fight to finish

fight to finish what you have in hand.. before you start next

the more you have too many things to do..

the initial one will remain incomplete.

Farah tried to have too many hands in everything.

Wanted to be best daughter

Wanted to be best mother

Wanted to be best professional

Wanted to be best looking

and in this quest continued to strive towards perfection..

she fell in love with Samuel and there her life changed

Samuel ‘choose me or family?’

Farah had tears.. she was failing as a daughter

Samuel and Farah wanted to educate their daughter in boarding school

Daughter Tina felt neglected

Tine ‘you are not good mom.. just for your selfish interest that I should get best, you deprived me from my parents itself.. am not connected with you’

Farah was doing well in her profession but one incident shook her up

Boss Frank ‘why did you befriend James.. he knows our company details more then even my other employees’

Farah had met James and as Farah had hidden desire to also pursue modeling..

James ‘Farah.. my sister will make you a model.. why you wish to be in that company.. both of us can start something’

James and Farah got close and then one day

Samuel ‘if you wish to fight to finish whatsoever you have and loose everything.. who will stop you from going down drains.. you are not also a good wife’

Farah has drop of tears in her eyes

Is ambition usually disastrous..? why cannot an individual at times do what they feel happy about.. but not force someone else to do so..

Farah realized her mistakes and whispers to James

Farah ‘I may not love you as I love Samuel.. but without any expectations.. just want to say.. I think I will pursue modeling for few days now and then focus on work”



This is an experiment to promote entrepreneurship using short clips. Absolute fiction.. No connection with live or dead.. Enjoy..   and do be entrepreneur

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Twisted Love Story

Sarah is in love with Jack a roadside Dramatist

Sarah is daughter of millionaire who began loving Jack for his innocence.

Sarah ‘Jack.. want to tell you.. a reality’

Jack ‘I know you come all the way to see me act.. and you love me’

Sarah ‘yes.. hence I wish to inform my father and maybe he can build a drama company for you’

3 days later

Sarah’s father Rick is invited to a dinner

Rick ‘what you do for a living?’

Sarah ‘he is a performer’

Rick ‘interesting.. I had plans to start a drama company’

Sarah ‘are you kidding.. I was planning to propose this for Jack’s career’

Rick ‘Oh I see..’

Rick ‘Love is a penance if done with heart and peace if done with soul and do you know my beloved Jane always said this.. How I miss her’

Sarah ‘Dad.. you never told about Jane’

Jack ‘hey… common.. it is my Mom’s name’

Sarah ‘strange coincidence’

Rick looks surprised

Rick ‘Jack.. can I see your mom’s photo’

Jack ‘wait..a minute’.. He removes photo from his purse

Rick has tears in his eyes…

Sarah ‘is she the one?’

Rick ‘I used to be a performer.. and your mother used to love me for my performance.. and she being daughter of a millionaire.. and then your grandfather put a condition.. leave your past and just be with my daughter’

Rick ‘I left Jane.. never realized she was having a child.. my child’

Rick hugs Jack

Sarah has tears in her eyes.. not sure if it is for loosing love or gaining brother or…’

Jack ‘I wonder how relation can twist anytime.. love can change color anytime.. Never knew Life can be cruel at times.. ‘

Rick ‘Forget everything.. meet Sarah your sister.. and thanks Sara for gifting me back my son.. will start a venture for him’


Brothers and Sisters

Relation is an equation which can have various operators deciding strength of relation.

Brother Joseph and Sister Mary wondered always that god entrusts on us so many implicit relation like dad, mom, sister, brother, son, daughter, relative and so on.. but some relationships go beyond that.. A relation of love, lust, guide, philosopher, leader, boss and so on..

Joseph ‘I will suggest a social site for any person to choose a brother or sister.. ‘

Mary begins laughing..

Mary ‘In this world, each person wants a dating mate, a love relation why will anyone wish to have a brother or sister’

Joseph ‘Many a time a genuine thought comes in mind of person to protect someone.. we begin liking someone for no reason and we are not also physically attracted to that person’

Mary ‘I agree.. I feel happy with a few boys elder then me and few girls younger then me and always care for them, ensure they eat food in time and for 2 I am also funding their education’

Joseph ‘Precisely.. Hence I feel we need to have such platform’

Mary ‘What if a brother or sister misuse this relation for own gains and lust sets in’

Joseph ‘It may not happen.. As in this world.. finally a SIN is a SIN and no one would want to commit a SIN intentionally..

Mary ‘Incest?’

Joseph ‘Yes sometimes an unnatural feeling crops up driven by lust… no other option left but for them to become life partners’

Mary ‘Is that not a sin?’

Joseph ‘God made genders and in animals not sure whether they abide by brother sister relation or genetically they realize the impact of some chromosome mishaps leading to deformed kids.. Again a myth’

Mary ‘I agree.. Sin is not abiding by rules and who created that rule?’

