you innovate and bring solution to a pain point problem

Probing and Innovating are two pillars for entrepreneur success.

Other pillars being Owning and Nurturing.

What cements the foundation of a startup is




SETTING your venture in right environment.

So hope you enjoy the blog and anyone is free to join our network