Business Models…

Develop product and identify distributors to sell it.

Identify distributors and sell multiple products

Develop services around product support

Develop service franchisee model

Provide resources on hourly basis

Provide resource on weekly basis / monthly basis

Time sharing infrastructure

Time sharing resources

Project based executions

Identify resources for project or service execution

Research based executions

Process and Security Audits

Process implementaton

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Vitamin M

Raja ‘If I get Vitamin M every day, I don’t need any vitamin’

James ‘What is Vitamin M? I never knew about it’

Raja ‘Vitamin M means Dollars, Pounds, Yen… Money Money’

James ‘Where is this pill available? Even I wish to take it’

Raja ‘Not available in Medical shops…’

James ‘Why don’t we make a capsule and push it in market’

Raja ‘Nice idea’

James ‘Every since am traveling all over the world, I always keep seeing folks chasing money.. Even rich ones do, poor ones too and the ones who are not chasing are idling away in some garden’

Raja ‘What will be its composition?’


Vitamin A – for proper focus

Vitamin B – for proper mind

Vitamin C – for immunity towards success and failure

Vitamin D –  for strength

Raja ‘Common are you kidding me? Vitamin M is not multi Vitamin tablets.. I will tell you the composition

Vitamin M

‘Mall expenses’

‘Multiplex expenses’

‘Miscellaneous expenses’

‘Massage expenses’

James eyes popups up

James ‘Why you so greedy?’

Raja ‘Are we not in quest to promote greed.. with all these hoardings, advertisement tool tips and packaging it.. I am tempted to acquire all.. Alas have only 1$ worth money”

James ‘In India what you can get in 1$ for 2 individuals?’

Raja takes James to a hand cart where there is a big crowd..

Raja takes 2 wada pav (local burger)

Raja gives 1 to James…

James ‘Wow.. delicious.. but hot.. better then burger and pizza’s

Raja ‘it took rs30 and I have 30 left with me.. 10 for tea tomorrow, 20 for my late night drink..  Again tomorrow daily wage..working in some construction house in heat’

James ‘How come you know English so well’

Raja ‘Watching English Movies.. Tom, Angelina’

Raja ‘You?’

James ‘Am researching on entrepreneurship, so came to Inda’

Raja ‘What is it?’

James ‘Self employment’

Raja bursts laughing

Raja ‘Do you feel any investor will invest in bhukad (greedy) like me, a helpless, no studies, illiterate. You guys talk big big things, nothing at ground level.  You spend billions on entertainment, retailing and invest only on one’s from reputed colleges’

James puts hand on Raja’s shoulder

Raja ‘Let us have country liquor’

Raja takes James to a shady tent near railway tracks

James is shocked…’50 guys drinking liquor.. full smoke around’

Raja ‘Very fine to talk cleanliness.. who will take stride to remove this? will you have?’

James is sweating

Raja ‘Self employment means taking risk. you scared of this water.. if it is from gutter?’

Raja gulps it..

Raja ‘Ok brother.. god bless you… more you are poor, more you learn sharing… so do donate and get a bit poorer’

Raja walks of

Near the tracks, trains moving in jet space.. James wonders ‘Are we really growing universe?’

Love Light and Lore

There were 3 siblings LOVE, LIGHT and LORE

Each had their own plus points, one day they got into a conversation among each other with reference to Action..

Love =  Action is experiencing, Expressing verbal love holds no meaning if intent and action to abide by it is not there.

Light = Action is sharing, Sun radiates energy to the universe without expectations as it understand its power to share and still remain radiant.

Lore = Action is Knowledge. Without accumulating knowledge experiences can lead to failures and sharing incorrect knowledge could be disastrous and misinterpretation trends would set in.

All the three then agreed that Action is all about experiencing and sharing knowledge of those actions to all around.

Entrepreneurs need to share their experiences to all and a leaning entrepreneur eco system gets evolved..