City of Heartless

Samuel  ‘why is it that folks here do not have hearts’

Mary ‘dear.. all their hearts are stolen by their beloved’

Samuel ‘so?’

Mary ‘possessive husbands and wives, girl friends and boy friends.. kids too possessive’

Samuel ‘so all are pre-occupied with themselves’

Mary ‘yes.. hence no one is much bothered about singles who are not ready to mingle’

Samuel ‘am single..’

Mary ‘very few girls left dear.. male dominated city so kill girl kids too’

Samuel ‘so.. what about me?’

Mary ‘marry some one from other city and come here.. ensure population of girl child in abundance.. and humans should not imbalance natural ecosystem and should have equal balance of men and women..’

Samuel ‘possessiveness?’

Mary ‘it will go away if trust comes in.. ‘






Why are we lost in the crowd and not wishing to come up in life?

Why do we need a kick to feel afresh?

A kick needed in life all time.

Morning coffee or Morning tea

Noon tea..

Night Wine and Dine..

Night a drink

Late night a kick..

Why we need a kick to do something afresh, to think something afresh

Oh the morning hangover. Still not got over the late night kick..

Why that tiredness after the whole kick?

Am I doped? Absolute No. Do I have a Kick to do something? Absolute Yes

Am I tired? Sometimes when you don’t find things happening the way you wish.

Should I dope? Absolute No.

Never drug self even if you are in grave problems.

Never get addicted to alcohol even if you are in sever frustration.

Life gets doped in vices. We need to get kick out of our work and our contributions to society.