Dear All,

This is to inform that soon bloggers will be replaced with automotive bots.. the bots just need  your theme genre, characters, the theme highlight, the location, the sponsor products and that is it…  a blog gets created automatically.

At at event Joy is bashed for this and all mention ‘creativity cannot be replaced with automation’

Joy ‘i agree.. hence this product is creatively designed to replace individuals and that way you will get interesting stories from the blogging product’

Maria ”is it not trying to push automation into heart of people’

Joy ”do you know we dont need clerks..  we need nothing.. just program an annual expense projection and map all your credit card to that product.. at each swipe, intelligently it will go to various budget category.. and no need to worry on tax returns.. it will do it for you’

Maria ‘so in nutshell creating more jobless folks’

Joy ‘common.. mechanism of planning life too exists.. automation can make your heart think and fall in love to only ones whose chemistry matches.. IoT interventions you know.. so…

Rose ”Joy.. wish you had done this before.. at least we both could have saved ourselves from not being with each other for even 1 day”

All burst laughing

Joy ”automation.. will do everything.. ”

Maria ”are we wishing to have robots coming as babies from womb?”

Joy ‘not really but there is a mythology belief that Abhimanyu was taught how to get into war when he was in womb.. the Indian mythology so”

Harish ‘he got caught and died too”

Joy ”innovation begins when a research fails…  just imagine your kid programmed by you”

Sofia ”Joy.. the conference ended way back.. all left.. why you so obsessed with automation”

Sofia suddenly sees a softened Joy..

Joy ”see the whole industry wants automation.. so am going by the trend.. however I feel the beauty of simplicity is being lost.. the hardwork becomes meaningless.. all want 24/7 zombies..”

Sofia kisses Joy in his lips..

Joy ‘not sure.. if this too will get automated one day”

Both burst laughing


Dude.. please do not fail your self

Mission of a soul

Dude seeking Dude

Mission of a soul

stopping in between

giving up… hey

Dude…. do not fail self..

be your self..

bring in your unique quality

to unfold as a story

Dude.. please do not fail self…

if you struggle midway

assuming you are lost…

life is not so easy

but not so tough too

bring in simplicity

reduce complexity

Dude.. please do not fail self..

next time if you fail…

just tap in your back and say

Dude.. please do not fail self…

work on those weaknesses

else dude give up.. on that goal..

but if you are midway near your goal..

dude.. please do not fail self.


Troubled Souls

Troubled Souls as our conscious waivers

Balancing between do’s and don’ts Mama taught all the life

Worrying about do’s and don’ts Papa doted all the life

Souls wonder where is the freedom

Hiding in the virtual world

Chatting with virtual friends for glory

A smilie icon, a like, a dislike and all those angry symbols

Addiction with a twitter and facebook

Restless for an email

Restless for someone to see up on the chat

Restless Souls.. where we go from here

A virtual world to a virtual graveyard

Over the next decade

Where is the nature? or the fun to hold hands

To share a quick kiss and be in garden

looking at sky and nature

The right for expression lost in public

The right to communicate available in sleath mode

Life is dual, no longer single..

Life is multiple.. no longer singular

Troubled Souls as we embrace more technologies

Where is the simplicity and peace of mind

to think afresh and love our soul

with niceness of the simple little joy

like real smile or real hug

lost into intimacy in virtual world.

Life as it is.. wake up now

Come in real world waiting for you

with open hands.



Butterfly in Stomach

Heart beats furiously

Just being near..

A pleasure, A silence

Butterfly in Stomach

A flush of makeup

A nice dress all over

Waiting restlessly

with flowers in hand..

Will she say Yes

Will she say No

Butterfly in Stomach

Holding ice cream

Melting over..

A drop on dress

Will she like it

Will she hate me

Searching Water

Cleaning dress

She smiles from behind

Baby.. why you so restless

Be your own self

Don’t do things to make me happy

I need to love you as you are

Remove your wig

Remove your tooth

and smile now…

as  I love you for your simplicity

s she hugs..

Butterfly jumps all over

John Baba seems to have a crush 🙂