My little puppy

My little puppy.. keeps moving hear and there..

at corners, it tries to pee

and then I clean it up..

My little puppy… wags its tail to happily..

just a few years back..

her mom chirpy had met with a nasty accident..

she was just trying to cross the road.. to save her kid

my little puppy.. smiling all the way

it feels happy as there is someone to care for it…

My little puppy teaches me a lesson

‘care if possible to whomsoever around you.

smile is the best gift the cared person will return’


Cherry Pie

Tom  had his strong desire to have chain of bakeries.

His wife Nancy would help him in dough making…

One day his daughter Frieda who is graduated recently comes up with an idea

Frieda ‘we need to brand it but have a unique dish.. which will attract people’

Tom ‘I am an expert in Cherry Pie..’

Frieda ‘Brand it… Cherry Pie.. and we will package it well’

Nancy ‘all these years I never asked you.. who taught you Cherry Pie’

Tom suddenly gets to his old memories

Tom was deeply in love with Jane and she had a passion to have her own chain of bakeries.

Jane  ‘I will teach you dough making and my favorite cherry pie’

Tom and Jane get married but it does not last wrong. as one day..

Jane ‘why do you not be able to perfect the bakery items.. always we need to depend on our subordinates’

Tom ‘am tired.. for love, I learnt bakery stuff but still you want me to be an expert’

Jane ‘I taught you everything.. because of me .. you are where you are’

Tom ‘you seem to be getting arrogant..’

Jane ‘perfection is not arrogance’

Tom ‘I also learnt and put in hard work’

slowly the relation cracked.. and one day

Janes ‘I have got an assignment in Europe.. am leaving you.. hope you do not mind this separation.. I feel you can fend for self.. get remarried and settled..’

Tom suddenly moves into present

Tom ’till date I never knew why she left me’

Nancy ‘who?’

Tom ‘my first wife’

Nancy is shocked.. Frieda too

Frieda ‘Dad.. past memories need to be forgotten.. live in present.. she may be doing well for herself. I can search her in Linked In or face book if you wish’

Tom ‘is it really possible?’

Frieda ‘of course’

Frieda finds Jane’s linked in ID

Jane is now having a chain of bakeries and is doing very well for self in Europe.

Frieda sends her a message

‘Dear Mam, your husband’s daughter.. we want to start Cherry Pie chain of bakeries.. need investors’

2 days later a response comes

‘Goodness.. is he still continuing with bakery stuffs.. never realized I could teach him so well

Frieda ‘Mam.. he learnt it so well from you.. but never knew why you left him’

Jane sends her Skype ID

Frieda  calls up in Skype

Jane ‘He had to learn to become independent.. I love him even now.. but found him to suddenly feel he has learnt everything.. somewhere male ego crops up.. and I had loved him unconditionally.. so just left him to fend for self..’

Frieda ‘but he does love you’

Jane ‘no.. for him.. he ideally needs a person who can listen to him, pamper his ego a bit.. am not right fit for him’

Nancy smiles ..and even she is on skype

Nancy ‘Jane.. seriously you assessed him right.. luckily I am adjustable so managed him’

Jane ‘will invest in his venture.. tell him to smile again’






Crime of being a humorist

Humorist begins writing humor and is surprised at multiple critics

Humorist ‘what is my mistake? I was trying to make people laugh’

Critic ‘making someone butt of joke and laughing of that is not humor’

Humorist ‘Was just following modern day trend’

Critic ‘common.. do you realize humor is all about humming nonsense with no correlation to dead or alive and think of what popular international cartoonist or animation studio does.. build characters dear.. fictious one.. Tom and Jerry, Micky Mouse and so many’

Humorist ‘I found slapstick comedy being accepted by many’

Critic ‘do you know sense of humor is state of mind.. if you are tensed, irritated over life, where will you have time to understand humor and when you disregard that personal space of an individual.. then mere TRP will not help build value’

Humorist ‘Did I make a mistake?’

Critic ‘Not sure.. but one thing is for sure.. never mimic a character with a useless joke which hurts sentiments of common man who worship that character’

Humorist ‘Should I apologize?’

