The Indian Dilemna

The Indian Dilemna
It is not about uniqueness but the unique ability to follow a leader or follow a proven trend. Disruptions may come from multiple quarters and each disruptions may lead to again some trend. The risk taking appetite exists in plenty but more at individual persay. The moment the individual gets into a group, the risk appetite slow diminishes, it looses it shine and what comes out is mediocre follow on leaders emerging. The business moves from selling commodities to selling startups and it keeps ringing cash. But the unique ability to be a global leader perishes in the greed to be contented with more money. So we are happy being service focused and do strive to make more products and many innovations emerge too, but all is lost when the thought leaders perceive India not as unique product developer due to lack of technology or labs and believe India has more innovations in implementing grass root problems. The citizens are caught between imitating west and struggling to cope with the Indian culture and in crux of all this, the compassion for nation comes in and times we tend to get too emotional about boundaries, rights and after all the buzz stop, everyone else too become silent.

Just a small favor

Just a small favor, spoken words in a mocking way at times can hurt the sentiments of sensitive folks.. however is this the way a leader needs to build his or her career?

A pin drop silence in a class of 100 plus budding entrepreneurs…

One entrepreneur student got up and said

”remaining cool is hallmark of a good leader.. being assertive for right reasons too.. and same time humblenss and no ego within person will help the persom come up in life’

Mike the entrepreneur coach smiles… and conveys

‘A SMALL FAVOR TO ALL.. Just remain humble and grounded.. life will soon begin changing for good”

Red Attire

Miss Louisa was a beautiful looking girl who organizes a party for her friends with a condition ‘All need to wear red attire’

Mary looks beautiful in her red midi and Sarah looks ravishing in her red gown..

Susan loves gorgeous in her red perky top and Louisa is absolutely elegant in her red traditional Indian Sari

All look surprised..

Louisa introduces her boy friend Ravi

Ravi ‘hey folks.. the reasons she has asked to all Red Attire is because… my mom used to love red sari’s and she always had a dream to launch a boutique = designer dresses and so Louisa plans to launch that with my support.. i need all of you to come up with strategies for ‘SMART DRESSING IN us$50 only which will include dress, hair accessories, ear rings, nail polish, a tasteful perfume to suit the mood’

All look at Ravi in silence..

Louisa ‘Do you know the importance of Red.. It is deep. It is PASSION.  All lovers need to be passionate and look smart when they romance or date together.. So we are coming up with ‘Matching Pairs’

Susan ‘cheers.. now… my boy friend has blown over 50 kisses on Whatsup and gushes.. I indeed look beautiful in red’

Sarah ‘Hey my cartoonist friend Zafar has created an animation of a bull running behind a girl in red gown.. It is so funny.. look at it’

Mary ‘Am getting a modeling assignment as I just flashed this photo in Face book and have got over 500 likes’

Ravi ‘cheers now.. and let us enjoy the party’


Walk the rope where no one dares.

Swim the ocean where all know pit falls.

Run in middle of road with traffic all around.

Climb a terrain full of obstacle.

Question when all remain silent

Silence when all question

Invest when all dis invest

Don’t invest when all invest

Spirited Endeavors are one where we think and act crazily and at times it is risky, at times it is attention gaining and at times it becomes a news item.

Demand is for doing something unique and entrepreneurs need to understand this for sure.

Eyes to Eyes Mischief

Eye wriggling

Eye moving around

Eyes smiling

reciprocating eyes

Eyes express silence

Now is not the right time

Eyes pleading please

Eyes loving forcing


loving and caring

No words all in eyes

Love makes

Eyes to Eyes Mischief

Romantic and Beautiful


Don’t worry will wait for the right time to talk to your parents.. 🙂

Don’t rush to announce your love.. rather enjoy the process of being in love..