Joseph ‘Precisely.. no point in killing people in name of SINS and creating more SINS. Human needs are different, psychology plays an important role.. So whatsoever we are guided by are as per our biological clock’

Mary ‘Hence lesbians and gays?’

Joseph ‘Mary… nothing is a SIN.. we deviated from a social entrepreneur venture to something serious.. a serious debate’

Mary ‘Possible’

Joseph ‘Finally if a GAY COUPLE OR LESBIAN COUPLE take care of hundreds of family, do you feel those families will stop taking help or comment on them? Absolute no’

Mary ‘yes they will be treated as DIVINE or DIVINE FORCES’

Joseph ‘Hence what we need to do is to teach discipline, does and don’ts and let an individual take decisions on their own… My proposed portal is not to create a MINGLE of genders for dating etc but for building stronger relation of care and love in a pious way.. No lust around..

Mary ‘Wishful thinking…and I guess we covered almost all pros and cons so I too am confident of this initiative’

Joseph ‘Respecting each person as an individual is most important.. We cannot categorize people as good or bad.. Understand and see their view point and explain logically the DOES AND DON’TS and if the logic is acceptable, it is followed, else not followed and anything radical which can kill a person or damage basic soul of a person is harmful..’

Mary ‘I am deeply spiritual and hence will think of all relation convergent to equality’

Joseph ‘Me too.. come lets have cup of coffee’

Mary looks at the ants.. and wonders how many of them would be brothers, sisters, spouses, girl friends, boy friends’

Joseph smiles and says ‘Precisely.. every relation unless told or formed is unknown to anyone. Some relationships are hard to define however I feel a platform is needed to prevent abuses in society.. We need more care takers’

Sweat Equity

Mom to her 25 year old son ‘Do you know what – I have spent over US$100000 on you till date’

Son ‘Strange Mom, you did all this penny counting for so many years’

Mom ‘Your father made me that.. For each of his deals, he would take me as I looked very beautiful those days’

Son ‘So you proved lucky for him’

Mom ‘Sort of.. and then he would keep a close tab on expenses around me’

Son ‘Now I know why I am told by my girl friend that am a complex product’

Mom ‘So when you plan to return back that money?’

Son looks shocked

Son ‘When I came into your womb, no one told me that I should be repaying back to my parent’

Mom ‘Normal practice dear.. you do need to repay and so let us get into an agreement’

Son is amused

Mom ‘An agreement that you will either pay me US$100000 with interest or you pay me US$2000 per month for rest of next 25 years’

Son ‘What if you end up staying longer?’

Mom ‘None of your business dear.. I am planning to make this same agreement with your sister’

Son begins laughing..

Son ‘Mom you are a strange creature’

Mom ‘Am normal, your father taught me GIVE AND TAKE beautifully’

Son ‘Where is Dad? I want to inform him that his wife is going cynical with life’

Father ‘Son, I only informed her to tell you all that’

Son is shocked

Son ‘Why this sudden decision?’

Father ‘I noticed you and your sister gamble and waste our hard earned money.. I was just controlling all this while.. Not sure why you both got into this bad habit.. ‘

Son ‘We just visit those pubs for fun. My best friend loves my sister’

Father ‘I think let us close all this with an agreement’

Daughter ‘Let me discuss with brother’

10 minutes latter

Daughter ‘We have decided to give you sweat equity in our business LEGOS’

Father ‘What is it?’

Daughter ‘We are creating various gambling equipment, cards and coins. That is our business so we are not wasting any of your money. But both of you Mom and Dad, you guys have taught us to be ruthless beautifully’

Mom ‘Am so thankful Daughter, we are a family after all, so what if we are liberated business entrepreneur family’

Fruit Cake

Misha ‘Jenny, I make this cake for my brother as he loves it’ 

Jenny ‘Is he coming on vacation to Paris’

Misha ‘Yes’

Misha gets a knock on door

A courier person gives a letter

Misha opens up the letter. She is shocked

The letter mentions ‘Your brother met with an accident and expired.. Please share this news with the guardian and there are some legal issues around business so need to resolve that and his last wish was to have your fruit cake, so he wanted that to be put near his grave’

Misha is crying…

A few days latter she moves to US

On reaching her brother Henry’s house she is shocked..

Henry opens the door

Henry ‘Welcome my sister, I felt you will never come to US so decided to send that courier..’

Misha is angry, emotional and hurt..

Misha ‘Did you realize how your sister would feel on hearing this news’

Henry ‘I knew that.. Where is the fruit cake?’

Misha gives the fruit cake..

Henry and his friends begin eating the cake

Misha looks at Henry

Misha ‘Grow up Henry and what are those legal issues about?’

Henry ‘You are my co owner for confectionary business so obviously need your signature’

Misha hugs Henry

Misha ‘My little brother is stupid and sweet but cares for me’