Critic ‘common.. should I be guiding you for this too.. when did you last cry?’

Humorist ‘mock cry.. I did.. I never cried for many days’

Critic ‘watch your face today when you cry.. you may find it too funny’

Humorist ‘should I put that poster and say ‘Sorry’

Critic ‘life is a humor.. it plays on us every moment… the sense of humor is nothing but sense of life.. if we begin disregarding body of work of individuals and talk loosely, it will hurt people.. and if we begin respecting it. and wish you bring in smiles and laughter in people whom you joke.. just have animated new characters built.. unknown ones.. fiction ones and create a fiction..  more likely you will be appreciated’

Humorist ‘I need fund for that’

Critic ‘you lost much by making fun of potential investors.. hope you realize your folly’


Life Baggages

I came on earth alone and realized I have few  baggage of relation already with me

was in cradle, when I got surrounded by few more new entrants and more baggage

My brain kept wondering why all this attention of me getting milk and food in time..

Soon happily prancing, I was seeing the nature in different colors, wondering why it happens

Teachers coming and going in crammed little classes teaching me maths and science

history, geography, environment and English. Life literally had a baggage to carry

A school bag moving over shoulders.. sometimes on head.. sometimes dragging

Life was all about going to school and adding baggage of teachers, information and books.

Soon found life was getting complex.. It was not as simple as it would be

Sometimes I would get easily.. sometimes nothing.. and again a baggage of pride and loss

Life became a bit colorful.. teenage galore.. dressing to impress..

beautiful little girls.. all around.. wondering  why they whispered.. why they giggled

Why they missed me.. not for love.. but for forgetting I too existed

Shy and timid.. the baggage of so many more strangers in my mind..

Heart was getting full… Brain too crammed with more higher studies information

Watching Movies.. again those stories crammed into mind..

Simple Living.. in mountains.. watching nature… was it possible

God put me into urban busy life where  I got used to various transports

and carriers of life and then some new relation built

Some love and losses, Some hate and wins.. life had by now so many baggage

I could not think or dream of carrying on my own

Some vomited on me.. I too vomited on others.. my stories

their stories and again an emotional baggage of binding and love

Career coming.. more competitors.. more colleagues.. all the more stories

all the more truths.. all the more bitter lessons of life

Saving money.. assets.. built.. sometimes facebook.. sometimes twitter

Seeking source to vomit.. unwinding baggage

All the more.. more information.. more data.. and my life was crammed

I searched for light.. I found it was me only.. the light of truth

Truth that life is a lesson of baggage to understand what remains at end is only garbage of us..  What remains longer in mind of people is our baggage of stories.. Something good

Something real.. something unique…

Unique Experience… a startup for you to rewind your past and vomit it all..

So what if am a dust bin or an info bin.. I am your bin.. dear

my lovely Angels.. if we can vomit all in front of god

if we can unleash all in media

Why not try to reduce our baggage of waste

the one which is of no use to us and paste an Instagram

of our  unused data .. be it book or hoardings

boarding or item.. all for sale

Past memories as stories for sale too

If anyone wishes to separate out from us

Just put a board ‘Separate soon but carry your baggage too

all your memories. all the stories.. everything around you

if you can.. and if you cannot.. do not overload self

and me by bringing one more entity in form of baggage or

clutter of baggage to overload self all over again


Some story writers love humor.. some love compassion

some love thriller and some love romance

I love PASSION as it is my baggage created by me

as a baggage planet full of stories and philosophy of life

and experiences of a human who by default is an entrepreneur

being put under valuation test by unknown and then so many others

and who knows when.. I will be valued truly..

Don’t you all feel you need to be valued rightly by all around you?

I do love your smiles and include them in baggage of love.






Silent lover

Silent as he is

ponders over feelings

eyes intense

expressing love

chocked voice

about to say

‘I love you’

a sudden breeze

she is gone

the car moves away

he looks at the rose

and smiles at self

again I feel I lost her

‘John dear says express love and don’t keep thinking about when to express’

‘Have an idea.. don’t be a silent lover of your idea.. express it before someone else gets funded’